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  2. Soulhock

    Looking for a title

    Just played it and it sounds like aching man.. must be the one . Thanks davenpete.
  3. nitram

    FLUFFY FALANA (alpha)

  4. Soulhock

    Looking for a title

    I did scroll though and will do if no luck on here..
  5. DaveNPete

    Looking for a title

    You're not talking about 'My Aching Back' by Lowell Fulsom are you? Dx
  6. Martin S

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Thanks Carty, I agree with you about a Technics without a Technics headshell, just doesn't look right to me either. I don't like the appearance of the Concordes and on the few occasions I've been confronted with them and had to handle them I wasn't comfortable. I have decided to buy a pair of the Stanton 500 stylus copies as the cost is so minimal. It's close to the 30th anniversary of buying my first pair of Technics and they were secondhand at the time. Not a single problem with them since.
  7. Garry Place


    BLACKBURN OLDIES ALLDAYER St Francis Church Hall St Francis road Blackburn BB2 2TZ 2.00pm till 8.00pm. £5.00 otd Brilliant Large Dance floor ( no talc needed) Pleanty of parking Now in our 3rd year with 6 Events this year This is a Dancers Venue, there is no bar but you may bring your own drinks & nibbles FREE tea/coffee & Jugs water/juice Resident DJs Shaun Callon Rod Clegg Stuart Mellor Garry Place This month we have a fantastic Guest DJ Sam McConnell
  8. micksmix


    A pleasant distraction from "First three records to start a set" A 9 hour Soul Extravaganza all in one room,bringing the best of both rooms together for your dancing feet!!
  9. carty

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Re Ortofon Concorde cartriges , I Have one of these and have no issue with the playback , however , and this is mainly from a personal taste point of view , I think a 1210 deck looks better with an original Technics headshell . There is that Hybrid Ortofon cart which fits the Technics headshell , this i suppose is an alternative , but again for me , comes across as neither one thing or the other . Technics Headshell and Shure Cartridge and stylus .. very satisfying .
  10. ok was a bit of a sunday morning nightmare all should be resolved now apologies for any mess around mike
  11. WoodButcher

    Looking for a title

    A link to the mix and the track time would be somewhat helpful ...
  12. Soulhock

    Looking for a title

    Hi soulies, heard a song on mixcloud, now they don't show artist's and titles. The main words used was Aching man. Thanks for your help. Ian
  13. Today
  14. Amsterdam Russ

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    In contrast to the warmth of the sunset, this was this morning’s view. It’s a bit after 3 o’clock now and it still looks the same out there.
  15. simon t

    first three records to start a set

    But it has DJ copy on it and its white so must be real?
  16. Cally49

    A Few For Today

    Ozone - Glasses - Motown Promo Ozone - Glasses - Motown Promo vg++ At Least £25.00 Uk Postage £5.00 Features The Brilliant Track Our Hearts Will Always Shine. Ben Westbeech - There's More To Life Than This VG++ Strictly Rhythm £30.00 Uk Postage £5.00 Includes The Brilliant Track. Something for the Weekend The Originals - Down To Love Town - Soul Promo - VG++ £8.00 uK postage £3.00 Linda Clifford - Runaway Love wb Pic Sleeve VG++ £10 Buddy Miles We Got Love - Columbia Promo vg++ £10 Uk Postage £3.00 The Futures - Aint No Time Fa Nothing Phil Int VG++£10.00 uK postage £3.00 e-mail mE aT Cally49@googlemail.com
  17. algsoul


    enjoyed playing a few tunes last night
  18. mark b

    Selling Again

    sold mine 18 months ago for family reasons those who know me know why, sold them all in a job lot to Les at king bee in chrolton(whom i have know for a long time) he was very fair. yes i probably could have got more if sold private but would have taken a long time. i did sell a lot of the very rare in demand type stuff before. but as i tended to buy obscure and underplayed or stuff i had never heard before it would have been a tough sell to a mainstream dealer. Les is good because he also collects and i know quite a few have ended up in his collection.
  19. Spain pete

    Happy Birthday Sooty

    Where ever you may be in the big wide world sooty whatever righteous cause you may be fighting have a good one amigo , atb pete
  20. TattooDave

    All Our Yesterdays * Cutting Edge Comedy Heroes

    I was in Japan, so no, never seen it, I do enjoy people hurting themselves though, schadenfreude is a wonderful thing.
  21. TattooDave

    Happy Birthday Sooty

    Happy birthday you old rogue, from another, of course. Dave
  22. Jimmy Disco D

    first three records to start a set

    Each to their own, that’s a good one too though... to be fair the OP didn’t specify a northern soul night so you probably wouldn’t have been there in the first place!
  23. Winsford Soul

    All Our Yesterdays * Cutting Edge Comedy Heroes

    I believe that two lost episodes of the Morecambe and Wise show how been found somewhere in Africa and are going to be shown at Christmas. Looking forward to seeing them. Steve
  25. Winsford Soul

    Happy Birthday Sooty

    The best of wishes sir. Steve
  26. WoodButcher

    first three records to start a set

    Mello Souls is a carver with a very poorly copied label slapped on it ...
  27. andybellwood

    ‘Dotties Soul Sessions #3’

    Just announced - special guest , the wonderful Bri Pinches !
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