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100 Club - London

Ady Croasdell


£12 on the door


Featuring some of the regular DJs Butch, Keith Money, Joel Maslin, Tomas McGrath & Ady Croasdell + Guests



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The last allnighter I attended was back in May, I don't count Cleethorpes, so was looking forward to this latest episode at the 100 Club but also a bit worried if I'd last the pace. Happily I did, right back in the saddle.

I'd planned to meet friends in the Blue Post but my Victoria line train was held up and became as packed as the rush hour as I remember that, so just joined the queue outside the club. It seems there had been a gig on earlier and the floor had to be washed. Luckily it dried pretty quickly.

When we were let in the men were frisked and our bags checked. I told the guy that I had no drink in there but he said he wasn't looking for drink. Perhaps it was talc, very unpopular at many venues, understandably.

As usual Ady did the first set, several records I didn't know but including Richard Brown's Sweet And Lovely. Keith followed Ady and played a set that was mainly mid tempo, tracks like the Exits' Another Sundown In Watts, It's Better To Cry by the Appreciations, and ending with Darrow Fletcher's It's No Mistake.

By this time the club was filling up nicely, good to see new faces as well as the “old regulars”.

Tomas McGrath took over from Keith, playing a mainly 60s set including I Need Your Love by Clydene Jackson.

Butch was next, mixing some unknowns (at least to me) with favourites like K.I.C's You Don't Want My Love, Ivy Joe Hunter's Where Are You, J Hammond's Kiss Me Girl. Thanks to Butch for playing There Was A Time by Joe Terrell, better known as Our Love Is Dying by Kae Williams, one of my favourites which he has recently obtained on an acetate. He included Florence Trapp's Love Came Into My Life, haven't heard him play this for some time, a fast one to dance to.

Guest Steve Guarnori took over and started with Damon Fox's Packin' Up. He kept the pace up with Rees Flores' Look Into My Heart, Eric Mercury's Lonely Girl and Johnnie On The Spot by Dennis Edwards. I particularly liked the Epsilons' Mind In A Bind. He also included some records that were new to the club including No More by Claudine Clark and Dee Dee Sharp's Can't Find The Time.

Ady always does the middle spot of the night, starting off with Voodoo Mademoiselle, Sorry Is The Word, Getting To Me, some acetates and ending with After I Gave My All by Sandra Richardson.

Keith came on for his second set and including the Vondells, Hey You by the Montclairs, and ending with Big Mistake by Brenda Jones and Bob & Fred's I'll Be On My Way and I'll Keep Holding On by Lee McKinnon & The Magnetics.

Then it was Tomas for his second go on the decks, nice mix including I Can't Move No Mountain and The Best Is Yet To Come, superb 70s female singers.

For his second set opener Butch chose to open with Nobody's Children with Shardup, but a couple of records later he changed the mood and tempo with Pee Wee, Shucks & Huey's Beside Myself, and followed with the original version of Shadow Of A Memory by 21st Century.

Steve was on next and again kept the floor moving with I'm Superman, Are You Angry (love this but far too fast for me nowadays), Royal Robins' Something About You Sends Me, ending with Little Charles' It's A Heartache.

For the penultimate set Keith stepped forward playing some great classics, got me out for You Don't Love Me and You Didn't Say A Word, by this time my right foot was giving me problems. He ended with I'm Yours by Betty Wilson, lovely track.

Ady filled the last set as usual, some fast and some a bit slower, e.g. Hytones' Good News and Gerry Grainger's classic I Go To Pieces … Everytime. Ady said he hadn't played it for 20 years, hope he doesn't wait that long to play it again. Ending with Carla Thomas I'll Never Stop Loving You, Mary Love's I'm In Your Arms, Pat Thomas' I Just Can't Wait To See My Baby's Face and of course Baby I Need Your Loving.

Then it was time to say farewell and head home or wherever people go.

There was a very good turnout and quite a few at the end. As usual good to see friends there, they help make the night.

Musically and socially an excellent night, so thanks to Ady and the DJs, and to the staff of the club.

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· Edited by IAN STACEY

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As always i go the 100 club to here new discovered sounds was not disappointing at all

there was not many that i knew all night which is exactly why i go .there was a lot of uptempo 

tunes with a south american feel to them which  went down well on the dance floor but when classic 

well known 100 club sounds the dance floor was packed .

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