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  2. A recent msm take on northern Can be interesting some times looking at just how the mainstream media actually treats 'Northern Soul''. This latest 2022 'take' is from the 'The Other One', a recent BBC comedy series...
  3. The top 500 meets the top 50 ehhh, the key word there might be 'Attempted' I do still love allot of those records though..
  4. Before pull the trigger on next headphone purchase for running, thought try get a bit of advice from the membership Any one using/used them for running and like to pass on view on these style of headphones?
  5. Can see Russ's mind ticking over now thinking about the old multi storey opposite the baths in Wigan
  6. I was heavily involved with 'oldskool house' events. It just hold attraction for me any longer. It literally is the top 50 house records over and over. It just seems like a big cynical cash grab.
  7. The below sounds just a bit familiar - a famous long gone venue, a car park, revivals, middle age etc etc Someone once mentioned generational cycles on here, think they may have a point... The Hacienda rises again: The Manchester nightclub raves on after 40 years Hundreds of middle-aged ravers attempted to recapture the glory days of the Hacienda at a 40th anniversary party on Saturday - in the car park of the flats that now stand on the site. The nightclub's legend is as strong as ever, and its impact is still felt in Manchester. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-61506634
  8. 20220521_120555.jpg
    A few from Saturday from a a damp then sunny snowdonia. Caterpillar from the Drinker Moth. Came across quite a few of these. Atmospheric conditions looking down the Ogwyn Valley and Dyffryn Mymbyr. The third is when sun came out over Llyn Cowlyd and yes it was that colour. All taken with my phone
  9. Definitely the way forward. I was at a 'soul alldayer' here in Amsterdam just last weekend. Two venues, with one running from 12 in the afternoon til 5pm, and the second open from 7:30pm til about 2am. I got to the first one at about 1:30pm, DJ'd twice, and once again (in the 2nd venue) between 7:30pm til 8:30pm. I left at about 11:30pm to make sure I got the last proper train/bus connection home - rather than have to subsequently wait for the once-an-hour night bus from Amsterdam Centraal Station that would then get me home an hour later (plus a 20 minute walk home with a heavy record box that was already stretching my arms). If I'd stayed til the end of the night, I'd get home at about 4am or later. After two-and-a-half years of lockdown, I find I don't want to do that anymore (particularly a 15-hour session from start to finish). Next time I organise an event here in Amsterdam (should that happen), it'll be an alldayer - mid-afternoon til late evening, ending before or at midnight at the latest. Very few local people here actually live in Amsterdam, and most come by public transport - hence they've always left early to ensure getting the last train/bus home. Now I feel they really want to make sure they're back home at a more reasonable hour - not just because of age directly, although that is a huge factor, but also because the idea of waiting at train stations, bus or tram stops for the next public transport connection at silly o'clock no longer appeals. Perhaps more so than at any other time, and after two years of restrictions on movement and activities, home is where the heart is.
  10. Interesting article given the rise of all-dayers over recent years.... ‘We can be in bed by 1am – amazing’: veteran DJ Annie Mac’s new clubbing venture hits the spot A club night that ends at midnight is welcomed by those who – like the DJ – want a good time without partying all night long https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/may/21/we-can-be-in-bed-by-1am-amazing-veteran-dj-annie-macs-new-clubbing-venture-hits-the-spot
  11. Has anybody got any old boxes , vinyl size or similar that they no longer use and could do with a makeover and no longer require , pm me , I'll pay postage etc or collect if close enough , or upcycle for you
  12. You should use the wood glue tecnique, works a treat...
  13. a just before tea site feature plug if you type @ then the user first letters you get @Yann V which is a link to the members profile plus the member automatically gets a pm saying that someone has mentioned him thumbs up
  14. Can anybody recommend a professional record cleaning service ? I have a record arriving from the states but it’s gonna need a good deep clean ! And my technical know how of a cloth and spray won’t cut it this time ! Thanks
  15. Thanks Mal! Tune indeed..not listened to that LP for a long time. I was requested to play some ‘Lisa’ at our local soul night last Friday, didn’t have anything in the boxes at the time so played this instead and went down well as always… Try and keep positive hey.
  16. Lets make today a better day shall we!! Here is our own Lisa, tellin it like it is...!! Have a wonderful day peeps! @Chris Turnbull @Tony Turner @Ian Williams @Scotters @Geeselad You know you love it !! Mal
  17. Very carefully individually cut out from old mags , fanzines , etc that I'd purchased over the years some had twice and some scanned , each one stuck on individually with clear PVA ,then 5 coats of clear PVA to seal , the base sanded waxed and polished, the felt was from an old poker set , again from a boot sale , and the legs saved from a trip to the tip , the labels are deliberately turned to face each direction of the box/table so can be seen from all directions , even the carpet adhesive to fix the felt was a freebie , I swapped my wife for the handle and hooks , she wants them for a project she's got on the go , separate workshops , it's the only solution lol
  18. DSC_0005.JPG
    Very smart! My brother made me two record boxes recently see if I can load photos if you don't mind on your thread.

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