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  2. EnricoACM1899

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    Finally picked up on an awesome french picture label. Just great

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    One from me this Beautiful sunny Friday morning. From The Man, The Voice, The Wonderful Jackie Wilson, Alone At Last. Have a Great Weekend One And All. Rick
  4. Spain pete

    northern soul - the current state...?

    Any budding entrepreneurs out there listen up ! Kiddies top 500 afternoon sessions. could be the next big thing?
  5. My children are the age of at least half the posters on here.
  6. We had 'No kids' on our wedding invitations (Ahem - That went down well with some) Although most of the guests fully understood! Len
  7. corbett80

    looking for a value on this Fascinators

    Marvellous record i'd always dance it - but you rarely hear it out!
  8. Today
  9. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    northern soul - the current state...?

    Our kids are banned from coming to events, they have shown a desire to, we're like no chance. Youngest is 25!
  10. Amsterdam Russ

    In Mourning NSOULCHRIS YOuTube gone

    No sign of NSoulchris anywhere now. According to YouTube... This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.
  11. I wont let my kids & their other halves come to a do (they are 25 & 28) as the image they would take away from most dos might scar them for life
  12. Rita & the Tiaras. Classic. no contest in my opinion Steve
  13. Rita love hearing a real one .
  14. When i first Heard the Gloria Jones version i thought it was awesome.However on reflection Rita is the better cut,and as stated the instro is great
  15. Rita by a country mile, powerhouse northern soul and as good as it gets. Betty version I love, more soulful, but it is a totally different record and not the dancer that Rita is.
  16. Well they must have been having the kids young back then as most were just kids themselves, it was a youth scene then. I can’t recall seeing kids until the returnees returned to the scene late 90s early 00s. I remember one regular place I went, Alfreton leisure centre, they banned the kids as they were getting in the way and were annoying. Kids at venues where alcohol, drugs and other is rife should be a no no for any parent. If you are having kids they should come first, not your night out.
  17. Having met Rita Graham at Prestatyn, and been lucky enough to be in the studio when she was interviewed for the campsite radio station where she sang the long version acapella to about 6 of us, there is no way that I'd vote for anyone else.
  18. It's so hard to choose between Rita and Gloria,I think that the short Rita's version is the most powerful, I voted Rita, I also like a lot the instrumental version from Dore strings
  19. Many moon ago, I rang Sylvia Croasdell (rip) to ask if The Cleethorpes Weekender was somewhere I could maybe take my kids........"No".....was her short and 'to the point' reply Good god she was right! Len
  20. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    northern soul - the current state...?

    She says a lot were divorcees having the weekly access so they dragged the kid along to a dayer, apparently a lot of guys did this. A lot of dayers in Workingmens' social clubs where kids were allowed.
  21. And a Weekender is cheaper than a Care Home, so (sos mum) I have it all planned out Len
  22. Steve S 60

    northern soul - the current state...?

    Couldn't afford a babysitter.
  23. Blackpoolsoul

    Record in Retention at Post Office??

    I had same problem with an "outfit" my wife purchased from Australia and we put in a PayPal claim and they found it !!! (when we got it it didn't fit)
  24. This time around we are going with a choice from Mick L aka @Hooker1951 Rita & The Tiaras ‎– Gone With The Wind Is My Love v Gloria Jones - Gone With The Wind Is My Love v Betty Willis - Gone With The Wind (is my love) Here's the clips, as always feel free to post your track related views, reasons, stories, history etc after you've voted your choice Rita & The Tiaras ‎– Gone With The Wind Is My Love Gloria Jones - Gone With The Wind Is My Love Betty Willis - Gone With The Wind (is my love) A bit of background posted on here originally by Steve Lane The Gloria Jones cut "Gone with the wind is my Love" was recorded prior to the Rita version..."Rita used the same tracks as on the Gloria version......the Tiaras did the backup vocals with Gloria.....Hence, The Gloria 8 track recording is the same track that Rita recorded on.....The time frame was the same.....same year, about a month apart.....we had to replace Gloria with Rita within a 4/ 6 week period....we were in the studio with Gloria Jones of "Tainted Love" for almost 3 hours until we got the sound out of her that we wanted, from line to line..........The sound we got out of Gloria was a new sound, a new Gloria Jones.....it did not sound like any of Gloria's other songs such as Tainted Love. The reason why the Gloria recording was never released was " due to disagreements with Gloria's management group." (by Lou Barreto) ok there you go, the latest version battle... as said comments/views/stories/background etc most welcome
  25. bonhsoulie

    In Mourning NSOULCHRIS YOuTube gone

    Some of the videos are still up but I was working my way through them. Is Chris on any other media now?
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