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I would like to say a VERY BIG THANKYOU to the very honest person who,

after finding two rings in the ladies - one being my engagement ring -

was honest enough to hand them in!

It's not very often these days you get the chance to thank someone for their kindness and honesty - but i mean this from the bottom of my heart -

THANKYOU ...... i would have been devastated right now if it wasn't for you!!

So the next time you see me - please make yourself known as i would love to buy you a drink or two....

Can't say thankyou enough!


Joan xxxx

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Hi Joan,

Thanks for putting me out of my misery and great to hear you got your rings back......I heard the DJ's announce that someone had left something in the ladies shortly after coming out myself and rightly so they didn't say what it was.......after rummaging through my bags which I have to admit often contain loads of things I'd intended to take out from a previous niter/dayer decided I hadn't lost anything but wasn't absolutely sure !!!!


Always enjoy the Gladstone.....personally think it's a crackin venue...looking forward to the May Bank Holiday one after the Birmingham weekender....

Take care

Linda x

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