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Wrong Crowd

This Lancaster Soul Night music event has now ended

Event Information

Event Type: Soul Night

Event Date & Time:

Venue Name: University Of Cumbria

Event Location:  Lancaster   LA1 3JD

Event Description


As most,  if not all of you will be aware, we have been forced to relocate due to the thoughtless behaviour of a couple of people who attended and decided to stay in the car park at our last event.  Anyway, we now have a venue we love and we hope you will love it too. So,  on 2nd November, our guests Martyn Ward, Robbo and Dean Anderson will join our residents, Simon, Derek and Dan to bring you another night of great music , following our play what you love ethos.  Quick update, we are very pleased to announce that Chalky is joining our November lineup. Be there ...



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University Of Cumbria - Lancaster Event Map

Lancaster Venue Address:

University Of Cumbria
University of Cumbria, Gateway Building, Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 3JD, United Kingdom

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Len profile photo

   7 of 7 members say helpful 7 / 7 members

Had a fab night thanks to great company all round! Music wise was very good too. I particularly liked the fact the DJs seemed comfortable with clearing the dance floor every so often, which happens when playing tunes not everyone is familiar with. The people there also felt comfortable with it, enjoying listening, and showing their appreciation of those unfamiliar tunes with a round of applause.

There was some choice oldies played, which I’ve always said sound even better when played alongside lesser known sounds (Light and shade)

I also enjoyed seeing 3 bouncers leg it down the road near where I was staying, straight in to the Wetherspoons, ‘crash bang wallop’ out flew two blokes in about 5 seconds flat - I was watching one of those documentary’s live! :D

Best of luck for a long future of ‘THE WRONG CROWD’.

All the best,

Len :thumbsup:

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Micksmix profile photo

   5 of 5 members say helpful 5 / 5 members

Great night at the new venue,no worries regards the dancefloor,it certainly saw some action on saturday!! A healthy turn out of happy punters and google map worked a treat,straight to the door,thanks Dan 😉

Tremendous hour from that man Robbo,set the tone for the night,nice to catch up with Dean and the alt takes on "my dear heart" "now you've got the upper hand"(Bob Fowler) I think? went down well amongst other gems.Simon played his usual QUALITY set,too many to mention. Nice to see Len making the trip ooop north.Looking forward to more of the same in 2020,onwards and upwards!! 

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Flamingemeralds profile photo

   4 of 4 members say helpful 4 / 4 members

Been getting bored at soul events these last couple of years, and feeling pretty down about it, until last Saturday at the Wrong Crowd!  What an event that was!! The music was exhilarating. Fresh, upbeat, uptempo, a great crowd, venue reminded me a bit of the old CIS in Manchester. It's on a high floor at the uni with panoramic views over Lancaster.  Bar was away from the dance floor with a bit of a chillout area, facilities were clean and modern, ample parking available on the campus.  I can't comment on the dance floor, save to say, it was full for most of the night and my friends said it was absolutely fine.  I'm torn about writing this review because this event feels like a guilty secret I don't want to share! Not a handbagger in sight, a proper pedigree event.. Try it! You'll love it!! 




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Andrew Z Jackson profile photo

   4 of 4 members say helpful 4 / 4 members

What can I say: WRONG CROWD, right people, great place, fantastic night! The new venue was even better than expected and it had the poshest bogs I've ever been to at a soul even 😂. Music was great all night with something for everyone and definitely not the same old same old, great to see Len making the effort to travel all the way up to the far North (it is called Northern Soul Len) and Dean Anderson was his same old unassuming self - whilst delivering some absolute belters; Charles Mintz.....LOVE IT.
Thanks to everyone - see you there for the anniversary night (I think that's the next one?)

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IANCSLOFT profile photo

   4 of 4 members say helpful 4 / 4 members

Glad i made the trip over to Lancaster with Paul Johnson terrific new venue great to see Stuart Bennett had a really good chinwag with mi old mate lovely friendly atmosphere and fab music got me up dancing looking forward to the next installment of Wrong Crowd 😎

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eddiefoster profile photo

   3 of 3 members say helpful 3 / 3 members

I had a whirlwind of a week that culminated in night to sooth all my stresses (only downside was having to drive up to Scotland on Sunday eve LOL).

What can I say – well firstly a great big thanks to the WC team; that’s WRONG CROWD not Water Closet, although the toilets were very nice! I know how much work the guys/gals put into getting things just right and that often goes unnoticed, other than the fact that everything was great!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, great to see Paul Johnson, Gis & Ian Cunliffe; Chalky & my hero Dean; Steve; my friend Lenny Dopson making a massive effort to travel up was so appreciated (thanks Len); what seemed like 5 mins but was probably over an hour in the bar talking nonsense (me) with Mr Gibbons and that other nice chap (sorry I’m rubbish with names) all of that made it another special night for me – bring on WC IV


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Winsford Soul profile photo

   3 of 3 members say helpful 3 / 3 members

Got to say that the first two wrong crowd nights at the Rugby club would take something special to better them . Guess what ,it happened No 3 in the unfolding story of the wrong crowd was fantastic.  New venues are all chrome and sanitised which are normally atmospheric vacuums. Yet here the university has managed to get the balance right,  dark enough for the creatures of the night yet light enough to be safe in today's over the top rules and regulations society.  Been up on the 3 rd floor isn't a problem either  . There's a lift. Music for the 3 hours I was there was as good as the two previous nights delivered by the DJ,s with no egos just a passion for the music we all love. Great to catch up with some old mates that I hadn't seen for a good few years. Always good to see  plenty of familiar faces,  lots of friends and even made a new one who it felt like I had known for ever. Finally the promotion team.  Take a bow , fantastic job.  Can't wait for next time 


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Lozzer66 profile photo

· Edited by Lozzer66


Well better late than never, but this really does deserve a 👍I wasnt sure what to expect, this being my first time at this event, but oh so impressed. Such a great crowd with a real appreciation for great tunes.....even if they weren't always dancing (although the dance floor was good ) top sets from start to finish with a great mix that just flowed all evening, A big thank you to all involved and I look forward to the next one 😊

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