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Sherwood Forest Soul Club Bilsthorpe Notts - Nottinghamshire


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Sherwood Forest Soul Club Bilsthorpe Notts

This Nottinghamshire Soul Night music event has now ended

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Event Type: Soul Night

Event Date & Time:

Venue Name: Bilsthorpe Miners Welfare

Event Location:  Nottinghamshire   NG22 8QX

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Bilsthorpe Miners Welfare - Nottinghamshire Event Map

Nottinghamshire Venue Address:

Bilsthorpe Miners Welfare
The Crescent, Nottinghamshire, NG22 8QX, United Kingdom

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Was in Nottingham on a Friday night, stopping with my son, so had to make myself scarce for a few hours. Considered having a drink in a City Centre pub or two but thought I'd give this a go instead. 

MY GOD am I glad I did! It's not exactly in the City but since I was driving 60 odd miles anyway it wasn't that much further, got a bit offput by all the signs saying "Doncaster" (as a simple Brummie my compromised geography puts that somewhere up by Manchester, or York, or Hudersfield?!) but found it in the end.

PROPER old school Northern venue - sprung maple dance floor, drinks that are so cheap they're virtually free, so dark you can't make out much other than silhouettes, And the music just WOW; None of the disco, crossover, soulful house, Helen Shapiro, two-step or chart music that often gets played in the West Midlands. Rather stuff like The Dreamlovers - Bless Your Soul, the Intruders - Check Yourself, The Invitations - Watch Out Little Girl, Prince and Princess - Stick Together, Wooden Nickels - Nobody But You, Bobby Williams - I've Only Got Myself To Blame, Jerry Naylor - City Lights; I mean I don't usually list stuff but if I heard three of those at a local do in a night I'd be more than happy - but I think that was just ONE SET! it was just one after another pure class. 

So this gets 5 just for the music - maybe this stuff is as overplayed in Nottinghamshire as I Wanna Give You Tomorrow or House For Sale is in the West Midlands? I can't say but it was such a refreshing change. A touch of Motown too, but no predictable; Just Walk In My Shoes or This Love Starved Heart Of Mine rather the Isley Brothers - Got To Have You Back (never hear that in the W Mids either). Don't get me wrong I don't dislike those popular songs (they're all brilliant) it's just when you hear them twice a weekend (twice a night sometimes, or even more occasionally) and you've been out every weekend it adds up to 10 -14 plays a month! (sorry Andrew).

Sorry if this all sounds like dissing the West Midlands (it is actually 😁) but this is a great club, good atmosphere, lovely people, top dancers, insanely good music. Well worth a trip.

Drew a DJ and the room.

I rarely give 5 stars - I've noticed that often reviews are by people connected with the event who inevitably give 5 stars to everything. I am trying to be objective. 

soul Bilsthorpe Miners Welfare 13 12 19

soul Kev Greenwood Bilsthorpe Miners Welfare 13 12 19

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