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· Edited by Timillustrator


Only the second time I've been here - it always seems to clash with something else but worth another visit. Not a big place by any means and, due to a satnav malfunction, didn't get here until 8:30 by which time it was almost full and actually not long after they reached capacity and had to put a sign on the door - Dancefloor was therefore pretty packed as was the bar and everywhere else, it's also very warm as well but in a way that just adds to the atmosphere - it certainly adds to the humidity.

Cheapest bar anywhere (60p for lime and soda) and about £2.50 for a pint. Great crowd with a lot of local names present. Reasonable mix of music; nothing too obscure but a bit of something for everyone, heavy on the Northern and decent sound system. 

Had a slightly bad evening because as well as the satnav not working for about half an hour, I also lost my glasses for a while, realised I'd left my money at home and brought about 30 of the "wrong" pens, someone put a drink down on my drawing which made the watercolour run and my tube of white gouache leaked onto my hands, bag and the table. But despite all the obstacles in my path I managed to do a couple of sketches one with totally different pens to those I usually use so it looks a bit more sketchy and abstract. Compared this with the same view pretty much from 11 months before and I think I've improved - quite a bit.

Chuffed that local legend "Oscar" Mike Hollis signed my sketch of him! So that'll soon be listed on Soul Source memorabilia at a starting price of £100 (only joking). 

I rarely give 5 stars - I've noticed most reviews are by the promoters of the events who inevitably give 5 stars to everything. I am trying to be objective. 

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