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    Now Rescheduled to October 23rd - 25th 2020. See you there !
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    Now Rescheduled to September 25th - 27th 2020. Contact or Call 01754 762635 Regards Dave.
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    The rescheduled date is now October 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2020. Please contact the Richmond direct for more info.
  5. If life resumes to normality in any sense; I think they will gradually ease us back. People returning to their workplace (If still in business.) Shops slowly open in phases Places of worship reopen Weddings etc reinstated Last of all mass gatherings such as soul weekenders and the beautiful game. Hopefully we will come out of this better people and appreciate what we have x
  6. Link here...
  7. Condition a limiting factor... Was hoping nobody would notice and skip over thinking just another copy of Michael or I’m A Good Guy...
  8. This is our local lane, we live off the end of this Lane and at the moment we have an hours walk in the morning from home to the end of the Lane and back as our "allowed daily excersise" Theres a pool at the end and a hidden Little Grebe was "whinnying" really loud from the reeds. Skylarks were singing , heard a Yellowhammer again , a Song Thrush was serenading us the most beautiful song, sparrows darting around in gangs. . It all seems quite normal till you get back to reality . Apart from one dog walker , not a soul around surprisingly . Perhaps nature will thrive this year ? theyre not getting disturbed, and pollution is down . Heres two pics from this morning.
  9. Have decided to post this . Not my original . However I have put my own imprints on it .
  10. Rather amusing . Gave me a giggle reading it must say . Not interested in match fishing personally . Am missing going out . Can imagine impact on the Swifties and camaraderie associated banter . The one that got away etc . However . Not really addressing the point of the post . I:E Insect bites from possible person with Virus to other who doesn't have ! Or didn't . Then scenario all other Sport closed . I have suffered a Mental Health issue . Thanks to excellent support , advise and medication am now in very good place . Gatherings for Match fishing . Or for that on Ponds . Someone comes takes your money . So the risk is pertinent . Good luck with The Bass Fishing . Replying on here enables a release . Bloody walls don't talk back . At least not yet ! Maybe should marry a wall
  11. Soul Source Weekly Catch Up Newsletter This weekly newsletter offers a quick and easy way for all Soul Source members to keep up with all that is happening here on Soul Source. You can catch up with all the highlights of recent soul source content below... Latest News and Articles George Jackson - New Hit and Run 45 Release Dewsburyborn Yesterday at 05:56 Online Soul Event Guide Section Mike Friday at 07:07 The Only Way Is Up - New Vinyl Lp Release Outta Sight Source Team Tuesday at 14:01 Intellectual Property Theft - Getty Images John Barrettt John Barrett March 23 Bury Town Hall Virtual Allnighter Saturday Night 21 March 2020 Eddiefoster March 20 Detroit - My Home Town - Various Artists - Hayley Records Rob Moss March 19 New 45 - Aladean Kheroufi - Kimberlite Records Rare Toones March 18 Forum Topics C.O.D's on ebay what will be the price Speedlimit 14 minutes ago 1 comments Rarest TMG Geeselad 9 hours ago 2 comments Barbara Lewis Douglaschip 11 hours ago 1 comments VALUE Wanda McDaniel ‎– Gangster Boy Psamsara 12 hours ago 5 comments 10 early kent 45s Dave Pinch 13 hours ago 1 comments Wanted Lorraine Johnson The More I Get Lp Coutts 13 hours ago 1 comments Wanted Lorraine Johnson The More I Get Lp Coutts 13 hours ago 1 comments Sweet & Mellow 2 - The Isolation Mix Dave Thorley 14 hours ago 1 comments Silky Vincent Group Stoopdownbaby 14 hours ago 1 comments GARY BROWN (Spoiled Child) BROWNIE Joesoul1958 16 hours ago 1 comments Latest Videos BlacKkKlansman - Too Late to Turn Back Now Scene Mike 17 hours ago 0 comments Otis Clay - I Can Take You To Heaven Tonight Mike 20 hours ago 1 comments The Motown Picnic 1974 - Home Movie Mike March 12 0 comments Latest Weekenders and Allnighters Pontins Prestatyn Thu 11 Mar 2021 - Mon 15 Mar 2021 THE ORIGINAL SKEGNESS NORTHERN SOUL WEEKENDER Thu 22 Apr 2021 - Sun 25 Apr 2021 Tyneside Soul Weekender 2021 Fri 05 Mar 2021 - Sun 07 Mar 2021 Almost Grown weekender Southend Fri 08 May 2020 KEELE ALL-NIGHTER, Keele University Sat 11 Jul 2020 KEELE ALL-NIGHTER Sat 09 Jan 2021 The SOUL SEVEN - 60'S & 70'S SOUL | Hamburg I Germany Sat 04 Apr 2020 Latest Gallery Images Latest Help/FAQ Event Guide - How do I enter a event in the International Soul Guide? How do I edit an Event How to search for a member? Soul Source - A source for soul! View all the above in full along with much more soul content via... Can control all your Soul Source Newsletters via
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  13. The cod's. She's fire a record that's never turned up in quantity this old Richard searlings Micky valvano cover up had stood the test of time rarety wise with only a handful of known copies, what do you think this will fetch
  14. I've been having similar thoughts. I had a nice set of events lined up for spring and summer, but even assuming that some miracle vaccine would be discovered, it is likely to take some time for things to recover, especially as this continues on its current path. I think this whole year is likely to be a write-off for events. Hopefully next year (a) things will be better so that there would be some events organised, and (b) people would be willing to venture out. Many of those organising events, running record stores, etc., are already close to or at retirement age. It is possible that they might simply decide to call it a day. The hassle of postponing, cancelling, rearranging, refunding, etc., and getting all kinds of abuse in the process, might just be too much. I hope that everyone sitting on tickets for events unlikely to proceed will be kind and gentle with the organisers. After all, we'd like something to look forward to when this is all over. I must also say that I very much appreciate the way in which the moderators here have enabled us to use this forum regarding this subject. I learn at least as much reading stuff here as I do in any official news outlets. And the humour also helps (see above).
  15. A daily Soul Source list of the top 45s Ebay Auctions Ending tonight follows... Ebay Soul Auction Ending Tonight -The next 24 Hours of soul record auctions The latest sales information direct from ebay. Listings of the next 24 hours most interesting soul record sales and auctions. 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  16. It’s not worth a fortune my longer it’s day has gone. Popsike tells the exact story of this tune. Was little known, blew up then price plummeted once copies got out. There are lots more about than popsike shows. 500 quid for a vg copy
  17. Sucks doesn’t it. Remember the old closed season? This is what it felt like, apparently. I fish 3/4 times a week, matches mainly, and it’s hit me hard. Would go to pub after most matches for dinner and a few switfys so my life has just been cut. Think fishing could be left in rather than out as it can’t be done in a solitary way but they couldn’t make the exception I guess. Being an outdoors guy these days I’m worried about the mental health side of things as my bass fishing game in the computer is way harder than the real thing.
  18. Auctions begin ending soon!
  19. I know what you mean but it's not just SE Asia, it's the whole of Asia, Africa, South America, etc. When you're dirt poor, you get your meat where you can.
  20. I'm not so sure another virus would catch out the human race again.... There is a race on right now to produce an anti virus. Some company is going to get incredibly rich when they find it. A production line and research lab will be more ready for the next deadly virus because the potential profit is immense. You may have to swop Countries for Counties for a couple of years... Ed
  21. Sorry, I was trying to help and you never said you had checked on Popsike or I would have known What is about the results that you say is not telling the whole picture, I am confused, I have very rare records that I think are worth a fortune in my collection , but it doesn't mean they are always
  22. Hello, this week we offer an ebay auction with over 250 SOUL 7" All with soundclips, some RARITIES along with great classics, NORTHERN, FUNK, BOOGIE, MODERN, R&B, DOO-WOP & BLUES. CHECK HERE Thanks
  23. Yes, it will be a bit of a problem, because the next wave of the virus is expected, perhaps in the Fall, maybe just about the time we'd expect it safe to come out again from the first wave. And what if The Chinese and other southeast Asians continue to eat exotic game animals, and there is a totally new virus as well? I'm worried that I'll be afraid to ever go out in public again. My lifestyle of living simultaneously in 5 or 6 countries and moving 4 or 5 times each year is likely over. If forms of a virus or three are still moving around in the population, who over 65 years old would want to risk being in the same room with 100 people for several hours? Some experts are saying that we've already entered a new era, in which life will be very different, and may not go back to what it was in our lifetimes.
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