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  1. Yesterday
  2. tomangoes

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Fing abart eeeebay is......if sold at auction, it reflects demand. You can't put a value on such a great record based on 1979 prices... We've all paid a quid for it, but anybody hearing this first time would pay a ton for it no probs. Ed
  3. algsoul

    1600 People 12 Djs 3 Rooms 1 Venue Northern/ Motown/ Modern/ Clu

    top night every time
  4. gogs

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Seen an issue sell on ebay last year for £92, Crazy prices
  5. the man himself

    1600 People 12 Djs 3 Rooms 1 Venue Northern/ Motown/ Modern/ Clu

    You won't be disappointed it sounds fantastic
  6. What a Great and Passionate Character........ Respect.
  7. Amsterdam Russ

    testing event tags

    Had a look at adding tags to our weekend event in Amsterdam, but the only ones available are: upfront, modern, R&B, oldies and club soul. No sign of the others when scrolling. Screen grab here...
  8. Benji

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Pages on Sunstruck bootleg for $220: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MODERN-SOUL-Pages-Heartaches-amp-Pain-LISTEN-/142926426222
  9. New podcast now online. Stream it or download it. 1 / The Mystic Moods . Astral trip . German WB LP 2 / Hiroshima . Never ever . German Arista LP 3 / Loleatta Holloway . Hit and run . German Salsoul LP 4 / Liquid Smoke . Dance, Dance, Dance . German Bellaphon 45 5 / Grace Jones . Sorry . German Ariola 45 6 / Tina Turner . Fool for your love . German Ariola LP 7 / Jackie Wilson . Open the door to your heart . German MCA LP 8 / The O'Kaysions . Little Miss Flirt . German Columbia LP 9 / Spyder Turner . You're good enough for me . German MGM 45 10 / Linda Jones . You hit me like TNT . Blue Cat 45 11 / Knut Kiesewetter . Don't lose your head . German Star-Club LP 12 / Deon Jackson . S.O.S. . German Atco LP 13 / Willie Kendrick . Change your ways . German RCA LP 14 / The Marvelettes . Barefootin' . German TMG LP 15 / Lou Rawls . When love goes wrong . German Capitol LP 16 / Sandie Shaw . Don't run away . German RCA 45 17 / Brenda Lee . Coming on strong . German Decca 45 18 / Sonny & Cher . Good combination . German Atlantic 45 19 / Deon Jackson . Love takes a long time growing . German Atco LP 20 / Sam & Dave . You don't know what you mean to me . German Atlantic 45 21 / Davy Jones & The Blue Sounds . I'll go crazy . German Philips 45 22 / Brenda Jo Harris . Love is like a hurricane . German Roulette 45 23 / Billy Stewart . Look back and smile . German Chess 45 24 / The Fuzz . I love you for all seasons . German Roulette 45 25 / Trini Lopez . Sad tomorrows . German Reprise LP 26 / Scott MacKenzie . Look in your eyes . Italian Capitol 45 27 / The Virgil Bros. . Temptation 'bout to get me . German Odeon 45 28 / Pic & Bill . All I want is you . German Ariola 45 https://soundsfromtheshelter.podomatic.com/
  10. stretfordender

    RNB AT THE CC (CARLTON CLUB) Guests The Willinghams and Gr

    Thanks Stevie, see you then
  11. Love that label design.
  12. Tony Treby


    SATURDAY SOUL ALLDAYER #4 FIRST ANNIVERSARY EASTER ALLDAYER 20/4/2019 2pm until Midnight Derriford Centre for Health and Wellbeing Derriford PLYMOUTH PL6 8DH 10 hours of the Finest Rare Soul on OVO with Deck Cams. 10 DJ'S over 10 hours including: Pete Lyster Bridgewater Sara Baker Soul on Wax Tony Bowd & Jo Davis Parkway Soul Ferrett Pearson Paignton Andre Dus Torquay Peter Andrews Saltash Tony Treby Plymouth More Guests TBC Ticket Only Event £10 PP
  13. Steve S 60

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Just watching "Michael Palin in North Korea". Not what I expected. Any country that gives each adult male free beer tokens (5 litres per month) can't be all bad.
  14. That was the last release before Motown picked up the label and started the 5000 series.
  15. the yank

    Biddu Orchestra ‎– Biddu Orchestra

    In the U.S. , "Blue Eyed Soul" made its first appearance on the unbelievably titled album "Kung Fu Fighting And Other Great Love Songs"
  16. chalky

    testing event tags

    Is three the limit?
  17. Detroit A-Go-Go. Landed on the mat a couple of days ago - last of the Inferno releases I think?
  18. mike

    testing event tags

    2 weeks on and they seem to be getting used by some https://www.soul-source.co.uk/tags/oldies/ any suggestions for additions and/or edits to the tags?
  19. Leeky

    Soultime (it's in the Groove)

    Take note Soultime Pelsall returns to a Friday for a night of nostalgia with a night of Twisted Wheel V Catacombs sounds, guarenteed Oldies and deffinatley Goldies. Join us for a fantastic night of dancing on one of the best dance floors in the Midlands, cheap bar and safe parking. Top local DJ's playing the best on vinyl.
  20. Caron and Den

    Coppenhall Soul Dj's Andrew Norburn and Lenny Mellor

  21. WANTED: The Soul Majestic's - I Done Told You Baby - Chicago Music Bag Thanks in advance
  22. chalky

    Hiding forums

    All good mate, long time no see. Will pass on yer love
  23. Caron and Den

    Coppenhall Soul Dj's Andrew Norburn and Lenny Mellor

    Looking forward to a good night with Guest Dj's Andrew Norburn and Lenny Mellor Local Dj's Gerrard, Dennis and Kev
  24. martint

    Some wants

    Wanted in at least EX condition - price offered below is what I'm willing to pay for EX or better. Please message me if you have any for sale. Charles Brimmer - the feeling is in my heart (Broadmoor) £100 Valerie and Nick - Somebody's lying on love (Glover) £40 Tommy Payton - Mountain of soul (Staff) £40 John Andrews - It's just love (UK Parlophone) £500 Ralph Robles - Takin' over (7" only - South American Fania) £80
  25. Mustang

    Wigan & Mr M’s Anniversary All Nighter

    According to the King George's Hall website 9pm to 6am in the main hall.
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