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  3. No offence taken, as if you read my earlier comment I am as doubtful about it as you .... but there are similar label designs i.e. 6901 below: (also 6894,6887 and probably others as I haven't checked them all) i.e. no S-, no stereo, cat no on left, publisher and timings under cat no on left, and arranger/producer credits on right - but there are other 'oddities' why a different layout to demo and all others you point out on releases just before and after?, why is comma mising after GSF RECORDS under artist name - all others have a comma
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  5. I purchase this about a year ago on Ebay. It has the Seventy Seven record label instead of P-Vine label https://www.popsike.com/BRIEF-ENCOUNTER-THE-BRIEF-ENCOUNTER-PVINE-RECORDS-PLP6843-REISSUE-JAPAN-NMNM/254523964950.html
  6. If the question being asked is, does an Anderson Brothers Issue exist the answer is yes. I had one in the early 80's and it was a minter. It looked gorgeous, unlike the scan on here. Looking at the pics and working from memory I would say it looked like the Joe Quaterman but with the Anderson Bros demo typeface. Best I can do. If you saw a real one you'd know it. Thick vinyl as well. Couple of friends remember it so can be verified. If its a different b side question, I know nothing.
  7. It's funny I had a convo about this last night with a well-known dealer, He was surprised I asked the question as he thought it was an obvious dummy-up. I told him that I hadn't gone into forensics on the label but it was more that whoever mocked it up obviously had some detail about the supposed 'B' side since the writing credit tallies with Ray Dahrouge's memories. So it's just interesting. My dealer friend senses a scam whereas I'm pretty intrigued by it all. I wouldn't have particularly thought about it but I bumped into the B side scan only recently, even though it's been around since Mic
  8. Pete. You sure it's not got too be Kiki Dee . Love is a warm kind of sorrow Steve, you are right, Kiki Dee it is. I'ts all clear to me now. Til the next one pops in to my head of course, Taking it from the top Hitting the dancefloor like corks coming out of a bottle, but what is that 1st tune you look forward to dancing to when you are confronted with a real life dancefloor again? It may be a way off yet, but time for some fun, Northern, Motown, Disco, Modern, Funk, Jazz Funk, Philly, nothing is out of bounds, if its soul its good, Time to let rip, if it moves you - why not p
  9. Like McFadden and Whitehead sang " There's Always Room For One More " b side to "I Heard In A Love Song" , Pete
  10. Looking for a copy of The Fury's Anything for you - World-Pacific Many thanks
  11. Pete. You sure it's not got too be Kiki Dee . Love is a warm kind of sorrow
  12. What a great time people are having at this event. Its our 4th alldayer and going from strength to strength.plz come along you will love it 5pm till midnight pub closes at 1am
  13. Dabs

    Soul night

    Across the Board / Northern / Motown More Details To Follow
  14. Keeping my options open Neil I'll Go, Where The Music Takes me
  15. Lend a child a bike and they can cycle for a day - give a child a pair of bolt cutters and they'll never be short of a ride home. Dx
  16. No offense here but it does hold up. For one ; OK some of the previous releases on the label did not featured the 'stereo' quote. But contemporary releases to the Anderson Brothers all did. For two ; see that the given matrix is always preceded by a 's' for 'stereo'. Not on the 'image' though. Finally find me another release from that label with a similar label as that 'pixel' image and I might vouch for it then. Too many things are not right with that 'image'.
  17. until

    Look forward to getting up there Steve.....soon I hope. Everything crossed!!
  18. Pete at this rate it will be Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up!!!
  19. More details nearer the date
  20. until

    Phil. It was a pleasure listening to your choice of music. BVAN has and will continue to introduce myself and countless other soulies to some amazing records that we have never heard before, which aged 62 and having never left the scene since I started this amazing journey in 1975 is so refreshing and educational. Thank you for your contribution to my education When Bury nighter opens up for real , you will be in for a treat. Ste
  21. If it is it would tie up with what's entered on BMI for Michele Dahrouge: https://repertoire.bmi.com/Search/Catalog?num=AqQuT7iA0FNR9mjT0%2fSTFA%3d%3d&cae=IW%2fqz83Fe7CjW9honkWKNQ%3d%3d&partType=WriterList&search={"Main_Search_Text"%3A"michele dahrouge"%2C"Sub_Search_Text"%3A""%2C"Main_Search"%3A"Writer%2FComposer"%2C"Sub_Search"%3Anull%2C"Search_Type"%3A"all"%2C"View_Count"%3A50%2C"Page_Number"%3A0%2C"Part_Type"%3Anull%2C"Part_Id"%3Anull%2C"Part_Id_Sub"%3Anull%2C"Part_Name"%3Anull%2C"Part_Cae"%3Anull%2C"Original_Search"%3Anull%2C"DisclaimerViewed"%3Anull}&resetPageNumber=
  22. If he can recall it i think he might say it's "I'm Really Scared" . I've never seen an issue and i'm not convinced of that scan above.
  23. I'm not sure that argument entirely 'holds up' as if you look at the Whatnauts issue 6905 from 1973 it has both variants, and before that many have the cat no on left and no Stereo mark. The Dorothy Moore 6908 and Joe Johnson 6909 is a similar design to AB one (albeit cat no is on right). Could be the 'counerfeiter' inadvertently copied the earlier design? In any case no one knows if any actually exist - so this may just be a big hoax and someone's having a good laugh at our expense?
  24. Hi, I'm looking for the following records in EX or above condition please. If you can help me out, please send me a PM. Thank you! Albums Natural High - 1 (Chimneyville Records / US / 1979) Father's Children - Father's Children (Mercury / US / 1979) Bobby Hutton ‎- Piece Of The Action (ABC Records / US / 1973) The South Side Movement ‎- Southside Movement (Wand / US / 1973) Bobby Lyle ‎- The Genie (Capitol Records / US / 1977) Gary Davis And His Professor (Chocolate Star Records / US / 1982) The Parker Brothers ‎- The Parker Brothers (Crown Vetch Enterprises Inc. ‎/
  25. Dabs

    Underwood club Crewe.

    Across the Board / Northern / Motown More Details To Follow
  26. Thankfully I left the nighter scene years and years ago and I totally and utterly agree with the sentiment of 2 gigs at the same time being utter madness, if they are close by and I don't share the Victor Meldrew comment (that needs going in the insult yourself bin). It is a positive thing to call out the promoters who do not consider others nearby and just revert to playground tactics. There are now 4 coffee shops on the road next to us (there were 2 before the Covid Pandemic). How many coffees can we all drink
  27. That grossly "pixelorized" image (best and easiest way to hide copied & paste flange fittings) of a stocker Anderson Brothers is not convincing IMO. Plus I know of people going through all the trouble to produce such an artefact. Even before the private computer age I have seen some. The fact that this label has the first name of Michelle White as Bill is indeed questioning. But mostly the typo used here are not corresponding to other contemporary releases of the label. And mostly the fact that it does not mention in big 'stereo' just does not make it look right. The bootleg (2nd
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