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  2. Please pm me if you have one of these to sell. Cheers
  3. IanP

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    ironically,,, i watched him at Hinckley leisure centre, playing a Telecaster , i was mesmerised by the clean, beautiful sound he got from it, with no effort. a God and a legend!
  4. ljblanken

    Earl Cosby - Ooh Honey Baby

    whatever the status.... this is one of my top "living room dancers". I love this track!
  5. joe dunlop

    no second chance

    wanted orig deadbeats-strata
  6. Scootboy

    Greatest Movie Scene Ever Made

    Cinematography perfection
  7. Stevie

    5 Favourite Books

    Rod & Line - Arthur Ransome Generation Kill - Evan Wright The Godfather - Mario Puzo David Rees - How to sharpen pencils Legionnaire - Simon Murray Catch 22 is a good book. Loved it whilst in school in my mid teens - flicked through a copy in a bookshop a few years ago but seemed like it had become hard work. Age I guess. Bought Men who stare at goats instead - that's a great read!
  8. Today
  9. Solefisher

    3 to go

    If your scaming Bill Im not buying
  10. Ooh, I’d forgotten about this, nice one Dave.
  11. DaveNPete

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    A monster main room spin from the days of Morecambe Pier. I still play it regularly - always cheers me up.
  12. jess

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Well it's not long now, next Saturday night the 23rd for a fantastic night at the New Trinity Soul Club. If you want a great night out ?? This is the place to be, guest DJ for Febuary is Ged Beggs from the Box in Crewe Ged is a regular and knows what works here, packed out last month, so hoping for the same this time. As Dave said we have being going now for nearly 5 years, must be something right, all I can say is come early for the best seats, to hear the best tunes (we always play something different) top sound system, sprung dance floor, reasonable bar prices, resident DJ's Sharpie & Gerard, with the lovely Sue on the door, everyone is welcome, looking to seeing you all next Saturday night. Jess
  13. Winsford Soul

    Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    Anyone who buys northern soul records for a investment hopefully gets stung . I have never bought a record no matter how much it cost me as a investment only because of my love of the particular record. I don't get it. Go find something else to invest in . And fcuk off away from here. Your not wanted Steve
  14. stevegods

    5 Favourite Books

    Well this for me, was at a time of experimentalism and questioning .. having lived in Holland and the States and back in London , looking inwards . RD Laing - The Divided Self Jack Kerouac - On the road / the Dharma Bums HermannHesse- Siddhartha Maybe too much drugs .. but food for thought
  15. glyn1957

    Cheap Funky Stuff

    ojays and gene faith please
  16. Winsford Soul

    Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    Always get a buzz when a long time want arrives or you find one in a sales box. Steve
  17. swaggy


    Will check in morning
  18. Dusty

    Billy Ray - Playboy

    Hi! wanted !!!!! BILLY RAY - PLAYBOY (KENT) anyone??
  19. Rictic66

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    This has to be up there. Gorgeous PT
  20. Winsford Soul


    Brent. Have a good night mate. Hate missing Swinton, new job shit. Catch up soon Steve
  21. shufflin

    Birthday Peter99

    happy birthday Peter
  22. Mike Rathbone

    Sunday Soul Sessions @ THE POTBANK

    Mod 66 keep in right hand lane on one way system past wetherspoons right turn then right again you will be in Elenora street and potbank is 50 yds on right opposite public carpark Safe journey
  23. shufflin

    Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    So true, buy within your means from decent sellers it's a hobby, and relatively cheap (gasp) compared to some hobbies A £300 record I've been after for ages arrived today, not cheap, not mega bucks either, but enjoyed playing it after work to friends we had round, and now it's in my box, happy days
  24. billywhizz

    3 to go

    harry deal and the galaxies /i still love you .eclipse , ex 125 incl post ,wait for me / monclairs ,ex 50 incl post , suzy wallis a time for us , 60 incl post , rca victor ex , pm me , will scam , thanks
  25. I thought Ep one was good and will defo continue watching. I think the trio are fictional but guess mostly based on Shalamar.
  26. Paul Munford

    The Honey Bees - Garrison - Offers

    *Now Sold*
  27. wictic


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