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26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern Modern Soul Weekender - London


Ady Croasdell

26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern Modern Soul Weekender - London

Details to be finalised by end of September 2017




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I don't normally comment on weekenders, not because I've not enjoyed them but because it's hard sometimes to remember much of what occurred.

I travelled to Cleethorpes by train with John Stubbs and arrived at the Beachcomber at about 3.15 Friday. We both commented that on both trains we didn't see anyone else we knew travelling to the weekender, that's quite unusual. And there was no one queueing in reception when we picked up or caravan keys. We were joined later by our normal caravan companions Paul and Helen McKay. And at this point I'd like to thank my friends for their company and particularly to Helen for the lovely meals she cooked for us: Spanish chicken and chorizo on Friday night, prawns with pasta on Saturday, and on Sunday evening baked salmon with new potatoes.

To my eyes in the main room there appeared to be slightly fewer tables and arranged differently, giving a bit more room between them. The bar staff were friendly and attentive, my thanks to them. The Modern room seemed exactly as last year, nothing seemed to have changed.

For those who regularly attend the music policy was the same, a mix of classics and lesser known tunes, the DJs did as you expected them to. The dance floor is excellent in my opinion, although I did notice a line of metal studs, have I got that right? I suppose that was to make 100 Club people like myself feel at home if we missing that club's idiosyncratic dance floor. Seriously though they had no effect on dancing, at least not on mine. And it was okay in trainers too, proved that in the afternoon sessions.

My favourite sets in the main room were Butch and Mick H, not surprising to anyone who knows me but I did get up for certain classic oldies as well. Sadly I can't dance all night like I used to, penalty of advancing years. But could still jump up and dance to I'm Gone when Mick H played it, I for some reason as soon as I heard those opening bars my feet took over. Hope no one was watching. Butch as usual continued to surprise including oldies like Oh I've Been Blessed and in his final set at 2 am Sunday morning Bobby Freeman's I'll Never Fall In Love Again. I'm always interested in what records fill the floor, when he played Joseph Webster on Friday and Sha La La on Saturday the dance area filled right up, people know them. What did surprise me was that I Wanna Know, his Jean Carter cover up, didn't fill the floor completely, as it does at the 100 Club, perhaps most don't know it but he's played it before at Cleethorpes. I must admit I was in ecstasy when he played that, one of my favourite NS records.

In the Modern room I enjoyed the Norfolk Village sets on Saturday afternoon. The problem with two rooms is that you don't really know where you should be if there are DJs you like in both rooms.

On Sunday afternoon I enjoyed Mick Smith's set of medium tempo and beat ballads in the main room.

Unfortunately numbers attending were down, can't get away from that. Why? Others better qualified than myself must explain that. I suppose the upside was that there was more space on the dance floor, but Ady and the other promoters need the numbers to justify the weekender.

It was particularly noticeable on Sunday night, normally packed with people. I know that many have to go home for work on Monday morning, and employers are less sympathetic to requests for Mondays off, but I was surprised by how many had gone. Normally you can't get on the dance floor but this time there was plenty of room. I came back from the Modern room, sat down and immediately got up when Demanding Man was played followed by Tommy Ridgley's My Love Gets Stronger. But there weren't really many dancing to these tunes. A friend said later that they're not Sunday night records, I defer to him because I often go in the Modern room for most of Sunday evening. Mick Smith came on and played uptempo classics and this got things going a bit more.

I went back to the caravan at about 12.15, was really tired, I'd been up late the two previous nights, and had to get up early to pack my case.

I enjoyed the weekend, and am still getting over it. The music is important but so is seeing friends from all over the country, and abroad. A few were missing, and Ady wrote a nice tribute to the late Jim Smirk in the programme.

Thanks to Ady, Phil Dick and Neil Rushden, the DJs and staff of the Beachcomber for putting on a memorable weekend.

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· Edited by chalky

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I didn't make last year (Carla poorly) so was looking forward to this year.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it until Saturday.  Had a few hours Saturday afternoon catching up etc before heading off for a fish and chip tea as you do at the seaside.  Saturday night was a decent turnout,  not as many as previous years but still healthy, there did seem to be more record dealers than two years ago.  Not sure why numbers down as Geoff says, late arrangement and announcement of the weekender maybe, a host of other weekenders will also have an effect.

The Djs did a great job of keeping the floor busy with a good mix of oldies and newies.

The two acts this year were excellent giving us an hour of the material they have recorded that has made an impact over here over the years.

I look forward to hopefully making it for the full weekend next year.

Some photos of the acts, not the best I've taken still trying to sort out the settings on the new camera.....not sure why flickr doesn't embed either?








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· Edited by Supercorsa

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Great review by Geoff.

The wife and I were accompanied this year by a couple of friends (Cleethorpes virgins), who are both now looking forward to returning next year!

Thought Willie Kendrick and Frank Bryant were both superb, thoroughly enjoyed their performances Saturday night.  Not to mention them judging the DJ dancing competition on Sunday evening, everyone was a winner!😁  Pleased I got to meet and speak to them both on Sunday.

What I like about Cleethorpes is the relaxed atmosphere, even though there is some serious collectors and DJ's present, there is no air of cliques or superiority, everybody is there to enjoy themselves.  Sunday nights are my favourites.

I'd also like to thank whoever it was that handed my mates phone into the organisers, after he lost it in the modern room Friday night.

Saying of the weekend, was the lady walking towards the modern room late Saturday night/Sunday morning "I don't do modern!" 😂

Thanks to Ady, Phil and Neil  for organising it all and thanks to the DJ's for the sounds.



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Alison H

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Oops just realised I posted my review in the wrong place so here it is. It is in reply to Chris Turnbull but is also a review ....


Chris it’s still the best soul Weekender (& the Original) on the planet, and always will be. 


Mark told me about your accident & I was gutted for you as I know how much the place means to you. It was odd not having you two bobbing & dancing about with us.  Hope you’re on the mend soon.


Numbers were down, about 25% I think, and that’s completely understandable considering the Weekender wasn’t fully confirmed until February-ish.  Folk, especially

the overseas attendees have to book flights & I guess the longer they leave it the more expensive it is. Some did manage to make it but not the lovely hoards that are usually there.  It was fab to see the usual UK suspects (far too many to mention you all, but you know who you are) & some new attendees who were most certainly enjoying it. 


The weekend was brilliant. The usual deejays were on the roster with a few new ones thrown in the mix. All the deejays kept the dance floor busy, happy & to me upped their game.


Friday night & Sunday night were my favourite nights. Saturday was obviously good with the great acts but I think the Modern Room afternoon session that finished at 6 meant that folk were jiggered  & didn’t go out until much later  so it took a while to get going in the modern room but once it did it was fab


I also thought a few less people during the Sunday Finale  in the Main room between 1.30 am 3.00 when you’re usually bumping into folk, getting bumped into and forever apologising worked better for me but I know this isn’t good for the promoters.  That said the dance floor was vibrant throughout


Whilst I’m here I will thank Ady, Phil (if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it- great quote from you during the weekend Phil) & Neil for keeping this Weekender going.  The new security team were great too especially Rick.


Have I booked my caravan for next year??? HELL YES!!!!

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