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Summer Sales Pt. 1 Reduced 10-25% King Arthur Etc


Also have a look at my Summer Sales Pt. 2 Some top stuff there, like Darrow Fletcher, Frank Williams, Marlena Shaw:

My grading system (M-/Vg++/Vg+/Vg/Vg-/G) I don't use Ex, my Vg++ is equal to that!

Shipping for 1-3 records is:

Germany: 2 Euro

Europe: 4,5

Worldwide: 8 Euro

Registered is 2,5 Euro on top

All orders over 100 Euros must be sent registered or you'll do a bank transfer in advance. In fact within European Community it's easy and we both have no costs. Sorry, but thanks to paypal. My email is robbyfunkytuet"at"hotmail"dot"com so is my paypal account if u wanna pay with paypal.

For records without soundfiles I can do them upon request.

Click on the underlined text to listen to the tunes!

Cheers, Rob!


ANN SEXTON - í…¾You're loosing me" (77)

Still one of the best sister funk productions out there. Must have!

M- 12 Euro HOLD

Midtempo funky Soul with heavy drums

M- 8 Euro now 6 EURO

THE FABULOUS SOULS "Baby I've got it" (Audio Art)

Deep Funk Classic, what a baseline! Rare promo copy.

Vg+, plays great! 90 Euro now 80 Euro

Another deep Funk classic and the instrumental version of the flip was compiled on BGP Superfunk Vol. 4

M- 150 Euro Now 135 Euro

MARY LOU "John you're wrong" (Cotillion)

It's the 2nd tune in the mix, clocks in at 3.15min

Great ghetto style Sister Funk. Very raw and rough!

M- 40 Euro now 35 Euro

Killer R'n'B with such an infectious intro. Vinyl looks Vg++ with some superficial scratches, dnap.

Unfortunately there's a small hiss at the beginning which I had on 3 copies. Might be a pressing fault?

Vg 35 Euro SOLD

CARIBEAN GAY TORPEDOS "Tropical Fever" (Tropical Breeze)

Killer islands funk, perfect for the b-boys, longtime deleted release.

Unplayed, M- 12 Euro now 10 Euro

DIANA ROSS "I'm a Winner" (Motown US)

Perfect tune for the dancefloor with such an uplifting chorus. Maybe her best tune, imo.

Highly recommended!

M- 8 EURO now 6 Euro

SAMMY BROWN "Got to leave this town" (Grassroots)

Here's also a download link

Very unique sounding Funk with a touch of calypso. If this was rare it would be massive but it's not.

M- 12 Euro

EDDY JACOBS "Pull my Coat" (Columbia) Radio Station copy

Well, what can I say? Another deep funk classic, one of the best, doesn't get much better then this. AND u have on both sides the same tune so basically u pay one and get two copies!

Vg++ 140 Euro now 120 Euro

LEE MOSES "Time and Place" (Front Page)

One of my favourites. Gritty funky Soul with a killer voice. Hip heads love it, too!

Vg++ 30 Euro now 25 Euro

PRISCILLA PRICA "Rockefeller Jones/ Do I stand a chance with you" (GMC)

Here's a link to the flip: click here

Here to my mix, clocks in at 16min 19sec: http://www.freefunki...o2006-april.mp3

As featured in an older mix from me. Rare one, uptempo sister funk with crossover potential. Great deep ballad flip. Donno the going rate and there's one on the bay for 450$ so I'm open to offers and trades.


Uptempo Northern, in the same vein as Chantels "Indian Giver" and seems to be rare and unknown so far, great!

Labels are a bit damaged but the vinyl is nice, compiled here:


THE SWEETHEARTS "They talk too much" (H-III)

Boss uptempo R&B dancefloor killer. Seen and sold for up to 200 quid.

Belson had this for sale a while ago! Soulful torino spin as featured in the mix. It's the 11th tune, the one before Ike&Tina Turner, stars at 24:35 min.

Vg++ wol 70 EURO now 60 Euro

WALTER BEE " Angel Man / Glad I came..." (Robot)

Sublime male voxed Modern Soul/ Crossover dancer that's starting to crop up on wants lists!! Dancefloor winner! A while ago recommended by Beaver

Flip is nice midtempo funky soul. The soundfile is for Glad I came.., sorry no Angel Man!

M-, 10 EURO now 8 Euro

PEGGY LAREY í…¾ Welcome Home" (Sidewalk Promo)

RARE, beautiful mid tempo crossover tune from 1969, as featured on Martin Lawrie's website-

í…¾One of my all time favourite soul records, it has that kind of uplifting soul sounds that just carries you off into a much much better place. The opening notes of this make me sticky in the groin everytime I hear it. Perfection"

Vg+, plays great 80 EURO now 70 Euro

SPECIAL TOUCH í…¾This Party just for You" (Brackett)

Killer Modern/Boogie tune with a catchy refrain. SOUL FUNCTION spin, works wonders on the dancefloor. Click on the link you find a soundfile there!

M- 25 EURO now 20 Euro

ELAINE & ELLEN í…¾Fill me up" (Lance)

Same as above, OSLO SOUL EXPERIENCE spin and also played by IAN WRIGHT. The tune featured in the link is the 12" version, the 45 version is obviously shorter and the intro begins like the 12" version from 0.26 seconds

M- 30 EURO now 25 Euro

CORDELLS í…¾You do a thing to my mind" (Steel Town Sound)

Nice, uptempo boogaloo with a mod feeling. Flip should appeal more to the northern guys.

M- 25 EURO now 20 Euro

Another Modern Soul classic, still sounds so good!

M- 30 Euro SOLD

KING ARTHUR " Hey Baby" (Soundscape)

Plays with some light noise, this is in the pressing and every copy has it. Amazingly soulful 70s record that is starting to get some high profile plays in the soul and funk worlds. 2 sider! have a listen

Looks Ex, plays Vg+ 80 Euro now 70 Euro

Rare Dutch only 45 featuring Salena Jones' classic take on Barbara Acklin's 'Am I The Same Girl (Soulful Strut)'. Very sought after record. Stunning smokey soulful vocals from Salena plus a superb horn-heavy jazzy arrangement from Keith Mansfield. Top stuff

Vinyl: M- Sleeve: Vg+ 110 Euro SOLD

SUGAR PIE DESANTO í…¾Be Happy" (Soul Clock)

Beautiful midtempo early Northern Soul, rare one and quite unknown so far!

M- 50 Euro SOLD

FANTASTIC JOHNNY C "Let's do it together" (Kamasutra)

Underplayed killer tune on Kama Sutra and by far his hardest hitting funk side. Reminds me a bit of Hook'n'Sling.

Vg+, plays better 30Euro now 25 Euro

THE ESQUIRES NOW "Get Ready/ Have a Party" (Trinidad)

Island Funk from Barbados. Uptempo killer A side and and a heavy midtempo Funk flip makes this a superb doublesider

Vg++ 200 Euro now 180 EURO

THE BAND NO NAME "Hot Pants/Them Changes" (NRK)

Long time sold out 7" by the Oslo Soul Crew. Killer cover version of James Brown's "Hot Pants" and an equally good flip.

Unplayed, M- 35 Euro now 25 Euro

RICARDO MARRERO " Babalonia / My Friend" (DON)

As reissued by Jazzman a while ago, the version to have of the 4 different labels it came out on. Hard Latin Funk! Ricardo Marrero's 'Babalonia' is a bangin' Latin funk instro that has devastated dancefloors for years.

Vg+, plays better 40 Euro now 35 Euro

CASH McCALL "I'm in Danger" (Checker)

One of the harder to get checker releases and hardly turns up for sale. Recommended funky soul.

M- 15 Euro now 12 Euro

GLORIA WALKER "When my baby cries/ Gift of Love" (Federal)

One of her rarer releases. Classic soul with a great voice!

M- 15 Euro now 12 Euro

SILKY VINCENT "Funky World" (Eastbound)

Classic funky Soul outta Ohio.

M- 20 Euro now 15 Euro

LITTLE EVE HARRIS "Get Ready- Uptight" (Spring Dj)

Very nice funky uptempo northern soul cut with a kinda of mix of the two classic songs "Get Ready and Uptight"

M-, 15 Euro now 12 Euro

Two nice latin soul cuts by Willie Bobo. The soundfile is for "Be's that way"

M-, 10 Euro now 8 Euro

VICTORY TRAVELERS " I know I've been changed / Contract with Jesus" (Courtn')

Quite obscure midwest gospel funk with some heavy drums on the a side and a uptempo rnb cut on the flip. Seems to be quite unknown so far. Donno a going rate for that one so make me an offer.

M- OFFERS over 30 Euro

ARTHUR PRYSOCK "House by the side of the Road" (Old Town)

Great mod/r'n'b early soul cheapo which builds and builds. Highly recommended by Dave Thorley. Actually u can listen to the record on his websites:


M- 10 Euro now 8 Euro

8th AVENUE BAND "The whole Thing" (Columbia)

Big revival tune at the mo, killer funky 70's dancer

M- 20 Euro now 15 Euro

4th GENERATION "Revolution Phase II" (Teen Town)

Funky soul outta Chicago, once again a soundclip on Dave's side:


M- 20 Euro now 15 Euro

ERMA FRANKLIN "Big Boss Man" (Shout)

Great funky soul with erma on the vocals!

M- 10 Euro now 8 Euro

JIMMY HOLIDAY "I've got a Woman/ Country Girl" (Everest Dj)

Rare one, no price guide for this one. Excellent rockin version by Jimmy Holiday, quality uptempo rnb. Offers, please. The link is a soundfile to amazon. Plays with VLC player, anyway the best player for all media if you haven't it already, now is the time!

M-, Offers over 30 Euro

Holidays "All that is required is You" (Revilot)

Very interesting and unusual group soul. For the more open minded dj's.

You'll find a clip here:


Vg+, plays better 20 Euro

Vg+, plays better 20 Euro now 15 Euro

Edited by JohnnyHitman

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