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  2. Sounds a fantastic gig Only just become aware of this event Anyone know if anymore are planed this year
  3. Wonderful Soul from Mr Buddy Miles - I'm Just A Kiss Away
  4. All in good condition...please add £2.50 p&p Candi Staton Now youve got the upper hand Unity £50 Reperata Panic Eric £10 Little Joe roman When your Lonesome Tuff £30 Bobby Treetop Wait till i get to know ya Tuff £20 Rubin Youve been away Rita £25 Leon Haywood Baby Reconsider Fat Fish £20 Jerry Fuller Double Life Challenge £15 Johnny Sayles I cant get enough of your love St Lawrence £35
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  6. Can't wait for Sunday. Love the vibe on the Balcony overlooking the beach and the town almost as much the action inside on that wooden dancefloor. Loads of people been calling asking about advance tickets? For this one there are none, it's pay on the door £12. Doors open at 8pm and first 100 admissions get free CD.
  7. Looking forward to Parklands tonite sure will be a warm one c u all lata Debs n Dave.xx
  8. looking good for a top all nighter here ! place will be rocking atb pete
  9. Stone minters. Never been near a record stylus USA Ric-Tic (RT-123) Al Kent The Way You Been Acting Lately Vocal / Instrumental mint not mint mint Purchases as part of load of mint Ric-Tic singles from the label's former promotion man Casablanca in Detroit in 1988. Most of the haul long since sold, but found a couple of these misfiled in stock £75 includes free special delivery postage If interested PM me or e-mail - Thanks, Neil
  10. Got a copy of this deep soul rarity for sale, please contact me if interested. Condition is M-, asking for £125 + post. PayPal friends & family.
  11. On the first notes it sounds (only that not saying it is) to me like a white/garage/prom band on re-hearsall and I guess the other titles are covers as well (with the guitar !!!). Doesn't help but I guess it never got passing that acetate stage...
  12. Indeed they are..November pilgrimage!
  13. Should be there.heard carol dj.a great diverse selection normally.only seen little georges sales list and a few records bought.should be a good selection from all djs.
  14. Steve hope your keeping well! ......I suggest you speak to Phil Dick, of course Dave Goddin was responsible for the original UK series, Phil for the second ( label address Shipley )and from memory Kev Roberts for the third series , On your test press the address at the top of the label states Monmoth St, London the same as Dave Goddins original label?? so you can make your own conclusion regarding any smoke and mirrors😉 A brilliant record BTW........
  15. A few years ago i got 50p for the wade flemons boot of jeanette on ebay a few yrs later it sells for £60 collectors or just plain idiots make your mind up? i guess demand but wtf
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  17. Chris will defefenily have umited four if you can wait while june 26,th paul
  18. Come and join us at the Canary.We have got a great choice of DJ’s this month...pete woodrow alan monseyjamie trundlemazjon williswho are renowned for their knowledge in choosing the best vinyl rarities of today & the classics of yesterday that keep the dancefloor full of a vibrance & passion that will keep you yearning for more. Their are no handling fees charged if you use the payment methods below :-CARD PAYMENTS BY PHONE: Martin / CircularsounD 07990 618293 (9.30am-6pm Mon to Sat)THROUGH PAYPAL . Please send relevent amount of £5's / person with your contact details to account IN PERSON: CircularsounD 5 St Benedict St Norwich NR2 4PE (Tues to Sat 11am till 5pm) SKIDDLE: n/a otherwise its £7.50 on the door Excellent WOODEN DANCE FLOOR (no talc allowed as not required) FREE PARKING WHEELCHAIR ACCESS LOCAL B&B / HOTELS VERY CLOSE TO TRAIN STATION
  19. Just over two days to go folks, please take a look.
  20. Rod set the bar high, very few can match, please take note whoever takes over role
  21. Can I retract the owl thing, it's late.
  22. Excellent pics, love the background, really accentuates the bird. First one looks a bit owl like?
  23. OK all you other dodgy dealers, now's our chance!
  24. PM sent Friday 11.15pm...
  25. Hey those rooms are beautiful now Chaz! Glad you enjoyed it mate. Chris
  26. A Peregrine Falcon in full hunting flight. It was bloody hard trying to focus and track it against the cliff face and at the speed it was flying. Steve
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