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  2. Definitely not the same seller !! If your meaning the one that’s on eBay now and the one sold around 4 years ago on eBay ? If that’s not what you meant then my mistake,
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  4. Nice job once again Chalky Must say pre-orders have been great on this 45 so far Appreciated Dave SJ
  5. I was hoping for a two or three o' clock finish, but as it finishes at one, can I get some money back?
  6. more background work on this feature access will be limited while this goes on just so aware
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Jesse James and Soul Junction are back with another unissued offering to follow up the hugely successful "Clinton Park" View full article
  8. Press Release: Jesse James “If A Man Ever Loved A Woman (Baby I Love You)/I Don’t Want A Divided Love” SJ544 Release Date: Monday July 12th 2021 Jesse James returns with the follow up to his hugely acclaimed previous release “(The Girl In) Clinton Park” SJ543. Once again, it’s another previously unissued recording found and taken from the same 1971 Searra Sound Studio session tape as “Clinton Park”. The title of this latest offering is “If a Man Ever Loved A Woman (Baby I Love You)” which is a splendid cover version of a song previously recorded by Dallas, Texas r
  9. our FIRST Sunday session...why not give us a try..its FREE ENTRY with loads of great sounds played !! **More details will follow**
  10. Many wants if someone has a copy for sale please pm! Should be an original, at least in VG+ condition nice price would be welcomed Marty Lewis - I Can't Do Without You - Big Deal Johnny Holiday – Tormented - Airtown Lonnie Brooks ‎– Demonstratin - Chirrup Irma Routen ‎– I Will Sacrifice - MGM Billy "The Kid" Emerson – A Dancin' Whippersnapper - Tarpon Bill Watts ‎– Problems - Watts Brooks Bros. – Lookin For A Woman - Tay Deloris Ealy - I've Been Looking - Velvet Double O. Demingos - Storm Warning - Split Gambrells - You better move - Carl
  11. bless ya but am after a demo copy thanks for replying
  12. Apologies for coming late to this thread. There was a lot of sadness amongst my crowd when we heard of Jon’s passing. Even though none of us claim to know him well, he is the main reason why there is still a NS scene in my town. When he started RSG Mod Club in 1980, the local mods from Aylesbury latched onto it from the outset and had our first real introduction to Tamla, Atlantic, Stax and the weird & wonderful eclectic mix that is Northern Soul. I first heard him DJ at the Top of the World pub in Hemel in Sept 81; nearly 40 years on, it is still one of the greate
  13. JOE DUNLOP TEL 01978 761 739, MOB O7739394787-EMAIL PAY PAL F&F joedunlop@btinternet.com ALL RECORDS VG+ TO EX CONDITION POSTAGE £3. 50P SIGNED FOR, £8 SPECIAL, ‘’’’’’’’’’’USA IMPORTS’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ 1 jackie wilson the who who song ‘’’’’ydj’’’’’ brunswick 40 2 ‘’’’’’’’’ ‘’’’’’’’ nothing but heartaches ‘’ydj ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ 20 3 ‘’’’’’’’’’ ‘’’’’’’’’’’ i still love you ‘’’ydj’’’’ ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ 10 4 wendy woods don’t hurt me no more sincere 75 5 percy wiggins it didn’t take much (wdj £150) R
  14. Chi Chi - If You're Gonna Love Me Label: KAPP Cat#: K-749 Media Condition: Near Mint £180.00 Chi Chi - If You're Gonna Love Me.mp3 Peggy Woods / Z.Z.'s Band - Love Is Gonna Get You / You Just Cheat And Lie Label: KENT Cat#: 6 T4 Media Condition: Ex £90.00 Flip unfortunately plays with the occasional light pop / click in places. Peggy Woods : Z.Z.'s Band - Love Is Gonna Get You : You Just Cheat And Lie.mp3 Peter Symphorien - State Of Mind (Nigel Lowis Radio Mix - Part 1) / State Of Mind (Nigel Lowis Radio Mix - Part 2) Label: SUNDAE SOUL Cat#: SUNDAE SOUL 025 Media Conditi
  15. Hi Steve I saw a program dedicated to them about two years ago and how rare they are , so they are in my radar to see thanks for sharing
  16. A bit more Soul to go from the Soulmine. 01252 333858, Email sales@soulmineltd.com or just PM us, thanks. +++ Don't Forget To Check Out The Website. Another bunch of 45's, with scans & sound have been added this week.... www.soulmineltd.com 1. BEVERLY ANN - HE'S COMING HOME - RCA (DEMO) (US) - £160 (M-. Sound Clip & Image On Website www.soulmineltd.com ) 2. GALE GARNETT - I'LL CRY ALONE - RCA (DEMO) (US) - £50 (M-. Sound Clip & Image On Website www.soulmineltd.com ) 3. BOBBY BLAND - SHOES - DUKE (US) - £70 (EX. Sound Clip & Image On Website
  17. until
    Okeh Xmas Party By The Seaside Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th December 2021 The Carousel Hotel Blackpool 663-671 New South Promenade, South Shore Blackpool FY4 1RN www.sleepwellhotels.com We Have Two Rooms Of Soul With Over 20 DJs Playing Something For Everyone - Northern, Motown, Modern, Classics, Xover, RNB & Rare Soul Friday Welcome Party from 2pm-6pm Main Room Friday Night 8pm-2am Both Rooms Saturday Afternoon 2pm-6pm Main Room Saturday Night 8pm-2am Both Rooms DJs & Times To Follow PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT CAN ONLY BE BOOKED THROUGH BlueSkyOkeh £50 Deposit Secures Your Room
  18. Nice footage that. We were so young then. Remember the gathering below the cliffs on a narrow stretch of road.We just chilled out watching the scooters and people . 99% of the attendees were well behaved. Great days
  19. Carmy Love - Thinkin' About You / Rebel - Big AC Records As it says a limited issue Sales are going well, but have been told that there's no restock on this# so once the copies in our store are gone, that will be it for us store/sales wise with this tasty release Just so ya aware
  20. Alan, seems you do need to check/read things better before posting on here as the two article's you have just linked to above in separate posts during the last 24 hours are actually the same article maybe best if just take a bit more time before posting
  21. Saturday 60s soul. PM to reserve. Postage UK £3.50 any quantity. Fed Hughes - You can't take it away - Vee Jay ex £15 The Spidells - Hmm with feeling - Monza demo ex £20 sold Eddie Holman - Stay mine for heavens sake - Parkway ex £15 with company sleeve Howard Tate - Half a man - Verve ex £15 Garnet Mimms - Look away - United Artists ex £15 The Vibrations - Watusi time / Sloop dance - Okeh demo WOL ex vinyl £10
  22. Makes you realise the timeless style of scooters compared to the cars. One year we went down (1981?) and came out of the B&B Sunday morning and someone had thrown paint stripper over all our scooters. Couldn't decide whether it was some locals who did it, bikers, or some lads we got into a brawl with the night before. Remember riding back home on BH Monday (it was sunny when we went and dressed appropriately) and it was snowing on the pennines on the way back. Hungover, penniless, and freezing cold on a vandalised Lambretta and also got ticketed for riding on the motorway
  23. A daily Soul Source list of the top 45s Ebay Auctions Ending tonight follows... Ebay Soul Auction Ending Tonight -The next 24 Hours of soul record auctions The latest sales information direct from ebay. Listings of the next 24 hours most interesting soul record sales and auctions. Popular EBay Soul Vinyl Auctions The next 24 hours most interesting Ebay soul record sales as at 07:11 19 Jun 2021 (Uk time) Billy Hambric She Said Goodbye Us Original £240.00 (4 bids) - Ends: 10:29 hrs 19 Jun Johnny Wyatt This Thing Called Love Soul Dancer Origin
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