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  2. Newstead Soul Club Saturday 2nd March guest Dj's Pete Taylor and Kev Richardson playing the best old school Northern Soul fantastic dance floor and private car park if you want a table be early sponsered by Stockport Soul Clothing for more info please call 07989 308886 ktf
  3. Joaotenreiro

    Zodiac - I Miss You

    Looking for a clean copy. PM me condition and price. Cheers
  4. Roburt

    1960's London Mod / Soul Clubs

    Footage of a few of the 60's London soul clubs still exists, some being up on Youtube (clips from an old German music TV show for instance). Clubs were also featured (briefly usually) in 60's UK movies. For instance there's a clip of Max Baer & the Chicago Setback performing in one club that appears 45 mins 20 secs into the film SEBASTIAN (see youtube clip & shoot forward to 45mins 20 secs ) .... shots taken at Blaises were also used in the 1967 UK horror movie THE SORCERERS (see poster below) ...
  5. I have 4 Mod R&B 45s for sale if you want any of them PM me please. I will accept PayPal F&F + £3.00 p&p Ella Fitzgerald These Boots Were Made For Walking EX £35.00 ono Salle Big Maybelle That’s A Pretty Good Love VG+/VG £30.00 ono Savoy 45-1195 Pressing fault in centre DNAP Pretty Good Love VG+ Candy VG Nina Simone Come On Back Jack VG+ SOL £30.00 ono Colpix CP 614 Come On Back Jack SOL Slim Harpo Shake Your Hips Excello (Original not rep) 45-2378 VG+ £25 ono
  6. Hello and thanks for looking! All records are US original issues unless stated and I use Goldmine Standard strict for grading. Prices are in GBP / Pounds Sterling. Standard worldwide shipping and PayPal fees are included in the prices (PLEASE WAIT FOR MY PAYMENT REQUEST). Add £6 for insured and signed for shipping - RECOMMENDED! Please see pictures below, sound/audio clips available on request. YouTube links only for reference! Contact only via PM please, I strictly apply first come - first served! Payment only via PayPal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dramatics, The - All Because Of You (b/w If You Haven't Got Love) - G+ - £35 (was £60) Sport Records SPORT 101 1967 Looks a bit roughed up with some writing on the labels, plays very loud and strong without skipping but with some background noise and occasional pops/clicks. Perfect for DJing! https://youtu.be/uEPSI0sU3wU -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kent Drake - Boss Thing Together b/w Without A Lady's Hand (PROMO) - NM - £50 (was £75) Wand WND-11239 1971 Super clean copy of this stunning double sider, only very light wear to the labels! https://youtu.be/kFDTgaZfS0g https://youtu.be/EQ9GaISK3fk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mel & Tim - Forever And A Day (b/w That's The Way I Want To Live My Life) - VG+ - £75 (was £100) Stax STN-0224 1974 Record would be NM if there wasn't some wear to the labels, plays flawless and should satisfy any collector! https://youtu.be/sPAOepNVK_U -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soul Brothers Six - Some Kind Of Wonderful b/w I'll Be Loving You - VG+ - £30 (was £35) Atlantic 45-2406 1967 Great copy of this all time classic double sider! Plays without issues. https://youtu.be/-MouM59AbnE https://youtu.be/vgwTaXC78C8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spellbinders, The - We're Acting Like Lovers (PROMO) - VG+ - £12 (was £20) Columbia 4-43611 1966 Just shy of NM, beautiful copy! https://youtu.be/hNntzlyxdqw -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spellbinders, The - Help Me (Get Myself Back Together Again) (b/w Danny Boy) - VG - £35 (was £55) Columbia 4-43830 1966 Some wear to the labels, playing surface looks a bit worn and with scuffs but it plays loud and strong without any issues! https://youtu.be/7x4U4A8dcvg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. shufflin

    Skull Snaps Lp Original Or Reissue?

    it looks like the 1973 Italian one on discogs to me plus no Italian RE listed but I'm not an expert
  8. Blackpoolsoul

    Blackpool Mecca No.01s

    Colin spin
  9. Joey

    If Andy Williams Had Been A Black Singer?

    This thread is very similar to the guilty pleasures one a few weeks ago. CTMYOOY was only one of many great songs performed by Andy Williams. He was a great singer, end of. White, black, pink-ish purple, it really doesn't matter. Same as others such as Elvis etc. A great voice is a great voice. Add that to a wonderfully written and produced song, and you have enjoyment. As we have had many white singers singing soulfully over the years, and whose records have become northern classics, we've also had many highly acclaimed middle of the road black singers who have never sung a suitable song for this scene to play. Colour "don't matter none" OK? Or at least it shouldn't.

    If Andy Williams Had Been A Black Singer?

    Have to say when buying music i never think about the nationality of the Artist, Simply if i like it i buy it, as for playing a record out in a set same applies, i never play records that other DJs play Just because it is BIG, I have to like it myself as always think of myself as a Motivator rather than a sheep, that way a DJs Personality and taste comes through in what he introduces to his Audience. If it rocks my Boat i'm quite happy to part with the cash.
  11. Today
  12. Andy Brads

    James Walsh Gypsy Band ‎– Cuz It's You, Girl

    Thanks guys I have now secured a copy
  13. Citizen P

    45 Revs

    Directly opposite Heywood Civic, in case you were interested.
  14. looking for Little Stevie Wonder ‎– Contract On Love clean 45.
  15. Citizen P

    If Andy Williams Had Been A Black Singer?

    Quite like Andy Williams anyway, suppose it depends on the "sound" after all Paul Anka got away with one.
  16. Soul16

    If Andy Williams Had Been A Black Singer?

    Maybe, but only if hardly anyone bought it at the time of release and all the demo copies were distributed by a guy on a bicycle who dropped the records onto the highway, only for them to be crushed by a truck coming in the opposite direction, thus ending up with the surviving 45's becoming a rarity
  17. Looking for a decent copy ex or better with no skips, ticks or jumps of E J & The Echoes people Say/ Put a smile on your Face on Diamond Jim Any help would be appreciated in locating an issue or demo. If you have one in decent nick please pm with price and condition cash waiting. Many Thanks
  18. Nice playing copy, price & condition please
  19. corbett80

    Johnny & The Brothers Of Soul......Who are they ?

    Two for sure in the States with collectors. Another over here with a YouTube user. Prob more about? I contacted the lable owner's family ages ago with no luck. Gilly has a theory who it might be if i remember rightly. There are other soul / funk releases on the label - Soul Commanders etc.
  20. nitram

    Ila Vann - You Made Me This Way (Reduced)

    Would this still be available please
  21. Dean

    Skull Snaps Lp Original Or Reissue?

    Thought I'd resurrect this rather than start a new thread. Are these Italian copies reissues? (disco depositato / made in Italy / tutti i diritti riservato) I was thinking yes, but stamped matrix MLCS 8469 22-2-73. Could the 22-2-73 be a stamped press date 22 Feb 1973? Fanciful I know but got me thinking (should have posted tomorrow, 46th anniversary!!) Gatefold sleeve, but thin card and glossy? Any info, thanks, Dean.
  22. MotownSoulMan

    Oh, How I'd Miss You (Demo)

    Just a quicky. I've meant to post this before now but forgot about it. Has it ever been decided, definitively who the male singer on this demo with Tammi Terrell is?.
  23. soul-chef

    ** THREE NICE 70s **

    Please PM or Phone: 01492 513039... All sales Include Recorded P&P... Add £5.00 for Special Delivery.. WALKER WILSON & WALKER WILSON BAND - NOTHING BUT TIME - EMERY NM £180.. MARCELLA JOSEPH - LONG DISTANCE LOVE AFFAIR - DYNAMIC SOUND NM £80. DON SCOTT - LOVE WITH ME - NOD TTOCS NM £200.
  24. Couple out in the wild ?
  25. Blackpoolsoul

    Johnny & The Brothers Of Soul......Who are they ?

    I have found this link for other recordings.....our one is missing of course (you have to type in Lifetime in the search box :)) http://www.45rpmrecords.com/search/label.php
  26. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING Soul Toranodoes - Hot Pants Break Down - MAGIC CITY Harvey Scales - Funky Football - CHESS Billy Nichols - Shake A Leg - SUE Tommy Bass - (Can't Help It, Baby) This Is My Thing - SOULFUL Ollie Jackson - Just A Little While - PEPPER Sharpees - Take Me To Your Leader - ONE-DERFUL Johnny Moore - Haven't I Been Good To You - WAND Norma Jean - I've Taken Over - HEP' ME Fellows - Let's Make It Last - SOLID HIT Louis Curry - I'll Try Again Tomorrow - M-S Jimmy Ellis - Puttin It On Your Mind - SALEM Cash McCall - I'm In Danger - CHECKER Curtis King - Bad Habits - COLUMBIA J.R. Bailey - Love Won't Wear Off (As The Years Wear On) - CALLA Richard Marks - Love Is Gone - SHOUT Exits - You Got To Have Money - GEMINI Four Tees - One More Chance - KENT Sisters Love - You've Got To Make The Choice - MOWEST Clausel - Let Me Love You - UP RIGHT Harvey Scales - I'll Run To Your Side - CADET CONCEPT Mighty Travelers - I'm Not Tired Yet - MIGHTY TRAVELERS For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net
  27. solidsoul

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    First time I heard Johnny Hampton was in Wigan Casino mid 70's when Richard Searling played it alongside Ronnie McNeir. I was very impressed! Sam and Richard had a lot of the top class rarities of the time!
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