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Blue Magic, The Persuaders And Utfo

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I was recently at a Blue Magic gig in Queens and I was lucky enough to speak to the legendary Wendell Sawyer backstage. What a nice and intelligent man he is. I was very impressed by all that he has done, and of course I love the music. I was surprised to hear him say that he has a starring cameo in a new movie called Nightmare. He told me that Alex Brown and Richard Poindexter from The Persuaders do too. Wendell plays a detective and he said he loved making his acting debut. For all you Blue Magic and Persuaders fans, you can check out the movie's site at nightmarethemovie.com. I was reading about the film on another site and it said that the music in the movie was done by none other that The Kangol Kid from UTFO!!!! Ain't that a blast from the past! Like an idiot I totally forgot to ask Wendell if Blue Magic is going to be on the soundtrack.

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