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Afro Funk - Ka-La-Ka - Afro Beat Band - Soul Ethiopia ♬

Guest funkeesoul

KA - LA - KA - Afro Beat Band - Soul Ethiopia

KA - LA - KA - Afro Beat Band - Soul Ethiopia


Mega Rare repress with full colour picture sleeve!! One the rarest afro-beat records and a fireworks of funky afro with a jazzy feel & party atmosphere.

This is a LP in Near Mint condition / Label: La Voix De l'Ethiopie

Listen Full LP

1. No More Coloniale Greediness

2. Belle Femme d'Afrique Noir

3. Every Do It Your Own Way

Side B:

1. Le Baiser De l'Elephant

2. No I'm Not a Monkey

3. Soul Ethiopia


This record is killer afro-beat, was inspired by a reunion of African musicians in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia), then a symbol of the liberation of Africa from colonial rule.

The political gusto that presided over its creation was translasted in the afro-beat artform created by Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the self-styled "black president".

Most tracks are built around the classic basic structure of afro-beat, a strong bass-drums couple playing very bare and hypnotic rhytms upon which brass sections alternate soli and repetitive loop,

and are often superseded in their functions by lead and rhythm guitars.

Though Soul Ethiopia doesn't have the same powerful impact as Fela's own releases that were afterall supported by the numerous choirs and larger brass sections of Afrika 70 and Egypt 80,

this LP's got soul and is penetrated by the unmistakable groove of afro-beat and its conscious vehement lyrics.

One of the rare afro-beat efforts to ever be produced outside of the anikulapo family, Soul Ethiopia will remain in history as a unique musical plea for the cause of a free and united Africa.


Registered Airmail Only : France 6,50 (collissimo) / Europe $12.00 / Usa,Japan $14.00 / Rest Of World $18.00 for first record, then 1,50 per extra.

Priority Mail (Do Not Send In Simple Priority Overseas / We Strongly Recommend To Use Registered

Paypal accepted. No checks.


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