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  2. tsu tomatoes

    Some Soul on Sunday

    Postage is extra. Sound clips are for reference only. Don't forget to look at my previous sales. Thanks Gary Toms Empire – Love me right - £20 Ex US copy Modern Soul dancer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfbjreKt-QA Free Spirit – Love just as long as you can - £8 Ex Lovely Philly mid tempo swayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJfFjYwc7kI Candy & sweets - i want to give you my everything / Hey don’t hurt yourself - £80 Ex Lovely Mid tempo dancer also done by Carl Douglas B side - Downtempo finger snapper that has a nice 60’s feel (Not on Youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPES0WVVSDI RARE ISSUE COPY Private Charles Bowen – Christmas in Vietnam - £12 Ex Viet Soul hurting wrist slasher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIYk5CkYlMk Raymond Smith – Seven day lover - £20 Ex Demo Storming version of the James Fountain Peachtree rarity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbhTv8hXVMk Jody Parsley – This me / I don’t know - £8 Ex 2013 release with nice contemporary feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oufmFYeJuEw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A0RqUVad-Q Johnny Dean – Sitting around my table - £20 Ex Rarer Issue Nice Southern Stepper with tones of Bobby Womack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXeDS-dS0R8 Right Combination – How can your heart be free - £12 Ex Nice mid tempo shuffler Judy Mowatt – Cry to me / Too good for me - £12 Ex Deep Soul version of Solomon Burke’s classic B side – Nice stepper with tones of Betty Wright https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHxI6_maA58 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v24NUNKiP6Y
  3. Aaronsoul

    Macabre Soul

    Soul people come join me for macabre Soul nighter where you will hear forgotten northern soul gems & underplayed marvels, it’s going to be loud uptempo & dark so get ready for a great night 7:30pm - 1:30am
  4. being re-listed due to a deadbeat buyer" Clean and glossy VG/VG+ but has a crack all the way through it"Video is from actual disc.$35.00 USD+Ship
  5. seano

    Biggest Northern Soul record of 2018

    Loved the Darrow Fletcher and as it was possible to finally get it on 7" that worked for me. Ernest Ernie and the Sincerities 'Do something' is spot on too (very strong echo of Marvin Gaye's 'What's going on') - as with algsoul's query, is it out on vinyl? Worth mentioning the Masqueraders single that's just come out 'Prophet of Love' / 'You're the one' - anything new with Bobby Womack has got to get a rating. Also Sean Hampsey's issue on Diggin' Deep of Tony Borders 'Promise to myself / Bill Brandon 'Rainbow road.'
  6. soultimeshelly

    mark freemans 100% Wigan Oldies Night

    I cannot see any better way to start the new year than another trip to Station Road courtesy of the CO-OP. Really looking forward to this, its going to be a belter. Good on ya Mark.
  7. Today
  8. Was for everyone at one time, but not the majority nowadays - A large percentage of people now want familiar sounds, then some of those people are comfortable with unfamiliar sounds if played 'in there somewhere'. DJing nowadays can be a ble*ding mine-field All the best, Len
  9. Paul Thompson


  10. Kev John

    Sebastian - info please

    A 3rd copy just sold on Carolinasoul for $585 vg+
  11. Windlesoul

    The Neptunes, Hal Hardy and P.W. Cannon Story

    Got a couple of both of the PW Cannon 45s if anyone fancies one
  12. bbrich

    first three records to start a set

    I agree with Len & know a dj who usually(always?) finishes with marvin gaye come get to this - Great!
  13. MsSoulie

    Biggest Northern Soul record of 2018

    The allergies. Loves supposed to be. A great take off, of The Exciters. Great to dance to. Regards Hugh
  14. First sentence - I agree (Although your sentence is a question) I know some think DJ to DJ should be a seamless transformation, but I prefer the complete opposite. New DJ = New Chapter! Second sentence - It depends where you're DJing. But often during the 80s / 90s DJs would 'underline' their set with a slowie. Colin Law finished his set at Life-line with 'The Four Tops - Ask The Lonely' which worked fine, and was appreciated. This practice is alien to some, so if not seen before can be a bit of a shock. All the best, Len
  15. Ted Massey

    first three records to start a set

    The first 3 I played at the Soul Shack All-nighter last night 1.20am Oscar Perry I’m on my way Paradise Hopkins Bros Shake Sheri Magenetik Eddie Daniels Is he better than me Boots
  16. Stephen Houghton


    What is the nearest hotel
  17. monny1916

    first three records to start a set

    Forget about first three in ,,,,,first three out you ,,,,you sound like a Hokey Cokey bunch ,whenever you walk in any venue nite or niter the unknown is the thing that pulls the hairs on the back of our necks
  18. djr

    Living Room DJ

    A local thrift (charity) shop had a few 45s for sale on Friday, and i had a listening sessions with some of the ones i purchased: Lee Garrett - I'm So Glad Flirtations - Change My Darkness Into Light Ronnie Walker - Ain't It Funny Miracles - Whole Lot Of Shaking In My Heart Flirtations - Christmas Time Is Here Again
  19. sav dev

    hasland wmc northern soul chesterfield

    NORTHERN SOUL night 8pm till 12pm FREE ENTRY resident djs Dave Manlove Sav de Vergori and Andy Cole
  20. LEN

    All Our Yesterdays * Cutting Edge Comedy Heroes

    Oh you should! 'Leave ya brain at the door', yule have a hoot! Don't forget to then watch the sequel 'Dumb and Dumber To' (Not 'Dumber and Dumberer') Enjoy! N.B - Prob best with a couple o' beers Len 'Dumb and Dumber To'
  21. Saxafone

    Richard Morris - Account Now Closed

    Still no communication. The hunt continues.
  22. monny1916

    first three records to start a set

    Totally agree with Pete ,,,
  23. DIGGIN DAVE 45s LIST - DECEMBER 2018 Full list with sound and photos: https://mailchi.mp/bdce57a18142/1nc6s8682q-2208121 Barry Douglas – Some of these days / There but for the grace of God go I – Drama 116652 Rare as hen’s teeth moody popcorn 45. Never seen this for sale before. Visual grade: Strong VG €400 The Chances – A better day is coming / People wake up before it’s too late – Finch 106232 Beautiful mid-paced Ohio group soul, backed up with an unusual but awesome moody dancer. Surface is basically mint but label has water damage on both sides. Visual grade: EX, slight warp €225 The Trey J’s – I found it all in you / We got a thing (going on) – Tee Gem 4044 HOLD What side to pick? Brilliant crossover sound backed with an equally outstanding sweet soul flip. This copy has heat warping, causing it to skip on my SL-1200’s but it does play through on my Numark portable. Visual grade: G €200 Inspirational Souls – I’ll make it allright / You must believe in God – Inspirational Souls 2121 Acetate of this super obscure gospel gem and an old fave spin of mine. Visual grade: Strong VG €200 Carl Carlton – I can feel it / You’ve got so much – Back Beat 617 Probably needs no introduction. All-time northern dance floor packer. Super clean copy. Visual grade: EX, slight warp NAP €200 Billy and The Moonlighters – Little Indian girl / You made me cry – Crystal Ball 45-101 Ultra clean, guaranteed original copy. Essential R&B spin. Visual grade: M- €175 Spice – For old times sakes / The jam – Carrie 1001 HOLD Found some copies of this beauty last year but as I’m running out of stock it’s time to let this one go. Has a pretty severe looking storage warp that plays through at normal tonearm weight of 2g on my turntable. Might be audible during first rotations but not distracting and still a very enjoyable listen. Visual grade: VG, warp €175 Patti Drew – It’s all over now / Mirror, mirror – Quill 107 Monster version of the Valentinos 45 from a couple years earlier. Has been sitting under the radar for much too long but seems like the cat’s finally out of the bag. Visual grade: VG+ to EX €175 Tee Fletcher – Happy loving you / Pardon me while I cry – Shurfine 019 Current in-demand northern. One of the cleaner copies around, coming from the private collection. Visual grade: EX €170 Z.Z. Hill – One way love affair / Come on home – MH 202 New breed R&B dancer in immaculate shape. Very hard to find in this condition. Visual grade: M- €130 Denise LaSalle – A love reputation / One little thing – Chess 2005 DJ Copy Super clean copy of this all-time Chicago northern fave. Visual grade: EX €120 The Defaulters – Gentle man / Disco Dennis – P.D.J.S. 7926 Ultra deep ballad and a desert island disc for me. Just sheer perfection. The flipside features the ex-mayor of Cleveland on vocals. Visual grade: EX, storage warp NAP €120 Bill Bailey – Can we afford / Peace making time – Bollman International 5007 HOLD Heavyweight Texas rarity with a message that pretty accurately conveys our present-day feelings. I was blown away when I first dropped the needle on this. Looks clean for the most part but had to grade down due to a couple feeler marks, mainly audible during first rotations. Visual grade: VG, slight warp NAP €120 Morton and The Uptights – Montego / Taurus – Palette 27.047 Local Belgian jazzy ska exotica instrumental double-sider. Features the legendary Philip Catherine on guitar. Visual grade: VG+, generic sleeve. €80 Nick Waterhouse – Some place / That place – Pres 45-801 One of the greatest dancers released in the last decade. Visual grade: M- €80 Ron Hart and The Hearts – Let me tell you ‘bout a man / Stormy – Lolita R&B soul obscurity, written by former Rockabilly guy Jimmy Witter. Visual grade: EX €75 Master Four – Love from the Far East / It’s not the end – Tay-Ster 6024 DJ Copy Unplayed store stock with water damage to labels. Not the end side label looks better. Visual grade: EX, slight warp NAP €70 The Southern Five Show Band – Long legged Lucy / Road of life – SUR 101 Totally unknown garage soul with a crisp open break. Visual grade: VG, ½” crack €65 The Cavaliers – Little bittie Big John / Right now – Cavalier 101 Crude R&B scorcher. Plays way above grade. Visual grade: VG- €60 Joe Tex – I’ve got a song / The next time she’s mine – Michelle 934 Overlooked dancer from one of the all time greats Visual grade: EX €50 Gene Middleton – No one to love me / Don’t let the green grass fool you – Funk Factory 5506 Crossover beauty. Some marks on vinyl but plays above grade. Visual grade: VG €50 Skip Jackson – Micro wave boogie Pt I/II – Catamount 736 Super hard to find red label copies of this New Jersey disco jam. Visual grade: M-, storage warp NAP €50 Gino Washington – Rat race / Oh not me – Washpan 854 Nineties issue, issued and signed by the man himself. Visual grade: M- €40 The Precisions – If this is love / You’ll soon be gone – Drew 1003 Probably needs no introduction to anyone familiar with Detroit soul music. Some minor marks but plays superb. Visual grade: VG+ €40 Emanuel Lasky – Our world / Lucky to be loved (by you) – Wild Deuce 1003 Top notch Detroit double sider. Visual grade: VG+ €40 Johnny Wells – Lonely moon / The one and only one – Astor 1001 Classic popcorn 45. Plays nicely Visual grade: VG €40 The Vanguards – It’s to late for love / The thought of losing your love – Lamp 652 HOLD Indiana sweet soul with a funky edged flip Visual grade: VG, storage warp NAP €35 Warren Raye and The Infernal Blues Machine – If you wanna love me / Don’t run from love – London 5N-239 DJ Copy HOLD Strong personal fave ballad. Wouldn’t even think of letting this go but just found a minter. Visual grade: VG+ €35 100% Pure Poison – You keep coming back / Windy C – Soul Brother 7002 Top quality 2001 issue that’s become sought after throughout the years. Visual grade: VG+ €35 Lucky Laws – Who is she / Broken heart – One-Derful 4825 Mid-tempo Chicago soul harmonies. Visual grade: M- €30 The Ascots – Miss heartbreaker / This old heartache – M.B.S. 106 One of the best northern tunes around that are cheap to pick up. You won’t find a cleaner copy. Visual grade: M- €30 Lynn Minor and His Band – I finally found true love / Hesitate one time for me – Tammy 860T-2853 Deep Ohio ballad that still sits under the radar Visual grade: M- €25 Carl Wallace – Bass groove / Foot steps on the moon – Crow 42 Obscure funk instrumental Visual grade: M- €20
  24. monny1916

    first three records to start a set

    This is a first three no going off track please
  25. Last couple of T-Shirts left. Only 100 of each design were made in total 2 designs as pics. Sizes S, M , L, XL on the logo one M, L on the names one £15 each or 2 for £25
  26. Cally49

    A Few For Today

    Ben Westbeech - Sold
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