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  2. There’s a few on discogs from a fiver Manship has it for 10 pounds so more than likely not a boot
  3. Pete mentioned it and Antony claims he purchased it Ted and listed it on Discogs as Karl mentioned
  4. Following on from our recent trip to the Soul Source archives last month (see previous article), here's a few more 6 Pacs that needed bringing back online and then archiving .... 2 x 6-pacs from Irish Greg, Carl Fortnum and Alan H 2001 Dome - CSC 6 pacs galore Notes below all from that time... 2001 Posted on Monday, September 24 2001 @ 20:06:33 BST Topic: Soul Sounds Soul Sounds Yeah its that time again, time for one of the premier soul nites around, CSC friday nite bash at the Dome London. To get you in the mood (or let you know what you're missing) have put togethe
  5. A mate of mine did a lot of mc work and said that he bumped into Nobby in the car park afterwards, he was in an old mondeo and he was telling John about the hard times he was going through but never complained or wanted any pity and was still grateful for everything he had in his life etc . John said he was an utter gentleman, R.I.P Nobby . Ynwa
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  7. A little bit off the beaten track the Edwards generation 1972 someone like you/school is in on Ghetto records styrene raised bevelled middle, that I picked up yesterday only for a pittance. Took it to Henry Atkinson who has had a copy of it in the past and we sort of agreed it looks a little too shiny. If not, then a bargain. Deadwax reads SG-016A/B
  8. SOUL45COLLECTOR Autumn Special List To reserve / buy / enquire about records: PM me, email - soul45collector@ntlworld.com (anytime) or phone/text - UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm). Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends OR Family' payment or at 4% extra UK Postage:- 1st Class Signed For: 7" singles; 1 - 3 records - £3.00 then £2 extra for any more. Signed For post is only for packages valued up to £50. Packages valued over £50 will be sent by Special Delivery. Special Delivery:
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: More Source 6 Pacs from 2001 onwards View full article
  10. Ok mate! My respects
  11. Rob . Here's hoping that you have a fantastic birthday and that the gorgeous Julie spoils you more than she does everyday . Looking forward to seeing you ( hopefully soon ) and catching up. Lots of love Ste n Lou. XX X
  12. A daily Soul Source list of the top 45s Ebay Auctions Ending tonight follows... Ebay Soul Auction Ending Tonight -The next 24 Hours of soul record auctions The latest sales information direct from ebay. Listings of the next 24 hours most interesting soul record sales and auctions. Popular EBay Soul Vinyl Auctions The next 24 hours most interesting Ebay soul record sales as at 07:46 31 Oct 2020 (Uk time) Funk Garage - Gemstones - Cold Soul - Gemstone Galaxie $103.50 (6 bids) - Ends: 19:30 hrs 31 Oct
  13. Please let me know if you have for sale
  14. Hi Mark, I'm interested in the Johnny moore single, is it still available and which version 67 stock, 67 promo or 72 hardwax repro? All the best, Damo
  15. A Few USA, Canadian & UK Motown 45’s For Sale: Liz Lands Midnight Johnny Gordy Mint- £80.00 Martha & The Vandellas My Baby Loves Me Gordy Mint- £10.00 (Class) Eric & The Vikings I’m Truly Yours Gordy W/D Mint- £15.00 The Temptations I Want A Love I Can See Gordy Mint £35.00 Leslie Uggams I Want To Make It Easy For You Gordy VG++ £15.00 Eric & The Vikings I’m Truly Yours/Where Do You Go (Baby) Gordy Mint- £20.00 Kim Weston A Thrill A Moment Gordy Mint- £60.00 Terry Jo
  16. Hello! I'm looking for a VG+ or better copy. Money waiting! Thanks for looking
  17. There doesn't seem to be any sign of letting the fans back in at the moment. Good time to do some dog walking.
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  19. Hiya greedy Mick, if I walked into a venue and you were spinning this tune,. I'd go yep, this is the right venue, cheers
  20. the original red came out in 1967..the blue was issued in dec 1969 updated a little bit for the modern day consumption i should imagine.. the white demo is the 1969 take as far as i know. not seen a white promo of the 67 version.. as far as copies done 1000 maybe altho what happened to them is anyones guess the blue copy not done for any uk soul scene if indeed that was in question
  21. Hi. You say that you have never heard it out I played it a couple of times but it is one of those sounds that not many know and didn't go down well with the dancers
  22. RIP. Outrageous those guys were not all knights of the realm. Was fortunate enough to attend a sportsman's evening where he recollected his memories and he has the audience captivated. Ed
  23. until

    See you all in the Radio King chatroom tomorrow evening....And perhaps even on the mixcloud forum.....It depends whether I have enough fossil fuel to support both sites simultaneously Either Way, Looking forward to the night with the usual BVAN vigour.....
  24. Really nice live performance from this talented songwriter who is a 6ts attendee and son of DJ Adrian Corbin.
  25. How many originals was released I no there was a blue one pressed in the 70s was there a original demo of this tune and was it a different take can someone help with this atb ady
  26. paramonts sorter . 2 to go
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