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100 Club 6ts - London

 London   english soul event

Ady Croasdell
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This London Allnighter event has now ended

100 Club 6ts

Event Information

Event Type: Allnighter

Event Date & Time:

Event Location:  London   W1D 1LL

Event Description


£12 on the door


Featuring some of the regular DJs Butch, Keith Money, Joel Maslin, Tomas McGrath & Ady Croasdell & guests


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London Venue Address:

100 Oxford Street, Fitzrovia, London, England, W1D 1LL, United Kingdom

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100 Club 6ts · London · Allnighters
100 Club 6ts · London · Allnighters
100 Club 6ts · London · Allnighters
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It was nearly three months since the last allnighter at the 100 Club so it's not surprising that there was a full house. And from very early on too. My friends and I were very near the front of the queue to enter and it seemed I'd barely got my coat off and got a drink before it was busy on the dance floor. Of course the last one was early in December and we've had Christmas and the New Year and now we're almost at the end of February, everyone was up for it.

Keith Money serenaded us as we went in, mainly medium tempo. In fact I'd say there were more medium tempo records played than any other speed, not really that many stompers I recall. He played a few I didn't recognise but do remember Another Sundown In Watts (the Exits) and It's Better To Cry (the Appreciations).

Ady took over next and played some new acetates he's recently obtained. One was a record I've known via Arthur Fenn for some time, Here I Am, covered up as by Esther Grant, lovely danceable tempo. Another one that he reprised later was a version of Turn To Me by Angela Davis, presumably the lady who sings the popular My Love Is Strong.

The guest for this night was Chris Dale who is a very reliable DJ, by that I mean he always delivers a good set. Again he included quite a lot of medium tempo, particularly remember I'll Be Your Champion, the Man From Soul and The Best Is Yet To Come by Bessie Banks, the latter played originally at the Blackpool Mecca.

Joel Maslin followed Chris, played a set that kept the dancing going well with Rees Flores and similar, ending with the Emanons Orchestra with the instrumental version of World Of Happiness, Bird Walking.

At this point normally Butch does a set but he was on his way down from Preston where he'd been Djing at a Modern Soul weekend. Therefore Keith took to the stage and decks again, think his first record was My Proposal. Fairly sure it was as I was in the toilet and started singing it, hopefully no one was listening. Also included were favourites like Tell Me Baby and 1000 Wonders. The dance area was really busy.

Ady took over and played a number of records among others associated with the club and other Kent releases: Getting To Me, Make Up Your Mind and the acetate Why Can't It Be Tonight for example; and the recent legitimate release of Joe Burrell's There Was A Time that I'd requested, although I think to me it'll always be Our Love Is Dying by Kae Williams, its cover up name. Thanks Ady, one of my favourites. He followed this with the superb beat ballad Timmy Carr & The Persianettes' I Can Never Stop Crying Over You. For me that was the record of the night. And if I remember correctly the next one he played was the Demures' I Wanna Be Good To You, wish that could be released on a 45.

Then it was time for Butch who'd arrived from Preston. As usual he mixed Northern and Modern,

starting with Darrell Banks' I'm Knocking At Your Heart, K.I.C's You Don't Want My Love, Love Came Into My Life by Florence, J Hammond's Kiss Me Girl and ending this set with the Chuck Jackson cover up.

Chris had the unenviable task of following Butch but as usual he held his end up well with the dancers happily enjoying the tunes. Joel took over and continued dance floor friendly records, think he started with Celeste Hardy's You're Gone and carried on it that vein.

Butch started his second set with the up-tempo Hank Hodge's Eye For An Eye, followed by Cynthia & The Imaginations' Why Weren't You There (I Needed You), the Ad Libs' You'll Always Be In Style, Life Is A Miracle, Love Tempo, Just Can't Please You, Fascinators' In Other Words, Forston & Scott's Sweet Lover (a request by Trevor Wright), Double O’s Demingoes' Color One Tear Black, and finishing with Flashback by Derek Martin. Funnily enough I'd been playing it at home before I came out off a CD, as soon as I heard the opening bars I jumped up and rushed to the dance floor. It's really fast, but did manage to finish it, like to try a fast one occasionally.

For the penultimate set Keith came on, played a few I didn't recognise but one I knew was I'll Keep Holding On by Lee McKinney & The Magnetics.

For the last 30 minutes it was as usual Ady, opening with Maxine Brown's iconic Let Me Give You My Loving, dedicated to Sharon Eames, whose birthday it was. Happy birthday Sharon. After that it was mainly a set of familiar tunes, Sorry Ain't The Word, I Can't Wait To See My Baby's Face (Pat Thomas), Don't, Lonely Girl (Annabelle Fox), I'll Never Stop Loving You, ending with the club's anthem Baby I Need Your Loving by the Four Tops. Then the lights came on, actually during the latter tune, and it was time to leave. Time then to say farewell to strains of Walter Jackson's That's What Mama Say and off into the dawn of Oxford Street.

As I said earlier there was a very good turnout, Valentina, Malayka, an Irish chap who due to flight problems took a taxi from Birmingham to the club, Tabs, Julie, Suzy, Sian, and so many others too numerous to mention. Great to see all of you.

Once again a triumph for Ady and co, roll on the next one, thanks to all the DJs and the staff of the club.

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