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  2. Spurs fa cup semi final and wembly

    It certainly was mate . Spent quite a few times down there with the Reds and Widnes. Trust you n the lovely Debs are well mate Ste
  3. Spurs fa cup semi final and wembly

    Ste. I'm sure you remember when it was known as Old Trafford South anyway.
  4. appreciations-the charts +4

    Appreciations There's a place in my heart /She never really loved me -sport records 108 £100 issue n/m The Charts Desiree -Wand records wnd 1112 £20 issue n/m Lou Rawls You can bring me all your heartaches Capitol 5790 W/D £20 n/m Big Maybelle ...

    Nice one Patto, great tunes these will go down well at our new place. Just the tonic you need after some bad luck.
  6. Grumpy Soul Deeside

    Another top night in Grumpyville (am I in Wales? Am I in England?) despite the ‘end of the world 2’ weather warnings still a great turnout. Had a spade, sleeping bag, emergency rations in the boot of the car just in case, and ended up having one the easiest journeys to and from Grumpy yet. Thought Roger Banks was on fire - love watching him put a set together - is there a more enthusiastic presence on the scene. Loves every note of every record he plays - brilliant. top night
  7. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    I think this might have been a U.S. bootleg label - all the other releases are from all over the place- Shirley Ellis "Soul Time", Parliaments "I Wanna Testify", Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs- "May I", the C.O.Ds- "Michael". I have the Parliaments ...
  8. News: Mello Souls - Fisher Harmon R.I.P.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Fisher's family & close friends A Wonderful recording that's brought Happiness to so many people from around the World Ian Cunliffe x
  9. Russian Spy

    Whilst admittedly the issue is of concern, It seems very a convenient Tory smokescreen to hide the "cuts" they are "underhandedly" and quietly making in the background. Rattling sabres with modern day Fascsists such as Putin, whilst hiding under the Trum...
  10. Russian Spy

    Aha. Maybe the other one was killed in the hospital rather than the restaurant.
  11. Today

    Get yourself here it's a cracking night alround

    Can't wait for this one with quality of soul man himself mick h

    Had a recent spot of bad luck with a car smash so really looking forward to The new Gas Club first night to lift my spirits.Lots of Soulies talking about this one so let's try and recreate some of the fantastic nights we had in the old places. Same formula Traditional Real Deal Northern Soul Classics,loved ones and forgotten ones from the legendary venues all on original vinyl Here are a trio of girl group stormers lurking in my box that may pop out on the night see you all on the 31st Patto
  15. News: Mello Souls - Fisher Harmon R.I.P.

    amazing music, so nice he got to learn of the love people have for it
  16. Kings Go Forth - one day / Mr C˝s NM 70 pounds Paypal as a gift, or please cover the fees. audio and picture from copy for sale: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1ouyoorMpYJ
  17. Spurs fa cup semi final and wembly

    So it's Manchester United v Tottenham. I'm assuming because we was drawn out first we are the home team and get a choice of the dressing room, throw spurs out of their dressing room. It's pathetic it's got to be a neutral venue for this. Steve
  18. Vinyl Buying in 2018 Poll

    Actually I’d like to own a custom Lammy get a GP.... put all the records I haven’t got into a snazzy paint job :-)
  19. Vinyl Buying in 2018 Poll

    Hey mate, I’m 48, I don’t know whether it’s an age thing, I’m too young to be one of those who are cashing in and looking to impending retirement, and I’m obviously not young and foolish as I used to be, aggressive and got to get em all... maybe it is ...
  20. Northern / 6T's Soul Pack

    Have put together several 'Soul Packs' pulling together some nice original label vinyl that I am looking to shift. Here's the first, 25 x Northern / 6T's originals (apart from Timothy Wilson which I think is a fairly rare boot). All visually graded VG+ ...
  21. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    Anybody shed some light on this, it kinda looks legit, maybe a Canada re-issue ?
  22. hi is the Lp test press still available
  23. Thanks for that, not seen another. Spanish Harlem side on this copy plays with a slight lag to my ears was wondering if it failed quality. Thanks for response.
  24. This list is 13 years old
  25. Northern Soul - 45's Reduced From Last Week

    Interested in sam bowie and steve karmen Cheers Tom
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