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Maria O

Soul Sides (Helsinki, Finland)

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Been too busy at work for a proper writeup with gusto, but before the week escapes me, just wanted to say thanks to Marcus, Soul-Sami and Heikki from SOUL SIDES in Helsinki last Saturday. Bit surprised this event isn't advertised here more, but I guess they don't need the numbers although I think a few would appreciate the heads up:

I tagged along to attend this with their UK guest dj. The guys really looked after us there and we met lots of friendly local people everywhere we went - it's no problem if you can't speak Finnish either, as they will then switch to English for you.

The warm-up was undercover in a courtyard behind the club, with a nice cross-section of soul & funk tempos and organic food to nibble on. As the light faded a bit after 11pm (!), we went inside and WOW - what a club - a nice 60s decor and full screen on the stage with soul slides going all night, showing soul artists and record labels that were very watchable. Their website has sound files to wet your appetite and give you a general feel of styles to expect [click here]. Stay away if you don't want to be in a room packed full of happy young people, most of who wanted to dance to uptempo soul & funk. It had quite a buzz and time passed quickly.

Sunday was hot, hot, hot and we wandered about sightseeing then ate more fish by the sea. Can't say I still fancied trying the local reindeer dish I'd encountered on the menu of the restaurant the night before, but I'm sure it's just as nice as kangaroo yes.gif

I know a few from the uk have been to this club, but if anybody is interested, visit their website at




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