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Mancheter Soul Weekender - Manchester

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Mancheter Soul Weekender

Event Information

The Manchester Soul weekender.... 6th..7th..8th July.... 2018.... 

Tickets.. Weekender pass.. £30.... Friday.. Sat.. Sunday tickets @ £12 each.... Drinks promo and food discount with weekender pass only...

The players..

Marc Forrest.. Henning borm...Sean Haydon..Matt Sneath...Greg Belson..Johnny Vegas... Magnus Rams...Brian Phillips..Paul Grant...Debs Flaherty..Gospel Bob..Lynne Girdwood.. Dave Girdwood..Ollie Lailley..Jake Lingwood..Dr Pickles..Trusty..Polly Jones...Stuart Raith..Mark Rickards.. Martin Haddock..Jimmy Randall..Scott Mollyneux..Darren Sykes.. Neil Higson.. Chris Gunnill.. Steve Cato.. Rich Penrith.. Pete Coulson..


Friday.. Revolution Bar... Oxford Rd... 7pm -3am... 2 rooms..

Saturday.. Revolution Bar... Fallowfield..6pm-3am.. 2 rooms..

Sunday...The big finish... 2pm to 2am.. All dayer....

Daytime sessions.. Free

Dimitris Bar.. 12-5pm

Jimmy;s bar.. 12pm -5pm..

Cottonopolis... 12pm to 5pm

Sunday session... Free

Cottonopolis 10am to 4pm..

Paypal... manchestersoulweekender@hotmail.com.... Use gift option..


Our event on facebook..



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Time to meet the dj’s..introducing Lynne Girdwood.

Lynne partied away the early 90’s as part of the Rave generation before turning to Soulful House which she embraced and was a regular clubber every weekend. Fast forward a few years whilst living in Amsterdam she got together with Dave who is a Soul enthusiast and started collecting original 60s/70s Soul and Funk records establishing and refining her own distinctive taste. She made her debut at the opening night of the Soul Collective in Aberdeen after being invited to play by Tony Bruce and stamped her mark firmly on the Scottish Soul scene. Since then she’s DJ’d at Scottish Soul clubs including the upstairs room at Portobello Town Hall, Barraloadasoul at the famous Barrowland Ballroom and MFSB. She has played Different Strokes and Soul Train in the past and plays regularly in Amsterdam at the brilliant Northern Soul Amsterdam Soul night. Currently Lynne is a resident at True Soul in Edinburgh and also runs Good Good Feeling soul night with Dave in her hometown of Bathgate. She can be found either double decking with Dave or commanding a dancefloor in her own right. Expect to hear sublime Soul through to gritty Funk and perhaps a smattering of Disco.

5 current plays:

Sisters Love - Give Me Your Love
Winfield Parker - 28 Ways
Margie Joseph - I Can’t Move No Mountains
Cookie Scott and The Chevelles - I Don’t Care
Dyke and the Blazers - Runaway People 


Edited by Darren Sykes

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Have to say had an amazing time at this last year - really was good - the guys put a whole ton of work into it and it really showed. See you there in July!


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Time to meet the dj’s..introducing Greg Belson.

It's 2018 and the projects are piling in, including Greg's production work with Paulo Fulci as Divine Situation...a project with one release tucked away so far for the mighty Moton Inc. record label. More amazing tracks are slated for release this year including 3 tracks that will be road tested in his current European Tour. He's also been working on multiple compilations for various labels, all of which should see the light of day  soon. Now, he's accumulated a 40 date DJ tour and this event is right in the middle of his extensive schedule. Expect to hear a clutch of rarities you possibly haven't heard before, from rare soul to driving funk to killer dancefloor gospel. Last year's Manchester Soul Weekender saw a raft of amazing music played over several venues....this year, we're puttin' the hammer down!

Current top 5;

Sister Clara Cubbage - What a friend (Teams)
Maddix Singers - Keep on pushing (Pandora)
Percy Johnson & Harvest - Show his love (Mark Custom)
Rev. Jesse McGuire - He's here right now (No Label)
Dorosco Scarber - Traveling home (Sarbco Incorp)


Edited by Darren Sykes

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Time to meet the dj’s...introducing Dave Girdwood.

Dave was raised on a diet of classic soul by his mum with the odd ‘northern’ tape from her friend in Manchester. Like all teenagers he rebelled and found Hip Hop, this started his obsession with collecting records but also reconnected him with soul through the samples used that he recognised from his youth. As a teenager he frequented Make it Phunky and Sexual Chocolate in the capital as well as occasionally Good Foot in Glasgow and short stint DJ’ing in Dundee. Fast forward a good few years and collecting has turned from Hip Hop to soul and funk on original vinyl. The past few years Dave has been travelling up and down the UK as well as to mainland Europe most weekends playing various places such as The Flipside, Aberdeen Soul Collective, Different Strokes, MFSB, Manchester Soul Weekender and SSW to name a few. Currently a resident at True Soul which looks at pushing underplayed and rare soul classics with an edge to them, as well as running Good Good Feeling with his wife Lynne.


Some current plays


Guitar Ray – You’re gonna wreck my Life

Emmitt Long – Call me

Moore Brothers Band – Salute to roots

Skull Snaps – All of a sudden

New World – We’re gonna make it


You can also find a few mixes at www.mixcloud.com/thegirdwood


Edited by Darren Sykes

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Time to meet the dj’s-introducing Henning Borm.

Hi. My name is Henning. I'm a vinyl addict. When my wife asks me if we can buy new curtains I always have to say no cause of the black gold. This happens since many years. She still loves me and appreciates what I do, here name is jazzi. Beside that I have my 6 chicken to take care of, two of them have names. Desmond and sven. They also appreciate my happiness when the postwoman rings. The postwoman is called lea, she knows about my addiction. She also appreciates it. My neighbours, they don't really care about the black gold. All of them are free of the vinyl addiction. I take my time to listen to my records daily. 45s are not useful when I'm cooking, I don't care. I drop them. 5 of them I adore most at the moment are:
Gemstones - cold soul
Morris "jazzy" Miller- what people say
Willie & west - Attica massacre
The Soulution-Love’s where we find it.
Lamar whatley- are you ready


Edited by Darren Sykes

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Time to meet the dj’s-introducing Ollie Lailey.

I’ve been djing/promoting nights for ten years or so,and been going to all-nighters since my late teens. Along with Jake Lingwood and Joel Maslin  we started Crystal Palace Soul Club in 2008. It was very successful, until we ran out of venues!! These days I play regularly at Soulshaker! (Peckham) and various other venues in London. I’m honoured to be asked back to play records at the MSW! I’ll be spinning mostly 70’s northern/modern, crossover, rare groove and that sort of thing! 

Current top five

1. Gotta Strange Feeling - Living Color -Madhatter
2. What Goes Around Comes Around - Blacksmoke - Chocolate City
3. Keep On Loving You - Perfect Touch - Creative Profile
4. The Siesta Is Over - Jade - Century City
5. Making My Daydreams Real - We The People - Lion


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Time to meet the dj’s-introducing Mark Rickards.

I'm not great at writing those bios that make it sound like someone else has done a write up about me, because they haven't.  So I won't. 
I've been djing since I was 13, a love of Hip Hop and Drum and Bass lead me to Jazz, Funk, Soul, 60's Rock and more. 
Since the age of 16 I've DJ'd out and about around Manchester and thanks to Soul Music and some kind promoters over the last 7 or 8 years further afield too, including a few trips to Europe and even Liverpool. 
I like all kinds of Soul music but mainly I play Funk, Deep soul and Crossover. The latter 2 provide the basis of our club and radio show The Flipside. Which you can find on Facebook and Reform Radio.

Here are my current top 5 plays...

Bonnie Blanchard - You're The Only One
The Sequins - Someday You'll Be Mine
L.T.D - Love To The World
Herb Johnson - War 
Marvin Gaye - Desperate Situation


Edited by Darren Sykes

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Time to meet the dj’s-introducing Martin Haddock.

Martin started out as a hip hop DJ and self confessed rap nerd over 15 years ago, after digging deeper into the sample / breaks side of hip hop he fell into the rabbit hole that is soul music and has been happily dwelling there ever since. He's been lucky enough to play all over the UK and more recently across Europe and the US. He co-runs The Flipside in Manchester, a night dedicated to playing Sweet Soul, Deep Soul and Crossover.


Edited by Darren Sykes

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Time to meet the Dj’s-introducing Scott Molyneux.

I’m pretty much a baby to the soul scene having been collecting soul/funk Records for just over 3 years. I worked with a certain Geoff Rudd and one day heard him playing some tunes at work. Me being me I said “what’s this shit your listening to?” Secretly I quite liked it. So he started to drip feed me tunes. If anyone was gonna be a mentor then Geoff Rudd was THE man. So I started to collect records, the funky edge sound at first which over the years has developed into the more hard edged, fast paced funk I like to collect now. I’ve been buying pretty relentlessly since. In a short space of time I’ve managed to get gigs in some pretty well established soul clubs. Different strokes, Blackbee, TwistedGrooves, Soulfunktion to name a few, as well as running my own club, Jonesies alongside my mates , Neil, Jim, Chris and Jimmy. Anyone who went there will never forget that place! My current top 5 plays at the moment are:

1. Margie Miller- Fever
2. Lenis Guess- How you gonna do it
3. Jim Gamble- when you move you lose
4. Arthur Jackson- The Philosophy of chopp funk.
5. Billy Byrd- Lost in the Crowd


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Name is Magnus Rams born and live in Sweden.
i´ve been collecting records 30years or so.
No soulmusic ever surfaced the recordshops in Sweden.
So learned everything from imported KENT Lp´s and photocopied fanzines.

I run a weekly "acrosstheboard" Soulclub (www.clubsoul.net) here in Stockholm and also do a few Northern soul nights from time to time.
I´ve had the pleasure to Dj first Manchester Soul weekender and done a few Different Strokes before that, also Dj´d at Brighouse.

I´m pretty conservative in my taste in music but picking up "new" tunes everyday, so instead of giving you my top 5 at the moment i´ll give you 5
that never leaves the box.

Inell Young-What do you see in her
Rita & the Tiaras-Gone with the wind is my love
J.T Rhytm-All i want is you
Mighty Lovers-Aint gonna run no more
Bobby Kline-Say something nice to me

Can´t wait to be back again!


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Time to meet the Dj’s-introducing Marc Forrest.

(SOUL) Police work was always what I wanted in life. So you can imagine, having formed my own police squad, the Hip City Soul Police Department here in Berlin, 28 years ago was only logical...not only because I could foresee loosing my job as a official Police Officer once that pink panther - who didnt turn out to be a black panther - had made me look like a fool on more than one occasion! So here we are, have joined many int. Police conferences and meetings, covered as Soul Weekenders all over the continent over the years and am still looking to find and catch that bloddy Panther... I am armed and extremely stupid , mean dangerous, carrying curently mostly these heavy secret Rare Soul weapons with me 

Big Ella "All Or None" Audiodisc unrel.
Nolan Guard & The Soul Groovers c/up
Collins Sisters "You Got To Move" Virtue unrel.
Jack Hammer & The Subway Soul Rockers c/up
Bernard Drake c/up



Edited by Darren Sykes

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Time to meet the Dj’s-introducing Brian Phillips.

Old local geezer known as the 45 in the late 60s/early 70s whilst DJng and supplying other jocks and  collectors with  the upfront tunes of the day.
Returned to the scene in 1999 and was later inspired by the more progressive clubs with a cooler vibe to get behind the decks again.

Some tunes from my recent varied playlists...


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You can buy tickets for each night as well as weekend pass.... There are around 50 tickets available for  each night.. We recommend that you buy tickets in advance..

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Time to meet the Dj’s-introducing Polly Jones.

Polly Jones has been loving and collecting music for 30 years. On a musical journey that has taken her from Punk to Jazz to Ballroom to House – Soul was always present and is her forever love. She started to dj on London’s House scene of the late 80s and has been playing ever since. Polly’s favourite sounds nowadays are 60s’ and 70s’ Soul and Disco which she plays at her own party, Hysteric Disco in Berlin and at various allnighters/ weekenders all over Europe: Cannonball Soul in Carpi, Italy, 45 Degrees in Hamburg, Different Strokes in Manchester and in July at Hip City Soul Club in Berlin.

TOP 6 


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Time to meet the Dj’s-introducing Dr Pickles.

I came to the soul scene through scooters and local soul nights but very soon was looking for a more underground sound. My eureka moment was finding the Middleton Nighters. The music and the people were on another level. I remember being pulled to one side at Middleton and told "if you like this sound you should go to Burnley", I've never looked back. I love raw, funky edged, hard hitting sounds. I know I'm in the right place when you see the other DJ's on the dance floor just enjoying the music. Dr Pickles.


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Time to meet the Dj’s-introducing Jake Lingwood.

Basically I grew up in the 1980s and you had a choice, go with the mainstream or not.  I became a mod and discovered an amazing alternative universe of hilarious clothes, badly printed fanzines and amazing music on original US labels and northern soul all-nighters, especially the 100 Club.  I was hooked and I’ve been collecting records and playing them out ever since.  My main achievement for my soul CV is running the successful Downtown  Soulville parties for 5 years in SE London and being a regular for Ollie Lailey for his fantastic Crystal Palace Soul nights.  These days, with Will Nicol, we run Soulshaker! monthly at the legendary music pub The Gowlett in Peckham, and you will  find me at various other pubs and parties doing my thing.  With everyone else playing more and more funk and crossover (which I do like) I’ve found myself going in the other direction and becoming Mr Sixties.  There are still so many great underplayed tunes.  So if you hear a mainly Sixties set at the Manchester Weekender it may well be me.  Can’t wait. 

Current faves

Willie Tee - First Taste of Hurt [Gatur]
Bobbie Smith - Walk On Into My Heart [American Arts]
The Falcons - Standing On Guard [Big Wheel]
Dee Dee Warwick - Where Is That Rainbow [Mercury]
Marjorie Black - One More Hurt [Sue]
Dewey Jeffries - No One Cared [Gary-Dew]


Edited by Darren Sykes

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Gospel Bob..a man who needs no introduction 😇x

as most of my disciples know the GOSPEL is a man of few words.its all started nearly 50 years ago wen i walked down the stairs of the twisted wheel  club as a very young boy.the rest is history as they say...so I'm feeling very humble to come back to GOSPELS SPIRITUAL HOME.to many tunes and gigs to mention in this sermon .you may not all wot i play if that is the case...you really need to book in to...GOSPEL BOBS CHAPEL OF REST MIND.SO ALL YOU SINNERS COME AND DRINK FROM GOSPEL BOB CUP OF OVERFLOWING CUP OF SOUL JUICE..your life will never be the same..so one up the bum no harm done...bless


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Time to meet the Dj’s-introducing Richard Penrith.

I’ve been into black music since I was a nipper, being brought up on bastardised black music from the beat scene.

But I always listened to mainstream stuff like Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, etc. from compilation/party tapes I had from the age of 5 ….. I can recall a dancing party tape that had the incredible bongo band on it and from an early age I was hooked. 

My record collecting started with the DNB rave and jungle scene but after moving to Manchester in the late nineties… and meeting up with like minded folk through clubs like the beat boutique and the beat club I started collecting more soul/funk records and started a couple of bar gigs round Manchester …… Get Ta Stepping With Gumbo & Barefootin with Mr Hill before joining forces with Mr Cato/Mr Hill for Different Strokes. 

Don’t get out that much with few kids on the go (think I have a longer list of gigs missed than those played) 

Personally I have always leaned towards the funky side of soul hard edge stuff but lately I buy anything that I think is different or will move the crowd or just myself… Love a good classic too so expect to hear anything …….. 

Few from me , no real surprises …. I’ll save them for the summer …. Ha ha 

Paul Burton - So Very Hard to Make it without you.

Harvey Scales & The Seven Seas - Trying To Survive

Stormy – Devastator 

Barbara Mason – You Better Stop 

The Hitchikers Feat The Mighty Pope - Mr Furtune


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Time to meet the Dj’s-introducing Deborah O’Flaherty.

I'm a lover of music and spuds,and a dancer who occasionally gets to spin some of her favourite records..
Big break came in my kitchen one night, blasting out some tunes that had my neighbors banging on my door, some boys in blue too, flashing lights & sirens...yep I know how to work up a crowd
My selections are done by using the tried and trusted method of wearing a blindfold and hoping for the best..
And if I don’t make it out of Manc alive I have ensured I become famous as the first person to turn her ashes into her favorite record..
She’s Gone by The Hamilton Movement..
Ps I also like Crunchie bars and the colour yellow.


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Yes indeed..we are having a Dj session at Dimitris on Deansgate.

Great food and great music..the perfect way to kick off the Weekender.

All welcome!!

2pm-7pm -Free entry 😊

Edited by Darren Sykes

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Venue Info...

Venue Addresses 
Friday Afternoon 
Campfield Arcade 
M3 4FN 
Friday Evening 
Revolution - Oxford Road 
90-94 Oxford Road 
31 5WH

Saturday Daytime 
16 Newton Street 
M1 2AE 
12 Newton Street 
M1 2AN 
Campfield Arcade 
M3 4FN

Saturday Evening 
Revolution - Fallowfield 
311-313 Wilmslow Road 
M14 6NW

Sunday Brunch 
16 Newton Street 
M1 2AE 
Sunday Afternoon 
Revolution Deansgate Locks 
Arch 7  
Deansgate Locks 
Whitworth Street 
M1 5LH

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We will be adding the Dj times into the group over the next couple of days.
Let’s get the ball rolling with Friday’s  Dj times😊and don’t forget we are kicking off with a Dj session at 2pm in Dimitris..a cool bar with great food and a great way to kick off the Weekender.

7pm - 7.30pm Richard Penrith 
7.30pm - 8pm Steve Cato 
8pm - 8.30pm Chris Gunnill 
8.30pm - 9pm Neil Higson 
9pm  - 9.30pm Jake Lingwood 
9.30pm  - 10pm Scott Molyneux 
10pm - 10.30pm Sean Haydon 
10.30pm - 11pm Trusty 
11pm - 11.30pm Greg Belson 
11.30pm - 12am Brian Phillips 
12am - 12.30am Matt Sneath 
12.30am - 1am Gospel Bob 
1am - 1.30am Paul Grant 
1.30am  - 2am Marc Forrest 
2am -2.30am Henning Borm 
2.30am - 3am Darren Sykes

9pm  - 9.30pm Richard Penrith 
9.30pm  - 10pm Darren Sykes 
10pm - 10.30pm Ollie Lailey 
10.30pm - 11pm Magnus Rams 
11pm - 11.30pm Dave Girdwood 
11.30pm - 12am Henning Borm 
12am - 12.30am Marc Forrest 
12.30am - 1am Johnny Vegas 
1am - 1.30am Mark Rickards 
1.30am  - 2am Martin Haddock 
2am -2.30am Lynne Girdwood 
2.30am - 3am Polly Jones


Edited by little-stevie

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Only one more day of work to go then it's the weekend....looking forward to it and the weather looks like it's going to be cracking as well - hot both outside and inside...

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Cannot wait had a murders at my office the last few months. Really looking forward to throwing some shapes on the dancefloor and getting in a proper pickle for three days straight. COME ON MANCHESTER

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If you are coming along to the weekender but aint bought tickets then drop us a post here, it would help us to have an idea of numbers and we can try and guarantee you all get in, we had a large ammount of walk up on the door last  year from people living local.. If you are coming from a distance I want to ensure you get in....

Give us a name and numbers and what event...

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For anyone wanting to pick up their weekend pass or purchase one we are setting up in Dimitris from 2pm today.
We will be in there until 6pm and then you can pick up/buy passes at Revolution Oxford Road from 7pm.
If you are just coming tonight you can buy a ticket on the door.

For anyone wanting to park in Manchester it’s well worth downloading the Your Parking Space app or use the website.
You type in your location and it gives you prices of nearby car parks.
You can save around £10 a day by using it.

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The Big Finish Alldayer...!!
Due to an early finish last night we start an hour earlier today at 1pm.
Let the party begin!!!

Pay on the door is available-£12


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Had a fabulous weekend - many thanks to Darren, Mandie, Steve and all the rest of the crew for all their hard work. I thought all the DJs played fantastic sets!

Many thanks guys! 😎😎😎😎😎😎

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