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  2. Along with Marc Almond and Frankie Heart...they just can't beat the blue eyed beauty Judy Street Corner:) Ed
  3. I think whatever I knew about them was in the notes; probably nothing. I’m glad you all like it as well
  4. "I'll be back" for this event deffo. Last time B'day celebrations went on and on (you know how it is) .................... Request please: Ravins (Ravens) - your love. Cheers............... Tom.
  5. A daily Soul Source list of the top 45s Ebay Auctions Ending tonight follows... Ebay Soul Auction Ending Tonight -The next 24 Hours of soul record auctions The latest sales information direct from ebay. Listings of the next 24 hours most interesting soul record sales and auctions. Popular EBay Soul Vinyl Auctions The next 24 hours most interesting Ebay soul record sales as at 08:00 17 Apr 2021 (Uk time) 45 Rpm Nobody But You Wooden Nickels Vault Vg Dj Copy $128.50 (8 bids) - Ends: 17:20 hrs 17 Apr Paul Anka When We Get There Can T Get You
  6. WANTED - Mongo Santamaria - Hey Sister - Fania Please pm with condition and price
  7. Today
  8. Hi Folks Scans and soundfiles available if needed – just message me to ask. First to pay gets the record. No extended holds please. Postage to be added – bank transfer or Paypal friends (or please add 4% to cover my fees). (1) The Black Eyed Peas – “Smallest Man Alive” (Ultra-City) VG+/EX £150 ***SOLD*** (2) Charlie Brown – “The Whole World Is Watching” (Checker) EX £200 (3) Eddy Lyon – “I Want You To Love Me Boy” (Smoke) VG+/EX £200 (4) Ed Wiley & The Panasonics – “Young Generation” (Na-Cat) VG+ £100 (
  9. Payment through PayPal as F & F or add 5% to cover fees, oversea buyers please ask for postal rates Paypal to roger-banks@supanet.com Please PM if interested or Mobile 07966 416 455 UK Postage Rates - £2.50 1st class then £0.80 for each additional item, Recorded Delivery add £2.00 to normal postage rates, Special Delivery add £9.00 to normal postage rates All M- / Ex+ Condition Unless Stated 1 Bobby Adams – A New Way To Hurt Me – Bo-Ad (101) £25.00 great artist, superb moody mid-tempo big city mover on his own label 2 Chuck Bernard – Every Hurt Makes Y
  10. A quality 45 that has disappeared off the face of the earth
  11. Sort of really good northern really good,
  12. Yesterday
  13. So second press is sold out
  14. really good, just really good
  15. So on the subject of lps, this is my tip Yes Clarence had this 45 release which was always impossible. Always a tune that is still probably waiting to explode. The LP on Brent a great lp, and and so overlooked. A fantastic lp Was Clarence Hill Brenton Wood ? Or was Brenton Hill near Clarence Wood ?
  16. The original version lp only crackin looking woman
  17. Has anybody found out any more information on this release? I can’t find any.
  18. Yes , but only about £100 pledged today and only 46 backers so far. I hope it doesn’t fizzle out like it did last time.
  19. Another try anyone got a us original to sell?? ATB Mark
  20. Magnificent photos as usual....a delight to see!
  21. Looking hopeful, they're nearly a third of the way there. At this rate they'll do it.
  22. Request from my good friend Darren Exportations - I Want You
  23. It's such a underrated record . And your taste my friend is as always impeccable.
  24. One for me please Martin if I'm allowed? Coke Escovedo - Make It Sweet
  25. Montclairs Ste - one of those choons I've had in my box for ever (27 years 3 months 11 days) and still love it today (more than ever LOL)
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