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Soul Rev At Chelmsford

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Just to say, i had a great time at Chelmsford.....a night of top known and unknown tunes djing with Karl H and James T. Amazing to see younger people getting into soul and funk tunes and having a dance. Im always amazed how many people talk of wanting to hear new and exciting music, but never seem to go beyond their local event. So, get yourselves out and check out this night!! :yes: Playlist later..



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PLAYLIST (no order at all!)

FABULOUS FUGITIVES - What The World Needs Today

FREEDOM TRAIN - Stormy Weather (c/u)

PARISIANS - Deep South (c/u)

EVERYDAY PEOPLE ft Alexis - World Full Of People

SIR GUY - I Need You

LUTHER JACKSON & the Soul Avengers - Trying To Make It (c/u)

DOLLY GILMORE - Sweet , Sweet, Baby

AL DANNER - You Are My Happiness

LUMPEN - Free Bobby Now



WALLY COCO - Message To Society

EARLY CLOVER - Think It Over

DOUBLE O DEMINGOS - Stormy Weather

GAMITH - Darkness

JOHNNY KING & Fatback Band - Peace, Love Not War

JONI ADAMS - Las Vegas

GRACE - Inside Your Dreams

DOLLY GILMORE - Dont You Know Your The yes

JOEY IRVING - Can You Handle Me Baby

LITTLE OSCAR - The Message

SONS OF NATURE - Disillusion City, Town



MAJOR HAINES - Yes Its Real (c/u)

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Thanks to Paul and Karl, who both did magnificent sets. Outstanding and wholesome dance floor action for the whole family.

We're back next month with Callum and Mik from the mighty Pow Wow club for a bit of an experimental sound clash of dynamic soul and blues sounds. Full details to follow...

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excellent set of tunes, Paul !! Nice to see you playing the Johnny Beggs mix of "Stormy Weather" , I think it has potential!!

Des Parker

Wow, im intrigued! Beggs remix!ha!

I have 5 tunes called 'Stormy Weather'?? This one has a male lead vocal and big string sections? Certainly isn't a Johnny Beggs' remix. Its actually on a release label and I DO know the artist.

You, see I played Double O Demingos 'Stormy Weather' aswell.

Has Johnny really done a version? Is he on vocal!ha! Would love to hear it:laugh: . Can i have a copy! Eventually im hoping to just do a 'Stormy Weather' set...bring your brollies!

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