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  2. I don't believe that the same musicians were playing on both. We could look up the session dates. I'm sure they were several months apart. "Do I Love You" sounds a lot better, but maybe that's because "My Sugar Baby" wasn't finished with its mixes. The Connie Clark was a Joker Production, so it may not have been the same L.A. studio, and certainly could have been a completely different set of instrumentalists.
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  4. Betty Bump


    Going to be a good one, plenty of people are coming so get there early to get a good seat.....remember those comfortable dancing shoes
  5. UK p&p = £4.55 1st class. Payment Paypal F&F please. PM for further info. Chuck Strong – Love & happiness – Invasion 12” promo vg++ £80 Bobby Thurston – Sweetest piece of the pie - Hi Hut Georgia vg++ £22 Cover has small abrasions due to sticker removal ‘Just Ask Me’ Four Tops – Four tops – Motown 1981 REISSUE M £12 ‘Don’t turn away’ ‘Tea house in china town’ Was ‘still sealed’ until 5 minutes ago Harvey Averne Dozen – Viva soul – Atlantic stereo vg++ £22 Glossy sleeve has a lower right drill hole ‘Think it over’ Luther – Luther- Cotillion vg++ £15 ‘funky music’ ‘good for the soul’ Luther – This close to you – Cotillion vg ++ £25 ‘don’t wanna be a fool’ ‘jealousy’ ‘lover’s change’ Ronn Matlock – Love city – Cotillion vg+ £20 ‘take me to the top’ ‘you’ve got the best of me’ Coke Escovedo – Comin’ at ya! – Mercury vg++ £20 ‘I Wouldn't Change A Thing’ Labels have J-PAR in bold black marker pen across them J W McGee – Over & over – Scorpion vg++ £45 ‘when we party’ title track Archie Bell & The Drells – Tighten Up – Atlantic stereo vg++ £ ‘a thousand wonders’ title track Johnny Bristol – Feeling the magic – MGM vg++ £7 ‘I Wouldn't Change A Thing’ ‘love takes tears’ title track Ulland McCullough – Ullanda – Atlantic Demo vg++ £10 ‘warm & gentle explosion’ harv think.mp3 coke.mp3 jw mcgee.mp3 ronn matlock.mp3 ullanda mc.mp3 johny bristol.mp3 archie 1000.MP3 chuck strong.mp3
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  7. So it's cat club time again different location but still superb guests with fantastic records, this month it's simon hunt with a collection to die for, so if you haven't been before get yourself down there for a great night of soul music. So we will see you there. Bob & carole
  8. soultree


    Roz and me will catching the train from Shrewsbury ..looking forward to it
  9. By huge co-incidence a friend just sent me this link, just goes to show the kind of thing that is likely to get crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Not obviously mass market either!
  10. So ,good people... Saturday Dj times, 8 till 9 MARK WELLER , playing all original items from his collection , I love to give folk a chance to play , and this lad , a superb dancer too , is no exception , 9 -10 ROB SMITH , Total legend in every way , one of if not the most loved and respected DJ on the scene , tunes to die for . 10 -11 MICK TAYLOR . Huge personality on the scene , one of THE best collections in the country bar non , playing for you on this evening. outstanding 11 till 12 DAZ DAKIN , A man with a true devotion to soul music and the scene , wonderful collection of tunes ready to play , and he will really deliver ! 12 till 1 .. Me ha ha :) I will send you off with no legs :) So with djs here who have played at almost every major event in the country , from the top all nighters , soul weekenders and soul nights ... just the place to be for sure .. no doubt ! BLACKHEART SOUL , NOTTINGHAM .SATURDAY 23RD NOVEMBER
  11. that's right, they use them for their 'jingles' don't they
  12. BRAND NEW SALES LIST – SOME NEW ADDITIONS & SOME DISCOUNTED GRAB A BARGAIN STD delivery £3/Special Delivery £8 all records VG+++/M- unless stated - any issues contact me 60’s Steve Mancha – You’re Still In My Heart – Groovesville – Incredible record for the price – WAS £25 – NOW £15 The Magnificents – I Can Fly – Kent 38thAnniversary – sublime unissued 70’s now starting to get real recognition, with Lorraine Chandler – Ease My Mind on the flip– sublime unissued 60’s – WAS £50 – NOW £40 Stevie Wonder – I’d Be fool Right Now – Portugese Tamla – cracking Motown dancer in lovely picture sleeve – was £20 – now £10 – FFS a TENNER!!!!!! – the bloody sleeve is worth that !!!!! Johnny Dixon – Where Are You – Boss w/d – gorgeous W/D of this Detroit masterpiece – was £100 – NOW £80 70’s/80’s, recent releases etc. The Emotions – I Love You But Ill Leave You – Twin Stacks WHITE DEMO (water damage on both sides – vinyl is VG+) – simply wonderful X-Over that had some play a few years ago – just never see it for sale now – really unsure on price as its went up and down over the years but ill say £250 – happy to listen to offers if it doesn’t sell – I heard BUTCH was starting to spin this again, if so, it will rise due to the ‘BUTCH EFFECT’ The Notations – That Girl / This Time I’m For Real – CASH – brilliant previously unissued 70’s from the NUMERO Group - £15 Truth Incorporated – If I Had A Love/Waiting For Your Love – Hit & Run – Brilliant unissued 70’s from 1973 - £10 Impulse – You Changed Me – KANDI Records – brilliant modern that was unissued up until last year – all now sold out £25 - UNPLAYED Cold Smoke featuring Charley Perkins – Don’t Fall In Love – DWP – rare 80’s private label dancer - £80 Al Williams – Try Them – Grapevine - One of the best unissued tracks in the past few years – just so bloody good – this WILL be in demand very very soon – WAS £50 – NOW £40 Seville – Show Me The Way/One Down & You To Go – Federal Green Records – the rare 80’s dancer, backed by a brilliant ballad - legal repress and a limited run of 500 - long sold out now - £30 UNPLAYED Marc LaRoi Cummings ‎– Lots Of Love / Struggling Together – cracking double sider from Detroit – not well known at all - written & produced by Ronnie McNeir – WAS £35 – NOW £30 BARGAIN Jackson Bros – Thank You – Cannonball – funky gospel - £10 El Count Executives – I Want To Thank You – RADAR – brilliant recent release – WAS £15 – NOW £10 cheapest copy around & UNPLAYED Razz Ma Tazz – On The Disco Floor – RADAR – brilliant recent release – ignore the title, this is an ace dancer – cheapest copy around & UNPLAYED £10 Herby Brown - One More Broken Heart - this one is Herbie Brown - legal reissue of a pretty rare record - WAS - £13 LAST COPY £10- cheapest copy around & UNPLAYED Oliver Cheatham – Don’t Pop The Question – Soul junction - this one is an unreleased gem via the late John Anderson in 2012 - £25 – cheapest copy around Natural Impulse - We're Gonna Make It Through - Soul Junction – another gem from this label from 2010 - £20 – cheapest copy around Buddy Hank & The Shine Band – Try Your Love – Time Capsule - brilliant recent release – WAS £10 - NOW £8 cheapest copy around & UNPLAYED Sammy Relford – Breaking Ice On Love – Izipho Soul – cracking release from a couple of years back – WAS £13 – NOW £8 cheapest copy around & UNPLAYED Natural Impulse – She Went Away – Soul Junction – legal reissue of the rare original – WAS £10 – NOW £8 -cheapest copy around & UNPLAYED Frank Wilson – Do I Love You – unplayed copy of the record store day release - £15
  13. I agree. I used to get told you can tell they are from the same musicians because of the similarities, but It does not jump straight out as that. Ed
  14. mtay9778

    Can You Dig It

    Wow, where did that 2 years go?! Thoroughly looking forward to our anniversary night and chuffed to have 2 superb guest DJs joining us for the evening in Pat Bleasdale and Steve Plumb! Promises to be a great night of crossover and modern soul! See you there folks
  15. soultronic

    Can You Dig It

    All The Boys Stoked For Our 2nd Anniversary , top mixed Bag Of Modern Soul , Assured
  16. until

    Dancefloor for Northern dancers??
  17. I still use them, play them all the time in the house, and via minidisc Walkman in the car. A great format, really versatile. I think the players are still in production in the states by a company called Tascam, lots of radio stations still use the format.
  18. Looking forward to this one. Already got Kip tapping me up to play some of his favourite tunes. Better get sorting some 'dancers' out!! See you Friday, Cathy C
  19. 10 midweek bargains all just £40 each. Scans are actual records for sale. Have a listen. PM if interested. Postage £2.70 1st class signed for. ATB BEVERLY & DUANE - WE GOT TO STICK TOGETHER / GLAD I GOTCHA BABY - FEE RECS - VG+ (Great 70's Detroit double sider) CARL BELL - HONEST I DO - CORAL DEMO- EX CHRIS JONES - DESTINATION UNKNOWN - GOODIE TRAIN - EX (Great crossover) DIANE MINOR - IM GONNA WALK - ISLE CITY W/D - EX (Female version of Mickey Laney) EARL DUFF - THIS LITTLE GIRL OF MINE - CEE DEE - EX (Great crossover) EDDIE HOLLOWAY - SLIPPING ON MY LOVE - ROARING 20's W/D - VG++ (Awesome needs playing) FOUR BARS - WAITIN ON THE RIGHT GUY - FALEW EX (Bargain of the bunch) GIL MONTE - YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE - SCENIC - EX (Popcorn ) JOE JOHNSON - CAN I CHANGE MY MIND - SYLA - EX (Great version) TOMMY RIDGLEY - IN THE SAME OLD WAY - RONN DEMO - VG++ (Rare and ready to be played)
  20. The basic beats of "My Sugar Baby" and "Do I Love You" are remotely similar (one of 3 or 4 Frank Wilson's "fast song styles", to which he has returned many times. But "Do I Love You" has different instruments featured at different times, with different melodies, and it also has a LOT more changes and breaks, while "My Sugar Baby" rarely deviates from its basic beat (bass line). So, I would say that these two songs are far from being identical.
  22. Postage at cost. Happy to stack and combine postage. This list is posted over other sales groups, but I will update it as quick as I can YouTube clips will be added if available and are for reference only, and not from the 45s on offer. Motherlode - What Does It Take - Buddah Condition – NM New Concepts - Give Me Another Chance - Phillips wdj Condition – NM Tommy & Eddie I Don’t Want Nobod Condition - VG++ Gloria Johnson - Give You Plenty Of Lovin' - Josie wdj Condition - VG+ (Has a slight warp NAP)
  23. These two were always paired, but not that similar I guess. Ed
  24. The Last 7 days Ebay Results Soul Source Newsletter Latest Ebay Results Highlights The latest sales information direct from ebay. Highlights of the last 7 days ebay auctions. 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Aces Ska 7 $191.50 ended 15 Nov Subscribe to our newsletter now for the latest eBay results highlights sent directly to your email inbox. 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  25. True image. What price £5218 or £2318. As good as it is either way that's astonishing.
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