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  2. Coming out as a Kent single at the end of August -
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  4. Yes off course it is I must have missed it....
  5. Far too much for this poor little church mouse.
  6. Well, not new, but 45 friendly edits of these two great cover versions on one 45. Sorry to say they'd all gone in a matter of hours.........eeeeeesssential so keep 'em peeled!! https://www.juno.co.uk/products/shuya-okino-still-in-love/769959-01/ Cheers, Mark R
  7. "Society Hill" is an American metaphor for the place where the rich (high-falutin') people live. That song is more likely to be about Pittsburgh than Philadelphia. It's not about Chicago because that city is perfectly flat. Not even a mole hill there. In Chicago, the singer would be talking about "the billionaires on Lake Shore Drive".
  8. Unsung Heroes of Soul Emandolynn Music a recent stumble upon Philadelphia-based label Emandolynn Music unearths hidden gems in soul, funk, R&B & jazz for over fifty years now. Session singers and musicians usually in the back on stage, now get a prominent spot in their 'Rare Soul' series, and the shine they deserve through previously unreleased records. By DannyVeekens • June 25th, 2020 https://www.tracklib.com/blog/emandolynn-samples-unsung-heroes-soul/
  9. Some members post up really useful and interesting pictures and information about things that are very relevant to the freebasing section of the site and are appreciated by the people that view them by the votes
  10. Ivy Joe Hunter/The Contours...Don't stop loving me/Sometimes I have to cry...Part Box Set...Tamla Motown...M- Gene Chandler...If you can't be true... Constellation...VG..plays fine The Agents...You were meant for me..P and L...VG+ The Spellbinders...For you...Columbia Promo...M- PayPal please/f&f Add£3 postage PM if interested and for PayPal address Cheers Rob
  11. Hi - Re: Oliver Norman doe's it play well any intro hiss/clicks etc as vg+any guide price wanted please many thanks
  12. I’ve got it by Freddie Scott i like b&t version but don’t do lps ta
  13. until

    phil d a great shout he was immense a great night in store m
  14. until

    Rob Messer and Phil Dick it is then folks - sorted
  15. Yes,it's on the UK Action Brenda & Tabs LP, too,but the original by Big Maybelle (Scepter,1964) is on 45,though.
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    I'm ignoring Mick LOL
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    I posted for Rob Messer's first set further up the thread?
  19. until

    Ask Lou - she knows best Steve
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    Can't make my mind up between Rob Messer 1st set or Phil Dicks set. Both amazing
  21. Yep, second one is around my happy limit, cheers shippers,
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    Got to be Lenny's 1st spot for me Simon thought it was class
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