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Fourteen 100 Club Anniversary Singles

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Selling for a friend all records in Ex or better condition vinyl & labels;

6T4-Peggy Woods-Love is gonna get you/ Z Z's Band-Cheat and lie

6T6-Fabulous Impact-Baby I want you/Hamptons-No,no,no,not my girl

6T7-Carla Thomas-I'll never stop loving you/Prophets Band- Peaches baby

6t9-Teardrops-Here comes loneliness/Chubby Checker-You can't lose something you never had

6t12-Sharon Scott-Putting my heart under lock and key/Dean Courtney-Today is my day

6T13-Lorraine Chandler-You only live twice/Metros-My Imagination

6T15-Johnny TaylorPlease let me in/Judy Clay-Since you came along

6T16-Junior McCants-Try me for your new love/Garland Green-Come through me

6T17-Mill Evans-Ain't you glad/Millionaires-I'm the one who loves you

6T18-Charmaines-I Idolize you/M&M + Peanuts-Can't say no

6T19-Debra Johnson-To get love you've got to bring love/Diplomats-I really love you

6T21-Devonnes-Doin' the gittin' up/Mayberry Movement-I can see him making love to you

6T22-Gigi + Charmaines-I don't wanna lose him/Mysteries-Too late now

6T24-Hytones-Good news/George Jackson-All in my mind

£350 NOT inc p&p. + 4% Paypal

First shout here if any interest - Going on Ebay at the weekend if not.

Questions queries by pm.



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