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  2. Nathan Coll from the BODEGA SOUL collective. Turks head, freemount, Manchester soul festival live every friday , 8 til 10pm Join live on our new mixcoud channel. All shows are recorded and available to stream the following day. https://m.mixcloud.com/bodegasoulcollective/
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    My twopenneth worth please Simon..... Nancy Butts-I want to hold your hand baby-Flaming Arrow Sue & Mel-Can't do without me (I get lonely)-Startrack Thanks wilxy
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    Major Lance - just pure pure class Dave
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    Hi Simon and team, 2 from me please, Major Lance -Wait till I Get You In My Arms and Billy Wells & The Invaders - This Heart These Hands,cheers Dave
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    Good Evening Everyone Two from me Ripple -Willie pass the water for a good dance !and in keeping with the Oldies theme the Magnificent Clara Ward -The Right Direction Warmest wishes to all M
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    Two from me the first always reminds of Robbo,think I heard him play it first. The Astors "more power to you" Beverley Shaeffer "even the score" A great double sider the flip a selection from The Jacko's last week I think
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    Couple from us please: Willie Parker... Salute to Lovers. The Sapphires... Evil One. Cheers The Jackos
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    Sorry only got the WDJ Pete
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    I like where this is going, Larry Clinton She's Wanted for me please Simon, preferably a red issue recording
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    The greater experience. Dont forget to remember Mary Love. Lay this burden down. My two please Sir Simon. May throw a cheeky one in as my birthday request as we should have been celebrating at the Springfield nighter. Al Williams. I who am nothing. More mainstream northern soul than normal but it's where we all come from and I for one still love my oldies ❤
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    Soul Source All Request Hour selections for Saturday 30th January required folks - get diggin' The Greater Experience - Don't Forget To Remember Mary Love - Lay This Burden Down Al Williams - I Am Nothing Larry Clinton - She's Wanted Willie Parker - Salute to Lovers The Sapphires - Evil One The Astors - More Power To You Beverley Shaeffer - Even The Score Cash McCall - More Power To You Cody Black - I'm Sorry Margo & The Songbirds - Jealous Fella Ripple -Willie Pass The Water Clara Ward -The Right Direction Major La
  15. Smileys

    Blackpool Soul Weekender


    We have got to believe! or its a very dark road ahead,, you folks, total winners in my book. Blackpool a British institution, you are all in our thoughts and prayers, be assured we will not desert you, in October 1976, Our honeymoon, Sue and I sat in the ballroom, old folk already, having a cosy cuppa, lol watching the ballroom dancing, saying we will be doing that when we are 60. The last 10 years odd, blimey we have danced in that famous ballroom, but not ballroom dancing lol Todays Northern soul scene , it has blown our minds, I wont say in our day it was called soul lol, The music c
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    Can't remember mate, but thanks I was there i know that but like many nighters over the years. Well you know
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    Yes Ste we did that once on the 22nd August 2020 - but could do it again as we've had 7 more all request hours since then buddy
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    That's me lurking
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    Hey Guys just logged on and am very pleased were on with this my two suggestions for this evening Say It Again -Sweet Linda Devine and Betty Davis My Soul Is Tired
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    Simon. Not sure if this is possible but what about having the request hours turned into a nighter, there must be plenty of sessions to be able to add them together to get through a night or two. , just thinking outside of the box . As normal . I know how much time and effort you already put in to this project so I would totally understand if you told me to sod off
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    Shaping up nicely for the request hour,any more people! Or is it the producers selections?
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    A couple of downtempo items for me please Simon, if indeed there is room, for them...... Terry Felton-I don't want to wait-Revilot Little Ann-Deep shadows-Kent (deep soul series) Thanks wilxy
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    Canadian please Simon
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    Al Kent on USA or Canadian Pete
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    Big frank - oh no you won't see me cry And al kent - where do I go from here please Simon
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    A brave request indeed Ste LOL
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    Simon. How about a few of your personal favourites mate.
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