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100 Club 6ts - London

Ady Croasdell


£12 on the door


Featuring some of the regular DJs Butch, Keith Money, Joel Maslin, Tomas McGrath & Ady Croasdell & guests


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A strange night at the 100 Club. A mistake had been made by not requesting a late music licence from Westminster council so the night could not carry on till 6am. Therefore the times had been changed to a 9pm start finishing at 3am, door price reduced from £12 to £8, excellent value for money. Unfortunately this did prevent some of the regular travellers from attending, Gary, Rolly, Tabs, Elaine, etc. were missed, not quite the same without you guys.

I normally have a meal and take my time getting ready but last night had to put my skates on, time seemed to fly by and it was time to walk to my local station, naturally it started raining. However when I arrived at Oxford Circus the pavements were dry, I felt a bit overdressed in my raincoat. Walking from Oxford Circus underground station I noticed how busy it was, of course I was a couple of hours earlier than usual.

As there was no one queuing outside the club I walked around to the Blue Post where I met friends from Wales and also from Yorkshire. I left them there so I could get in at the start and I think Dave Swift and I were the first in, Dave was certainly the first on the dance floor.

Joel Maslin was playing as we entered and included quite a few tunes I didn't recognise but was glad to hear the Marvelettes' Don't Make Hurting Me A Habit, very nice tune. He got me dancing to Ooh Boy by the Adorables at the end of his set.

The first guest DJ Lisa Wolverson followed, she is a regular at the club. She concentrated on medium tempo tunes such as I Need You Like A Baby and You Better Stop It by Barbara Mason. By this time the club was filling up and Lisa kept the dance floor busy.

Second guest was Lars Bulnheim who has DJ'd before at the club. He did a skilful mix of Northern and Modern Soul records. For example Lies by Bobby Freeman, one you don't hear often, the Soulful Strutters' Let Yourself Go, and my favourite Modern Soul record Infinity's Queen Of My Universe, delighted to hear that played, thank Lars.

Then it was time for Butch, a mix of well known and a few that I didn't know: Sweet Temptation (not sure which version), Tiaras' Love Finds A Connection, Pee Wee Shucks & Huey, Kiss Me Girl, Where Are You, Love Came Into My Life, and particularly nice to hear the Temptones cover up You Know You're In Love.

By now the club was really busy, more like an anniversary night. I'd expected things to be quiet with many who travel being unable to attend due to the 3am finish making travel home difficult but the club filled up newcomers, I assume many were simply passers by.

Butch finished and Lisa took over again. Again a dance floor friendly set, tracks like the Montclairs' Hey You and Johnnie Mae Matthews' classic I Have No Choice, a record that gets better every time I hear it.

Lars again for a second set playing quite a few that I didn't know but including Free Man, Southern Comfort's It's In My Letter and Twinkle Little Star.

For the penultimate set Joel was the man, keeping a Northern groove with Paulette's Love You Baby and the instrumental of World Of Happiness, Bird Doggin'. Where did they get that title from?

For the last 50 minutes Butch did a set that was superb, records like Sha La La, Mighty Lovers, Diane Lewis' You Ain't Got A Chance, Chuck Jackson cover up, the Shades' Hit It, one called I think Down Deep or something similar, not heard Butch play this before, it's one of Trickster's favourites, Shake Cheri, plus a few I didn't know, Satan Let Me Sleep Tonight. Think he played one more after that but it eludes me which one.

It was 3am, the bouncers urged us out and we emerged to Oxford Street in the middle of the night, that felt a bit strange. Luckily the tube runs all night on Fridays and Saturdays so it was easy to get home with the assistance of a cab at the other end. Got indoors and had tea and porridge, then off to bed for a few hours.

As I said above I didn't expect it to be busy but I am pleased that it filled up and the night went so well. I missed some of my usual friends but good to see the friends from Wales and Yorkshire enjoying it so much. My usual thanks to the DJs and 100 Club staff, and a well done to Matt Bolton for organising it all.

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Licensing may have altered the hours but the music was still to the usual if not above allnighter standard.Butch,Lars,Joel & Lisa(excellent debut)kept the healthy sized crowd entertained & dance floor busy throughout the 9 till 3 affair. Well done Matt & now over to Geoff his report.

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