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  2. Hop Scotch Jump

    Little Ritchie iconic northern

    TRUESOUL , SUNDAY MORNING BROWSE AND BUY. Some of my personal sakes 1 little Ritchie, just another heartache, sound stage 7, £1000 Baragain of the year this iconic tune commands £1500 here it is mint totally mint for a fantastic price 2 Wayne Carter, Peter I’m and out, moonray records m- £500 3 topics, HEY GIRL, Chadwick, m- £900 Lenny Williams, i couldn’t find nobody, Fantasy vg+ £350 hot record at moment and rightly so outstanding in every way and tough to find things like this don’t turn up anymore. Sherri Taylor, He’s the one, Gloreco, ex £250, top class Detroit female dancer and cheap at that price going for a hell of a lot more Embers, This time, jcp vg+ £225 Needs no introduction classic Van dykes, save my love for a rainy day, vg+ £325 northern soul royalty what a tune Carl Carlson, she’s not to blame, Bold, m- £250 very obscure this never surfaced and no YouTube clip total killer and this is a spare I would personally never sell my copy in the play box what a tune start to Finnish his voice is outstanding killer tune that not many have that’s for sure September jones, I’m coming home kapp wd vg+ £395 Billy Thompson, black eyed girl Columbus first label before wand tough one and total dance floor winner needs played out and re activated instead of the same piss over and over again vg++ £300 bargain in my eyes The specials, I can’t find another, satch, ex £450 Top top tune that should be in most rare soul djs box quilty Finally This top iconic tune in total I played mint condition in original sleeve still Earl grant, Hide nor Hair Decca issue £160 seen a vg+ go for £140 a few days ago why o why Search the right places and the above records are lying there to be found www.truesoul.co.uk Over 20 vendors now selling a great variety of fantastic soul records if you have anything for sale why not join them or if you want to sell everything get in touch colin@truesoul.co.uk free to browse and buy and free to use the valuation pages on the site
  3. He did indeed live in Manchester for a while. His dad actually used to do business with my uncle on occasion. Columbia re-released TBD as being by Levi Jackson purely as a result of interest from the scene, or so the story goes. Made it sound as though it was a black american artist. Pretty sure that the tune was being played as early as 71, but to me, it really does remind me of that mid 72 to mid 73 "golden" period.
  4. Drew3

    60's Dances

    In July 2006 I asked a question regarding the Humphrey Stomp and one member posted this in reply regarding 60s dances!!!!! How do you do the:  The Aba Daba Do Dance --The Afro Twist --The Alabama Shake --The Alley Cat --The Alley Oop --The Alligator --The Ants --The Arthur --The Baby Baby --The Baby Walk --The Baby Workout --The Bad Baboon --The Banana Split --The Bang --The Barefootin' --The Barracuda --The Batman --The Bat-Tusi --The Beatle Boogie --The Beatle Bounce --The Beatle Stomp --The Beetle Squash --The Beguine --The Behemoth --The Bend It! --The Big City Stomp --The Big Egg --The Billy-Jo --The Bird --The Black Stomp --The Blakes Beat --The Blue Beat --The Blue Chip --The Bolaro --The Bombie --The Boney Maroney --The Bongo Hop --The Boo-Ga-Loo --The Boogler --The Boomerang --The Booty Green --The Bop --The Boss Walk --The Bossa Nova --The Boston Hop --The Boston Monkey --The Bounce --The Brain --The Breakdown --The Bristol Stomp --The Broken Hip --The Bug --The Bull Nose Stomp --The Bumpsi --The Bunny Hop --The Burn --The Bushman --The Bus Stop --The Calypso Dance --The Camel Walk --The Capri --The Carnaby --The Cat Walk --The Caterpillar --The Cha Jerk --The Charge --The Charleston Fish --The Cheater Stomp --The Chicken-Back --The Chicken Dance --The Chin-A-Ling --The Choo Choo --The Cinnamon Cinder --The Clam --The Click --The Climb --The Clyde --The Coffee Grind --The Congo --The Continental Mash --The Continental Walk --The Cool Jerk --The Cool Off --The Cool Shake --The Cow --The Crawl --The Crazy Chicken --The Crossfire ---The Crumble --The Crusher --The Dartell Stomp --The Del Viking --The Dip --The Dipsey Dooble --The Dirt --The Dirty Boogie --The Dirty Dog --The Dish Rag --The Doctors Boogie----The Dog --The Dogin --The Donkey Step --The Donkey Walk --The Doolang --The Drag --The Drum Stomp --The Drunkard --The Duck --The Duck Walk --The Ebb'n'Flow --The Egyptian --The Egyptian Shumba --The Eighty One --The Elephant Walk --The Fatman --The Fine Twine --The Finger Poppin' --The Fish --The Flake --The Flea --The Flick --The Flip --The Flip Flop --The Float --The Fly --The Foot Stomping --The Footsee --The Fox --The Freddie --The Fridge --The Frug --The Funky Broadway --The Funky Bull --The Funky Horse --The Funky Jerk --The Funky Mississippi --The Funky Walk --The Gallop --The Gene Chandler --The Georgia Slop --The Get Down --The Get-E-Up --The Glide --The Goat --The Go Go --The Goblin Trot --The Good Time Stomp --The Goodfoot --The Goose --The Gorilla --The Granny --The Grind --The Guitar Boogie Stomp --The Gully --The Handjive Workout --The Hanky Panky --The Harlem Shuffle --The Harlem Tango --The Heat Wave --The Hippies Waltz --The Hippy Hippy Shake --The Hitch Hike ---The Hitch-It-To-Horse --The Hitler --The Hokey Pokey --The Honey Dipper --The Hoochi Coochi Coo --The Hook And Sling --The Hop --The Hop Scotch --The Horse --The Hucklebuck --The Huddle --The Hula --The Hully Gully --The Hully Gully Bongo --The Hully Gully Rock --The Humphrey Stomp --The Hunch --The Jerk --The Jersey Bounce --The Jitterbug --The Jive --The Jivin' Around --The Joogie Boogie --The Jordan Stomp --The Jump --The Jump And Hump --The Junkernoo --The Kangaroo --The Karate Monkey --The Krunch --The Limbo -The Limbo Rock --The Locomotion --The Loddy-Lo --The Lone Star Stomp --The Loop De Loop The Lowdown Popcorn --The Luau --The Lurch --The Madison --The Magoo --The Malibu --The Mambo --The Mambo Boogie --The Manhattan Stomp --The March Of The Mods --The Martian Hop --The Marvel --The Mash --The Mashi --The Mashed Potato --The Mashed Taters --The Massacre Stomp --The Matador --The Mexican Hat Dance --The Millie --The Mint --The Mojo Workout --The Molecule A-Go-Go --The Monkey --The Monkey Bird --The Monkey Shine --The Monkey Stroll --The Monkey Walk --The Monster Mash --The Mope --The Moppety Stomp --The Mother Popcorn --The Mountain Stomp --The Mouse --The Mozart Stomp --The Mule --The Munch --The Napoleon --The Nick Nack Hully Gully --The Night Stomp --The Nitty Gritty --The Olympic Shuffle --The Ostrich --The Pata Pata --The Pearl --The Penguin --The Philly --The Philly Dog -The Philly Horse --The Philly Jerk --The Philly Walk --The Pogo --The Polka --The Polly Wolly --The Pony --The Pony Horse --The Pony Rock -The Pony Walk --The Popcorn Poppin' --The Popeye --The Popeye Stroll --The Popeye Waddle --The Prance --The Pretzel --The Push --The Push And Pull --The Pyramids Stomp --The Rebel Walk --The Reel --The Rendezvous Stomp --The Rhumba Boogie --The Rib --The Rifle --The Roach --The Robbie --The Rock --The Rock And Roll --The Rocksteady --The Roman --The Romp --The Rosy --The Royal Whirl --The Rush Hour Stomp --The Scotch --The Scrape --The Scratch --The Scratchin' --The Screw --The Scrubs --The Scrumble --The Seaside --The Shake A Tail Feather --The Shake And Stomp --The Shake Rattle Snake --The Shampoo --The Shimmy --The Shing-A-Ling --The Shoddy Shoddy --The Shotgun --The Shotgun Boogie --The Shotish --The Shout --The Shovel --The Sightseein' --The Simon Says --The Sissy Strut --The Ska --The Skip --The Slauson --The Slide --The Slime --The Slip And Slide --The Slop --The Slop And Slide --The Slosh --The Slow Dance --The Slow Jerk --The Slow Locomotion --The Slurp --The Snacky Poo --The Snake --The Snake Walk --The Soul Clap --The Soul Stomp --The Soul Twine --The Soulful Jerk --The Spanish Strut --The Spanns Stomp --The Spider Walk --The Spin --The Split --The Stereo Freeze ---The Stomp --The Stop --The Stop Touch --The Strand --The Stretch --The Stroke --The Stroll --The Strut --The Struttin' --The Stupidity --The Surf --The Surfer Boogie --The Surfer Stomp --The Surfin' Bird --The Surfink --The Suzie --The Sway --The Swim --The Switch --The Switch-A-Roo ---The Switchy Walk --The Tango --The Tantrum --The Teenagers Waltz --The Temptation Walk --The Thaxton --The Thing --The Tiger Walk --The Tighten Up --The Tip Toe --The Train Stomp --The Trot --The Turkey Trot --The Twine --The Twist --The Twist And Freeze --The Twitch --The Two-Step --The Ubangi Stomp --The Uncle Willie --The Underdog Backstreet --The Underwater --The Unwind Twine --The Wah-Watusi ---The Wak-A-Cha --The Walk ---The Wallop --The Wash ---The Weasel --The Wedge --The Werewolf Watusi ---The Whammy --The Wheel --The Whip --The Whiplash --The Whirl --The Whoopee --The Wiggle Wobble --The Wild Stomp --The Wild Weekend --The Wobble --The Worm --The Yo-Yo --The Yuletide Jerk --The Zig Zag--The Zizzle--The Zonk ? Someone else wants to know too Edited July 15, 2006 by Sister Dawn
  5. Odyssey - Odyssey (Promo) MOWEST UK MWS 7002 - IE 062 93683 VG++ (At Least) £100 Features - Battened Ships & Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love UK Postage £5.00 Maxine Weldon - Alone On My Own Monument Promo VG++ Features - I Want Sunday Back Again £15.00 Uk Postage £5.00 Hiroshima - Hiroshima Arista VG++ £15.00 Feature's NEVER EVER Uk Postage £5.00 The Renee Geyer Band - Really Really Love You RCA AUSTRALIA Vg++ £15.00 Features - It Only Happens When I Look At You Really Really Love You uK Postage £5.00
  6. phantomjanitor


    Todays the day. All set up and ready to go. We should have the doors open by around 1.45 if not a touch before, we’re expecting a big crowd today, if you want a guarrenteed seat please arrive early.
  7. Winsford Soul

    Solmon King Visit to Barrow-in-Furness? 1968

    Apparently he's a Jew and lives or did live in Prestwich. Manchester .Not sure if he's still alive. Great story and one of my favourite records. Had it on a Australian Columbia demo. Steve
  8. David Cartlidge

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Spun this today think I'll put it back in the playbox. The young disciples and co .bang bang bang 1969 gateway records.
  9. Yep, thats definitely "the" Solomon King, aka Levi Jackson. (Not, as the link below suggests, Solomon Burke). "This Beautiful Day" was probably one of the most massive tunes of 72-73. Still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end when I remember the effect it had on the dance floor. Happy days indeed.
  10. Sean Hampsey

    Sir Ted Ford news article

    Yes indeed.
  11. josep manuel concernau robles

    5 Favourite Books

    I read "El laberinto de las aceitunas" the same year that was published and having read many other Mendoza's books, IMHO, this is the most funny of all (more than the most famous "Sin noticias de Gurb"). Since the first 80's I purchased practically all the books by Cioran. After he died, his "rumanian period" was also published here in Spain by Tusquets editors. I have around 25 titles (some of wich I have let to some friends years ago, as one of my favorites "Historia y utopía"). Despite the fact "Précis de décomposition" is my absolute favorite ant his first book in french language, when he established in France, I likes a lot some other with, predominantly, aphorisms as "Silogismos de la amargura" or "Le chut dans le temps". Tons of irony and sarcasm! The one by Penrose is a collection of diverse scientific arguments against the theory of the "SAI" ("Strong Artificial Intelligence") and he explains how the human tought as the matemathical "aja" and "eureka" solutions can't be emulate by the computers.
  12. Gaz

    SevernSide Soul Shrewsbury

    Latest offering of the Bagley Northern Soul Nights The Bagley Club Greenfields Gardens Shrewsbury SY1 2RP Cross the board Northern Soul Friday 15th March 2019 Dj's Mark Jones Gary Powell Rob Brown Steve Church With Special Guest Chic 20:00 - 1:00 Bar till 12:30 £5 Otd
  13. Steve R

    Audenshaw Soul Club Manchester

  14. Steve R

    Audenshaw Soul Club Manchester

    4th Anniversary coming soon, we have Phil Blinkhorn and Trish Dignan. Plus 100 cd's to give away dont be late........
  15. Steve R

    Audenshaw Soul Club Manchester

    Good night at the S.O.S sale, lots of great music, dancing and chatting what more do you need thanks ken and Ian
  16. Yes. I would imagine there would be a video on you tube of him singing She Wears My Ring on top of the pops which was a massive hit in about 1967. Although when you listen to both records the vocals are very different. Also his real surname was levy which might be a clue as to when they released This Beautiful Day a second time it was credited to Levi Jackson?
  17. Mark R

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    No mate
  18. Today
  19. wanted in VGC+ or better ovo at a good price anyone letting one go
  20. MotownSoulMan

    Sir Ted Ford news article

    Is the Sir Ted Ford mentioned in this article on here, the same Ted Ford that did "You're Gonna Need Me" on Sound Stage 7 records?
  21. brookesy

    Sink Soul Club Liverpool

    Just a few hours to go now till we set off into the Big City for the Sink Soul Club--3pm till 9pm, see you there!
  22. andybellwood

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    On 45 ?
  23. Postage - UK: £2.75 signed for or £7.50 special delivery Overseas: £5.00 standard airmail or £9.00 tracked Additional insurance available Otis Leavill - Baby (Why Can't You Hear Me / Can't Stop Loving You - Brunswick (NM) £100 Committee - Give In To The Power Of Love - NMI (EX+) £65 Darrell Banks - I'm The One Who Loves You - Volt (NM label a bit off centre) £175 Prince Phillip - Keep On Talking - Smash Demo (NM) £50 Frankie Beverley & The Butlers - If That's What You Wanted - Sassy (EX+) £450 Nick Ashford - When I Feel The Need - Verve (NM) £60 Black & Ward - Back Up (Against Your Persuasion) - RCA (NM rarer Canadian press crossover 45) £125 Malibus - Gee Baby (I Love You) - Sure Shot Demo (EX+) £150 Johnny Jones & The King Casuals - Purple Haze - Brunswick (NM) £60 Brother's Guiding Light - Getting Together - Mercury (EX+) £150 Light Drivers - Operator / Dreams Of A Shoeshine Boy - Gemini Demo (NM) £75 Terrible Tom - We Were Made For Each Other - Maverick Demo (NM) £250 Anthony & The Imperials - It's Not The Same - Veep (NM) £90 Denise LaSalle - Here I Am Again - Westbound Demo (NM promo copy pressed in vinyl, not styrene) £60 Na Allen - Thanks For Nothing - Atco (EX+) £150 Buster Jones - Baby Boy - Sure Shot Demo (EX+) £75 Sir George - I Lost You Girl - G&G (NM) £100 Bobby Foster - If You Really Need A Friend - Sound Plus (EX label off centre) £50 Jeff Smith & Universe - The Hidden Secret - Incentive (NM) £100 Dorothy Morrison - I Can't Go Without You - Brown Door (EX+) £125 Don Ray Sampson - Baby Come Back - E Records (NM) £75 Lee Maye - Have Love Will Travel - Jetstream Demo (EX+ same as Richard Berry) £100 Elements - Just To Be With You - Saru (EX+ same as Bobby Dukes) £90 Michael Valvano - For The First Time In My Life - Jodi-Pat (NM rare issue copy) £100 Lenny Welch - A Hundred Pounds Of Pain - Mainstream Demo (NM promo copy pressed in vinyl, not styrene) £40 Backyard Construction - I Want Your Lovin' - BYC Productions (EX+) £160
  24. WoodButcher

    Unknown instrumental

    One of life's great modern mysteries that ...
  25. shinehead

    Unknown instrumental

    Great thing Google , I just wonder why people do not use it more often !
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