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  2. Steve C

    Who were they?

    John, Thanks for that info .
  3. Steve S 60


    So the BBC are currently £27m over budget for a revamp of the Eastenders set. This will take the total budget to £87m and it'll be ready 5 years later than originally planned. I for one don't watch this rubbish, I think the last episode I saw, Dirty Den was the landlord of the Queen Vic. Even the wife doesn't watch it, and that's saying something. The National Audit Office has stated the bleeding obvious by saying the project will no longer represent value for money. Get outta my pub!
  4. John Reed

    Who were they?

    On the back of the LP it states they were Tresia Cleveland and Ann Gissendanner and were from Alabama and Pennsylvania respectively.
  5. bbrich

    first three records to start a set

    my first 3 last time were (all girl sounds); Patti austin Didn't say a word Columbia US Issue Ivorys Please stay Despenza US Issue Passions If you see my baby Elvitrue & satelite US Issue
  6. Jimmy Disco D

    first three records to start a set

    Couldn't agree more! It's vital. Yep, me too. Although as far as my DJing goes (well went) it was always music first, mixing second. I used to work out mixes in small sections (maybe 3 or 4 records) and then mix and match those sections as needed, luckily I also had the ability to improvise if the crowd seemed more receptive to something I played in particular. I always thought great music was most important, it does add an extra dimension if the DJ can do something exciting with them. Anyway, back to the original question, obviously it depends on what sort of night it is, what part of the night, but I'd always start with guaranteed dance floor bombs to announce my arrival and get everyone on the floor.... Jimmy Castor - It's just begun - Mighty Ryders - Evil Vibrations - Locksmith - Far Beyond The northern soul fans might be heading for the doors though!
  7. Steve C

    first three records to start a set

    Hell, I was aiming for deeply profound and now I'm sat in the corner wearing a funny shaped hat ! OK, I'll play. For me Northern was all about young, frustration, and an outlet to burn it off with like minded people resulting in copious amounts of sweat. So, I'll make a mark of intent opening with ,Turnin My Heartbeat Up, and then I want you gasping so next comes, Your Magic Put A Spell On me, and then I am going to remind you that Northern was always capable of surprising you with something beautiful and unexpected so we finish with the San Remo Golden Strings,Festival Time.
  8. Smileys

    first three records to start a set

    Respects to you seasoned Northern soul DJs. And thanks to the DJs who have put up and impart their great knowledge, to me. I spend hours sorting a set and always do different on the night lol I djayed in 71/72 but slightly different in them great pioneering days, The Torch had just started and we didnt know the 30000 plus imports existed lol. I was asked to do a one off, around 5 years ago to do a TW set at the local pub in Cambridge, but to discerning soul folk. I cleaned me ol toons incredibles, sammy ambrose, and other british gems ovo I was always taught back then if its on blue stax ya dont play it on yellow stax lol ..... I had just heard its bad you know and got the lp so decided to open with it, maybe the signs of a DJ who was willing to play different, well the crowd just stared at me :} from, then on opened up with Tommy Neal Goin to a happening, Garnet Mimms looking for you, Gladys Knight just walk in my shoes my first motown demo in 1970. The crowd really enjoyed it, you cant beat family and good friends lol For me this was my first and last set, however I havnt stopped since. And what a learning curve, have ya any Wigan toons mate, 100 club, xover, RnB, proppa toons, Mecca toons, funky edge! and so it goes on lol However ive muddled through , to the standard of seasoned DJs, no way lol but maybe my enthusiasm to learn, helps me win over the wide range of great soul folks I encounter. My last 3 first uns....10 oclock spot.....Its alright Turley Richards, 2. The los santos adolemces one, I call it the Mexican wade in the water lol 3. Betty Lloyd Im catching on...............all ovo, I dont put that to boast, it was just ingrained in me in the early 70s and cant do anything else. So im special guest at the Right Track Peterborough friday night, my first 3 oh ug no real idea lol I shall arrive early, I shall watch the dancers and chat with the great resident DJs, they know I know little lol but always will to help Gwasshoper on his journey...great thread by the way xxx and yep a;ways got me precious TW toons with me x
  9. Steve C

    Who were they?

    So, I'm listening to The Soul Sisters, Think About The Good Times ! Now, I'm more familiar with Baby Washington singing that track, but it got me thinking just who were the members of the Soul Sisters. I thought ok, Sue Records, maybe Baby W was lead for The Soul Sisters,but I listen to both tracks and to my (failing) hearing it really doesn't sound like her, she's deeper tonally than this lead vocalist, so who was it? Calling on one of those with encyclopaedic knowledge to help identify the vocalists known as the Soul Sisters.
  10. Soulsides

    first three records to start a set

    That's all fine and dandy hehe, but this is a thread about which 3 records you'd choose to start a set with. The 'Soul Source Armchair Philosophers Mega Thread' can be located in another section of the forum..
  11. Linda Jones for me , she nailed this one .
  12. Steve C

    first three records to start a set

    Like many questions in life there is no right or wrong answer there is only the persuasiveness of the argument that you attach to your answer.
  13. Steve Plumb

    SO SOULFUL 70's - Eddy Edmondson & Steve Plumb

    So Soulful 70's A special night of 100% late 60's-early 80's Modern Soul & Crossover at THE RAF CLUB Golden Hill Lane, Leyland, Lancs, PR25 3NN Saturday 31st August 2019 With resident 'So Soulful 70's' DJ's EDDY EDMONDSON & STEVE PLUMB With Special Guest DJ's TBE 8pm thru 1am (12.30am Bar) Admission £6 To buy your tickets at £6 each Please visit http://www.soulmusic.co.uk/tickets.htm VISIT OUR 'SO SOULFUL 70'S' FACEBOOK GROUP AT https://www.facebook.com/groups/163211050441179/ There will also be another legendary FREE CD to the first 50 through the door (After each event Eddy sells the CD's on www.soultime.org.uk at £5 each with 100% going to Cancer Research) VISIT THE 'SO SOULFUL 70'S' FACEBOOK GROUP AT http://www.soultime.org.uk/ Bed & Breakfast Information Premier Inn 0871 5278916 (Preston South, Cuerden Way) 1 mile away (recommended) Premier Inn 0871 5278914 (Preston South, Craven Drive) 1 mile away (recommended) Best Western Leyland Hotel 0845 3730973 (M6/J28, Leyland Way, Leyland) 0.5 miles away Email info@soulmusic.co.uk for more info
  14. GREAT NEW VENUE - GREAT MUSIC .... Dave Schofield (Cheadle Con Club...Sale USC) is proud to present ....Sale MOTOWN night ..at the newly re-furbished Sale Excelsior Club.....Playing the best in Commercial and Classic Motown, plus Northern Soul. Great drink prices, great venue. **NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH POOR IMITATIONS** 8 til l12 £5 OTD
  15. Today
  16. Jeeeeze, I thought I always over think DJing - Now I also have this lot to worry about! (I might print this off) Joking aside, all valid points sir All the best, Len
  17. Hey! Looking for this cheapy LP as a xmas gift - cuz a certain someone saw that film, with that song, and has finally shown some interest in soul music. Im in the UK and looking for a UK seller so I can get it in time. kind regards!
  18. davidbrls

    ESP- It's a miracle

    Up for grab is an elusive Ohio modern soul record. Visually speaking, I'd grade this as Vg--/G+, though you may want to refer to the following soundfile (tune in at 26:04- the actual intro was cut for mixing purposes, but I can assure it plays as good as the rest of the song) to have a better idea of what it actually sounds like. 130 € + shipping Should you have any doubts you want me to solve, feel free to drop me a PM
  19. Sorry - I forgot to put the 'mischievous face' thingy up () 'Well caught' that man! All the best, Len
  20. Yes lots I'm afraid as not long ago - I'm having a sort out over Christmas, so may be in the sales (Not sure as yet though mate) No PMs please! All the best, Len
  21. nitram

    Cold Blood I'm A Good Women

    Ok I will take it, please forward PayPal details, are you uk based.
  22. soultrainer

    Cold blood - i’m a good woman

    One on sales now mate
  23. Soulsides

    first three records to start a set

    As has been mentioned previously the ability to read a crowd of people on a dancefloor, judge their reactions and what they want or expect to hear is paramount. Please bear in mind that I'm not a Northern Soul DJ,I just appreciate the music, so I'm coming at this from a background which is immersed in Hip Hop,Funk and Breakbeat culture,where often as much emphasis is placed on the skill set of a DJ as the records they spin..sometimes more so,in fact. That said I'm a firm believer in programming sets if its just playing records,ideally having several options to cover all bases and spend time really working hard on how certain records can be mixed or sequenced together to the best effect.Most importantly you need to know your records inside out, where the breaks or breakdowns are at certain points on the record for example which can be mixed in and out to create cue points for the next record to be dropped etcetera. One of the main issues I take with certain DJ's (or people who like to call themselves one) is often their inability to mix with cohesiveness which is something I just don't understand as theres no point in having boxes of great sounding vinyl if you cant mix them together properly. When I've paid good money to go to an event I expect to see a DJ with a charismatic stage presence,great sounding tunes with well-composed routines, and precise technical control.Sloppy or inadequate mixing I just cant tolerate,personally. I could list loads, but here's an example of 3 tracks out of many that I could easily start a set with providing that the records hadn't been played earlier in the night by another DJ obviously.These are all in similar tempos and also very simple to mix together too!
  24. Have knocked a bit more off the price, on all of these. Considering the condition, then very fairly priced. U.K. customers only. PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER, SORRY NO PAYPAL. £100 or more add £8.00p extra, for special delivery p&p, for 1 to 3 discs. Under £100 add £3.00 extra for recorded delivery p&p, for 1 to 3 discs. P.M. please for details, rather than using the thread. These four Motown discs, are as great a condition as you could find. Near perfect condition, both vinyl and labels. BARBARA MC NAIR YOU'RE GONNA LOVE MY BABY MOTOWN EX+++ £160 CAROLYN CRAWFORD MY SMILE IS JUST A FROWN, TURNED UPSIDE DOWN MOTOWN EX+++ £135 Just has a small neat drill hole. CAROLYN CRAWFORD FORGET ABOUT ME MOTOWN DJ EX+++ MOTOWN £110 CAROLYN CRAWFORD WHEN SOMEONE'S GOOD TO YOU MOTOWN DJ EX+++ £100 All the following are really nice clean records too. DORIS TROY FACE UP TO THE TRUTH CAPITOL EX+ £135 GIFTED FOUR ARE YOU CHOOSING C.S.C. EX+ £150 MASTERS I NEED YOUR LOVE CRIMSON EX £115 Two X's on both label, not too detrimental. LEON HAYWOOD CONSIDER THE SOURCE CAPITOL EX+ £75 The first and by far the best version. PEP BROWN I AM THE ONE WHO NEEDS YOU POLYDOR DJ EX+ £65 PROPHECY RAIN IN MY LIFE ALL PLATINUM EX+ £50 PETE WARNER I JUST WAN'T TO SPEND MY LIFE WITH YOU POLYDOR DJ EX+ £80 CARESS I CAN'T LET YOU WALK AWAY P & P EX+ £50 DENISE LA SALLE A LOVE REPUTATION CHESS EX+ £65 DELLS THINKIN' ABOUT YOU CHESS EX+ £60 RAY ALGERE I'M IN YOUR CORNER TOU-SEA EX+ £50 BIG MAYBELLE QUITTING TIME / I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER ROJAC EX+ £85 MILLIE JACKSON MY HEART TOOK A LICKIN' M G M DJ EX+ £55 CLASSIC SULLIVANS SHAME SHAME SHAME MASTER KEY EX £65 DONALD HEIGHT I CHOOSE YOU DAKAR DJ EX+ £60 RIVINGTONS I LOVE YOU ALWAYS VEE JAY EX+ £55 ARETHA FRANKLIN WONDERFUL ARISTA EX+ £65 24 KARAT GOLD WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD DESERT BONE EX+ £70 E.K.G. GIVE ME LOVE ROADRUNNERS EX+ £70 That's it for today. Many thanks for looking. Cheers Donna.
  25. Mick Shaxted


    can you tell me your djs please
  26. Bruv

    Potential Soul Source Anthem?

    Don't Be Sore At Me.. It's only a bit of online Fun, We all share the same Passion at the end of the day, A Love Of Soul Music,,,
  27. Brummie

    Cold Blood I'm A Good Women

    Cold Blood - I'm A Good Women Atlantic Turkish Issue With Sleeve Excellent Apart From Label Wear In The Picture £60 including postage PP F&F
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