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  2. love this soul chugger dancer, rare LP (in nice condition)
  3. Manager John Lewis, Phil Chess, Ralph Bass and Etta on the cover of Cashbox -
  4. In reality that’s not a lot when you factor in costs of artists time, talent, mastering, production, artwork etc. on a very small run. Via iTunes etc. The artist would be lucky to get 50p out of a 99p download and 0.001p from streaming sites
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  6. I wanted the art work, the physical format, the music in it's original form, TO PLAY, hopefully that's okay with you and Chalky
  7. I take your point .... but she/they are sticking their necks out at those prices ... perhaps not for CD as only 50 but makes them very expensive outside US with US postage rates. If you like the track enough you'll buy it for $2 but probably only buy the tracks you like rather than whole album. The CD may be 'collectible' in a few years but mp3 will NEVER be collectible.
  8. Jordan. Will you bring me two tickets to Bury nighter next week mate if there's any left.
  9. I'm a fan of her music so got it, those 2 tracks alone are worth it imo, I have a really nice CD system, it sounds wonderful, and it's not a lot of money is it really, when converted to £? people pay more for beers on a night out, but don't end up with a rare 50 only copy CD the music and artwork was produced & distributed by the artist and is a piece of art in every sense, no regrets here let's re-visit in a few years, let's see what people value it at then, maybe they will look beyond price
  10. Snooze you lose ... sold ,out already!!!! What's the back story of this release as there's a posing of it from 2012 here. So it's been 'known' a while.
  11. up for sale tonight some cheap but very good 70s /modern soul dancers..paypal as friend, bank transfer ok.. post is £3 sign for mail. discount on multiples. 1. barbara mason & the futures - make it last ( brazil tapecar) vg+ £15 one a much played biggie SOLD SOLD 2. ann peebles. you got to feed the fire / beware ( brazil london) ex £15 sounded great at carib soul on sunday SOLD SOLD 3. heywood cash - give it up ( epic w/d) M- £12 classic 4. Z.Z. hill - universal love ( columbia w/d) m- £12 5. the o`jays - to prove i love you (TSOP) vg+ £9 one time big play 6. the realistics - the magic that you do ( UK epic) ex £12 7. noah - got to get away ( candy- stix) M- £10 8. the delphonics - i dont care what people say ( arista) vg- £8 plays fine any big spin at one time 9. peaches and herb - i`m counting on you ( mca w/d) M- £9.. great version van mccoy magic 10. carl sims - house of love ( paula) ex £6 11. lou rawls - you`re my blessing (PIR w/d) ex £5 12. philly devotions - i was a lonely man ( UK cbs) ex £4 wonderful philly 2 cider
  12. Chalky's right 'Dear God' indeed !!!!! $25 for CD (plus ridiculous US postal rates) and $15 for download for 8 tracks when most downloads are normally no more than 99p each!!! You CAN buy tracks individually for $1.99 each ... to be honest the 2 tracks you've highlighted are the only 2 decent tracks (granted after only a very quick whizz through).
  13. until

  14. Just found this on CD Baby ... Byron Jamez - Time Machine (Club Mix) ... appears to be download only ... NB ignore the Six Nine 45 just released (Jan 2020) as it's not this mix .... this is the best mix i.e. SS1 remix or club mix. It looks like it was originally released in 2015 .. the remix 2018 and the 2015 version just issued on vinyl by Six Nine records. Perhaps they'll issue the club mix on vinyl? ... which is superior to my ears
  15. Another great reissue coming soon
  17. chrism


    Really looking foward to sharing the decks and top tunes with Rick and Gary at this great event. Get your dancing shoes on and come and join us, gonna be a good one.
  18. Paul Spain

    Spring Northern Soul Party

    Dj's Paul Spain Lee McCann Ian Jackson Tom Ryan 7.30pm-Midnight Free Entry, Large Carpark, Friendly Atmosphere!
  19. Still looking for Motown related items, particularly unreleased as 45's in both the US and UK......Any assistance appreciated, so please PM me. Cheers wilxy
  20. Could anyone give me lift from Longridge so can go .
  21. The Sammy (Acuna) version on Sly still does it for me. Seems to be his and the label's only release ... sounds like early 80s ... anyone any more info? The label says Hollywood, CA 1982 so would guess 82 is the year of release.
  22. Scott-Heron original on flip to Revolution Will Not Be Televised still relatively cheap .. also found a new version from 1996 by Bossa Notra Feat. Vicki Anderson Italian only 12'' .. it's on YT if you want to search for it!
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