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Paul Capon's Soul Sales List - List 'x'

Paul Capon
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All, Email me to receive an easy to read, formatted version of this list.

(I have also attached TEXT, WORD & HTML versions)



TEL: 01708 501576 NEW MOB: 07812 582042

EMAIL: xoversoul'at'ntlworld.com (replace 'at' with @)

(NB I also use pcsoul'at'ntlworld.com (replace 'at' with @) for day-to-day & PAYPAL use)


(You will guarentee all my future list, whether you buy or not)

All records are M- or EX unless stated.

Quality trades welcome. I can play anything over the phone.

I now take CREDIT CARDS BUT ONLY VIA PAYPAL (costs 3% charges)

Paypal address is pcsoul'at'ntlworld.com (replace 'at' with @)

BIDPAY also taken

IMPORTANT: I use 1st class post to send lists to people thatpay subs or have bought something from the last list. EVERYONE ELSE WILL REMAIN ON 2ND CLASS. SUBS = £1.50 for 5 lists please. Foreign £3 for 6 lists.NEW: Subs inc. 1st class list + sample CD £5 for 3 lists

CDs now available:-

listx CD1 FULL VERSIONS of all items marked 'CD1' = 23 MONSTER TRACKS!! PRICE £4 inc. post. (Hard case - colour insert)2. listx CD2 SAMPLES of all track marked 'CD2' - £2 inc post -1 -2 minute samples of 63 tracks per cd.BOTH CDs from last list are also still available - ASK

FIRST UP - The FIRST NINE ONLY are going on Ebay this week. Contact me if you was to be kept notified.


ebay T.W. Bankston You are the icing on the cake nice 80's modern. A side M- (B side is inst and has a couple of scuffs) Straight Up ebay

ebay Bright Moments She's so fine Modern dancer BTU ebay

ebay Ross Carnegie & Co Open up your mind funky soul El-Con ebay

ebay The Del-Chords Your mommy lied to your daddy 60's group Mr Genius ebay

ebay Al Green 12" Keep on pushing love Rare UK only promo only 12" of this monster modern soul 1994 RCA dj ebay

ebay Beres Hammond***** LP ' From my heart with love' 1994 release inc the fantastic dancer'Do this world a favour'. One of Soul Sams all time favorite modern plays. Massive tune.This IS NOT A REISSUE - this LP is a legitimate LP released in 1994. Rocky Gibbs(sealed) ebay

ebay R.D.M Band ***** Give up RARE funky soul Virtue dj ebay

ebay The Winstons LP 'Colour him father' Contains title track Metromedia ebay

ebay Charles Wright & Watts 103rd LP ' Express yourself' Inc' 'Express yourself' - ace rare groove funk track WB ebay


The 21st The thought of me losing you / I just can't forget your name A side is a great mid-tempoB side is good aswell Joy 30

7 Miles High ****** CD1 She's gone away Superb stepper - soo had to find nowadays Gerim 150

Ace Spectrum CD2 Don't send nobody else great dancer - seems to be a big buzz on this at the momentVG+ copy has small paper mark pressed into the vinyl which produces 9 clicks only - nothing serious) Atlantic ISS 35 m- 20 vg+

Admiral ice Carolina girl great southern indie Ocean Side 40

Patrick Alley CD2 Groove feeling Potential monster here. Great dancer Persist 60

American Gypsy Inside out funk soul - sounds like a soundtrack to a movie! Chess 3

American Gypsy CD2 10,000 miles Lazy dancer that really hooks when the chorus kicks in. I'm suprised this hasn't really taken off - GREAT TRACK - RECOMMENDED Chess 9

Anderson Brothers I can see him loving you exact reissue - 2ndcopy has 'X' and wol (I found myself an original - He He He!) GSF 15

Ruby Andrews Hey boy, take a chance on love This one is better that Just Lovin you - definitely ready to go... Zodiac 40

Little Anthony Never again well recommended DCP 8

Little Anthony CD2 Nothin' from nothin' superb crossover dancer with the same backing track as The Delicates on Pulsar. Also a rare version by 'French Coffee Pure Gold 15 m- 12 vg+ sl.edge crack 10g

Art-Forms Ltd I'm a bad man Fantastic slab of soul!!!!!one small mark DNAP RCA dj 20

Ashanti Longing for you mid tempo stepper - mega obscure looks like a local label . Even has a black & white pic sleeve Jabner 20

The Attractions That girl is mine / New girl in the neigbourhood great northern backed with a KILLER beat ballad Bell 17 vg+

The Avons Since I met you / He's my hero northern - two great sides Excello 15

Bad News Band****** CD1 Diamond feather Forget the title - this is the best sweet stepper I've heard in years.Everything in the right place. First spare I've ever seen NMI 150

Arlene Bailey CD2 Ain't that something great crossover Cobra 25

The Ballads I wish I knew under-rated tune. nice xover dancer.A great £10 worth Venture 8

Flo Florence Ballard Love ain't love Another ace 60's dancerRECOMMENDED ABC 20

Chris Bartley Tomorrow keeps shining on me great crossoverplays virtually EX Musicor 20 vg+

Little Beaver CD2 Let the good times roll everybody classic rare groove sound Cat 8 or 5 vg+ (label stain)

The Beck Family Nobody but you Great 80's midtempo - recommended Le Point 15 m- 10 vg+

Chuck Bernard Every hurt makes you stronger Gritty 60's soul - minor scuffs2nd copy light surface noise Satellite 20 m- 15 vg

J.B. Bingham*** CD1 All alone by the telephone Fantastic version of the Checkmates on Polydor. Lovely copy of this gem midtempo.VERY HARD TO FIND NOW UA dj 150

P.S. Don't forget - Guarantee your next list and pay some subs. I only ask for the cost of your stamp! Many thanks,Paul

Black & Blue Of all the hearts to break Loveley stepper. This is a one sided white label test press with a hand written label. I got these indirectly from Duke Hall who produced this record. GREAT FIVERS WORTH Game(white label) 5

Cal Bright My love is good for you baby 70's pacer Azetta 20

Brotherly Love CD1 Whole lotta you in me Top modern dancerMuch harder 45s release. Robinson & Son 100

Brothers By Choice CD2 Oh darlin Ace stepper ALA 15

Brothers Guiding Light*** CD2 Getting together mega 70's dancerdj - slight label discoloration vinyl Mint Mercury ISS or DJ 100

Brothers of Soul Try it baby / Candy Stepper / modern Shock 20

A. J. Brown Making love together reissue - all these Jamaican re-issues have flakey labels and surface blemishes. Plays virtually mint anyway Maestro (Jamaican) 20

Maxine Brown Can't get along without you Classic Maxine. Mid-tempo builder Commonwealth 8

Maxine Brown Seems you've forsaken my love Wow - Ballad & then some. GREAT slab of soul - off the 'Out of sight' LP Epic 20

Maxine Brown CD2 Bella Mia Ace stepper/crossover that just doesn't turn up anymore. RECOMMENDED STEPPER Avco UK 40


First 45=£1.40 then 20P each REC DEL or registered £4 (upto 8 45s) over 8 = £5

First LP/12"=£2.50 then 50p each REC DEL or registered £5 (upto 3 LPs) over 3 = £6.30

Foreign: at cost - please ask (eg 1x45 airmail to Europe= £1.50 1x45 airmail to Japan= £2)

Buck I can't quit your love / Heaven help us 70's group Playboy 6

Buck It's gonna be alright 70's group Playboy 25

Buck CD2 Trust me this night fantastic mid-tempo . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Playboy 65 dj

Donny Burkes****** CD1 I was satisfied / You never know what U have got (until U lose it) Great DOUBLE HEADEREX copy - slight label stain Metromedia 100

Billy Butler Careless heart great beat ballad Brunswick 15

Jerry Butler Where are you going Stunning ballad Mercury dj 2

Cannonball You keep telling me yes Rare dancer from 1980 with a similar uplifting sound to Robert John 'Raindrops, love and sunshine' Reflection 50

The Capitols I thought she loved me / When you're in trouble Great group sound mid-tempo with appeal to northern & crossover fans. Karen 40

Carter & Chanel Together forever /Don't let love go great STEPPER.Nice white DJ Sweet City dj 25

Catch Mr Nice guy 70's dancer with a great hook chorus LK Records 15

The Center Stage Hey, lady swinging 70's group dancer RCA dj 12

Denise Chandler I don't want to cry crossover A great £5 worth.Cheap 'cos I found a few. Toddlin'Town 5

Denice Chandler & Lee Sain CD2 Hey baby early 70's crossover Toddlin' Town 15

Lee Charles Standing on the outside great crossover Revue 20

The Chymes My baby's gone away Great 70's group Down-to-Earth 15

Citation ****** CD1 Inspiration of my life / We've come a long way Monster midtempo stepper from 1980. ONE OF MY BIG FAVORITES. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Red Line 100

Otis Clay CD2 Special kind of love GREAT tune A side MINT-(B side knackered/unplayable) Echo 25

Collins & Collins CD2 Top of the stairs classic stepper. ORIGINAL The Lp is rare , the 45 even rarer A&M dj 80

Mary Love Comer Come out of the sandbox early 90's indie CoLove 10

The Compliments Falling in love early 70's group crossover Dakar dj 20

Contributors of Soul You can't help but fall in love crossover ace. LOCAL ISSUE before Venture TAD iss 20 dj 25

Cordial *** CD1 Very special love(12" only release) VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN -FANTASTIC UPTEMPO 70s DANCER. Played by Andy Etheridge at Soul Essence.VERY OBSCURE 12" ONLY 'B' side!First copy I've ever listedHIGHLY RECOMMENDED Rolmiar 12" 75

CD2 = SAMPLE CDs £2 inc post - 63 tracks per cdNEW: Subs inc. 1st class list + sample CD £5 for 3 lists

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Too late to turn back now 70's group sound mid-pacer UA 8m- 4 vg 2g

Cotton-mouth Treat you kindly 80'S SOUNDING 1977 dancer RCA dj 10

Louis Curry Captivated real crossover strong VG+ M-S 45 vg+

Bobby Cutchins I did it again classy 70's dancer - co written by John Edwards Lasso 12

Yvonne Daniels I got to get close to you Northern feel 60's Red light 25

Dale Darby Let's got it together FANTASTIC UNKNOWN 70'S DANCER. I bought my own copy of this record as an unreleased Monarch test pressing by an unknown artist. I did my homework and found out who the artist was. Wesgate 40

Curt Darin Two on a cloud Great soulful midtempo. £75 or £100 on other lists. This is actually Curtis Gadston under a different name. Buddah 50 m- 30 vg+

Herman Davis Gotta be loved Sounds like an early version of Moses Smith - Keep on striving on Cotillion - waiting to be played.!!!!! Venus V dj 40

Mel Davis Double of nothin Great super soulfull.light blue release from early 90's Rock Mill 15

Mel Davis Double of nothin Original dark blue label - mega soulful Rock Mill 30

Mel Davis CD2 Let love in your life FANTASTIC RECORDInitially released by 'Charisma' in the 80's (Mel was the lead singer). This is Mel's solo version released from early 90's. SUPERB version Rock Mill 25

Melvin Davis You made me over / I'm worried Very hard crossover dancer.Has tiny 2 sec noise on intro then plays Mint- Invictus 60 vg+

Snoopy Dean Lady Lady Lady grest southern/modern dancer.HARD USA release Blue Candle 20

Debra Can you remember Femme dancer of the highest order. Again this is in the Geraldine Hunt / Betty Everette vain.Ibelieve this is actually DEENA BARNES!!!! Gree-Jack 12

David Dee CD2 Message to you A Soul Sam spin at 'Soul Essence'.TOP CLASS midtempo dancer ICA 30

Joey Dee Baby don't you know I need you left field early 70's Janus dj 20

Sam Dees*** CD1 Fragile, handle with care Stone mint copy of this classic tune.Dog rare Jamaican Atlantic in original 'Dynamic Sounds' sleeve AtlanticJamaican 150

The Dells Make sure All time classic Cadet 5 m- 4 vg+

Greg Diamond Hot butterfly Vocals by the recently passed Luther Vandross - ACE 2-STEP classic RECOMMENDED Polydor dj 8 iss 8 OR sm crackplays fine 2 cr

Little Dooley It's got to be now or never lovely mid-pace. Underrated track North Bay 10

Double Exposure Ten percent uptempo 70's dancer Salsoul 10

Douglas & Lonero ***** CD2 Don't let yourself get carried away / same Punchy rare groove / soul. Another Charlie M discovery' RCA dj 75

Charles Drain Is this really love Fantastic 70's dancer. Sheer class!! RCA dj 25

Kent Drake CD2 Boss thing together Superb 70's dancer - one of my big favorites Wand dj 65

Tony Drake CD2 Living in the footsteps of another man / Hey world At last an official 45 release of Tony's stunning version of the song he wrote. The ultimate version.RECOMMENDED.(also check out Maryann Fara's version on this list) It's soul time 7

Glen Duhe I can't stop wanting you mid paced 70's dancer/stepper Crown G 8

E.K.G. CD2 Give me love ace modern Roadrunners 40

Brenda Lee Eager There ain't no way Great builder from 74. Soul and then some!! Mercury 30

Gail Easton Love's gonna find you outstanding track!! A&M 20

The Electras Another man's woman RECOMMENDED 70s midtempo Delite 15 m- 10 vg+

The Electrifying Cashmeres What does it take (to win your love) Mint minus copy of this classic 70's track. SoundStage 7 dj 75

Lorraine Ellison I've got my baby back Girl dancer WB 6

Emotions CD2 Somebody new deep soul excellence in the Lovelites vein. An early release by the girls. Twin Stacks 15

The Emotions Stealing love / When tomorrow comes great dancer c/w an ace balladOriginal VOLT sleeve aswell Volt 12

Call me if you have anything to sell - collection or single item

Empulse Don't let this world go cold Fantastic stepper. Second copy seen since I got my copy a few years back Midwest Intl. 30

Enchantment Call on me Great group dancer ex copy Polydor dj 70 vg+

The Entertainers CD2 I'm in love with you GREAT version of Bobby Patterson HMC 50

Frankie Everett Spellbound Uptempo modern dancer2nd copy 1 scuff - doesnot affect play Big Smokey 25

The Exceptionals Unlucky girl / What about me Great double header 2nd copy lovely white dj of this great track - plays ex GRT iss 25 m- dj 15 vg+

The Exits CD2 Under the street lamp/You got to have money Fantastic double header - male group harmony A side with a driving B side. Minor label damage on 'money' side - nothing serious. Gemini 50

Exportations CD1 Find another day / I want you / Two MONSTERs from 1980.'Want' is a great uplifting uptempo dancer and 'Find' is a STUNNING mid-tempo dancer in the same vein as the ULTRA RARE MOJOBA - "SAY YOU WILL" on PolydorI can't stop playing this at the moment!!!!!!!!!!! Vir-ro 200

The Family CD2 Feeling what you wanna feel Superb modern soul dancer. A previous Arthur Fenn spinI have a white DJ or an issue but I'm only selling one of them !!!!!!!! Little City (LCR)iss or dj 65

Family of Eve I don't want to pay / Having it bad for you great stepper Full Sail 30

Maryann Farra & Satin Soul Living in the footsteps of another girl ace stepper - penned by TONY DRAKE. Get his own version on this list. Brunswick 12

First Class What about me Group harmony 2step. Original soul version of the reggae track by the Blood Sisters' Today 8

Willie Fisher CD2 Put your lovin on me Great 70s midtempo dancer - hard UK release Jama UK DJ 35 ISS 30 25 vg+

King Floyd CD2 I'm gonna fall in love with you Really nice mid-tempo from the Malaco camp circa 1975. Great cut from the LP. Chimneyville 12

Four Below Zero My baby's got ESP Classic 70's dancer . Nice DJ copy Roulette dj 60


The Four Sonics CD2 If it wasn't for my baby / There's no love Quality 70's dancer. Horns, strings and great vocals. Class JMC 30

Annabelle Fox Getting through to me Beat ballad of the highest orderHIGHLY RECOMMENDED Satin 8

Aretha Franklin Integrity Clear vinyl copy of this huge dancerOR Black vinyl with pic sleeve Arista 8 UK 10

Ray Frazier & Shades of Madness Your eyes Great mid-tempo - all the strings, horns and things - recommended. MINT. This used to crop up but I havn't seen one for ages. Carriage Trade 60

Little Jimmy Gandy I'm not like the others ACE CROSSOVER Roulette dj 10 vg 15 vg+

Ray Gant & Arabian Knights Don't leave me baby Fantastic version of the Maxine Brown Epic LP in-demander Jay-Walking 10

Lee Garrett See the love on your face / Searching TWO superb mid-tempo steppers.Stained label. Vinyl EX.Recommended American First Record Corporation 30

Gloria Gaynor This love affair GREAT 70s DANCER. MINT Gernan Polydor promo only 45 with printed sleeve. Inc 4 min. long version. Polydor pic sleeve 35

The Georgettes CD2 Hard, hard /Would you rather Quality northern backed with superb mid-tempo ballad (this is the side I bought it for!!) Yodi 70

Ghetto Children CD1 It's not easy to say goodbye/Don't take your sweet love away Great double header - 70's crossover dancer. Single 'X' on label Roulette dj 100

Bobby Glenn CD2 LP 'Shout it out' Inc the superb 'Hey love' LP only track. HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDLast copy Koala 50

Gary Glenn Cause I love you Stepper / mid tempo from 1980 PPL 12

Freddie Gorman Love had seen us through Stepper great LA Recs dj 12

Freddie Gorman Love had seen us through Great stepper Rene 10 vg+

Rita Graham CD2 LP 'Vibrations' Inc the GREAT ' My cup runneth over' which used to be played by Richard Searling. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. In shrink Tangerine(TRC) 20

Grand Theft How could you be so cold Awesome 70's midtempo HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDRecently featured on an 'Underground' soul comp. Honey 25

Byrdie Green Don't make it hurt tremendous powerfull mid tempo/ballad Hallmark 12

Linda Griner*** CD1 Goodbye cruel love / Envious superb motown double headerNice white DJ. Clean label.Record still has it's sheen'Cruel love' side looks vg+ with surface marks but plays really well.- virtually an EX player 'Envious' has more marks and plays vg+ clearing to strong vg+.Linda when on to become LYN ROMAN. Motown 225 vg+

Beres Hammond CD2 LP 'Soul reggae' Inc the SUPERB modern dancer 'Don't wait too long'Identical reissue of his rare debut LPHIGHLY RECOMMENDED Water Lily/Arco(identical reissue) 20

Leon Haywood Consider the source The awesome 60's version before the 70's version on 20th Century. Mint unplayed in factory sleeve Capitol ISSUE 65

Hodges, James & Smith Let's pick up the pieces / Write a letter ace 70's with great ballad B side Mpingo 40

Hodges, James, Smith, & Crawford I'm in love / Nobody great double header. Punchy dancer backed with funky soul Mpingo dj 35 iss 35

Holland-Dozier feat. Brian Holland' Slipping away / Can't get enough(inst) Slipping away has all the usual Invictus production that you'd expect Invictus 10

P.S. Don't forget - Guarantee your next list and pay some subs. I only ask for the cost of your stamp! Many thanks,Paul

Mary Holmes I need your lovin' real crossover dancer.Nice white DJ Philly Groove dj 35

Phyllis Hyman Baby (I'm gonna love you) superb stepper Dessert Moon 15 iss 15 dj

Frederick Hymes III*** Time ain't gonna do me no favor Total monster 60's dancer. This was a £1000+ record that I dreamed of owning but thankfully some copies were found last year. Drying up now.(look what happened to Betty Lloyd's - I'm catching on on BSC - it's back up to £400+. TWO COPIES ONLY Fab Vegas 150

I.N.D. I'm not ready SUBERB sweet stepper. Momisey 25

The Impressions Sooner or later midtempo groover - Leroy Hutson feel all over this great record RECOMMENDED Curtom 10

The Impressions Wherever she leadeth me mid-tempo dancer. Terry Jones always played this down 'THE NORFOLK VILLAGE" also 1 copy tiny edge crack NAP Curtom 12m- 3 vg

Infinity Keep it to yourself sooooo soulful Fountain 5

The Intruders CD2 A nice girl like you Lovely 70's dancer - all the Philly production, strings and things that you would expect. TSOP 15

The Invitations They say the girls crazy great 70's classic dancer Silver Blue 12m- 6 vg+

The Jaedes CD2 LP 'same' Inc 'Big surprise' ACE 70'S DANCER+ "uh, what did I do" & "what'll it take to make you happy" + "teach me a lesson" + others Athena 60

Ray Jimenez Leave her alone Great 60's midtempo - well recommended Columbia dj 60 vg+

Ernie Johnson CD2 Big man cry Modern dancer - this is ripe to go!! Steph & Lee 35

Nia Johnson You are the spice of my life Very soulful mid-tempo 70's.A QUALITY record for £8. Mainstream 8

Albert Jones***** CD2 You and your love Fantastic crossover gemCanadian Only release. GREAT ON A 45!!! NICE PRICE ON THIS(LP available aswell - ASK)Last TWO copies. Candy Apple 40

Salena Jones*** CD2 LP 'Talking 'bout... Inc the awesome version of ' Am I the same girl'. UK only LP.By the way - I just found a 45 of 'Am I the same girl' on a rare Dutch 45 - I didn't know this existed!!!!!! Columbia UK 60

Linda Jones & Whatnauts I'm so glad I found you SUPERB northern dancerrecommended Stang 12

Willard King CD2 Lady be mine left field 70's groover - great vocal Capitol 25

Lew Kirton Come on with it / Do what you want Great soul Southern feel A side Ace monster ballad B sideboth highly recomm. Marlin 10

Krystal Generation Wanted dead of alive / Every man seems to be for himself rare groove sound. Very similar to the Voices of East Harlem's version on 'Just Sunshine'. B side is funky soul. EX copy Mister Chand 20 ex

Major Lance Girl, come on home nice white dj copy Volt dj 5 vg+

Betty LaVette CD1 You made a believer out of me 70's midtempos like this just don't turn up anymore. Also VG+ copy. Light crackles on intro - clears to an EX player Epic 100 m- 75 vg+

Lazerus CD1 LP only track Includes the UNKNOWN MONSTER MID-TEMPO DANCER 'Brown Eyes'. Discovered by a friend Charlie M from London who discovered Beres Hammond 'Do this world a favour' & John Valenti 'Why don't we fall in love". A future one for the 'Soul Essence' crowd I'm sure!!!! 75

Pat Livingston CD1 Take me now or leave me be forever WONDERFUL CROSSOVER.(I'll be keeping this if it doesn't sell!!!) Wilstone 225

Candace Love I wanna get back 'Bridges, Knight, Eaton" produced mid-tempo Aquarius 8

The Lovelites Love so strong / Oh my love Classic Girl Group - a blind buy if you don't know it 20th Century 25

Lovettes CD2 I need a guy One of the strongest girl group dancers I've heard. Not really known until it appeared on the Carnival compilation CDSEVERELY RECOMMENDED Carnival 75

Barbara Lynn ***** Trying to love two In demand dancer Ichiban 65

Donny Mann I'm a weak man / Try me Two great mid-tempo sidesRecommended Wooden Nickel 25

Little Milton CD2 Survivors of love Great soul stepper. Meir 15

POSTAGE RATES? - see bottom of list

N'Cole You're gonna need this love mid/uptempo dancer - this guy can SING!! Millenium 15

Little Natalie & Henry Teardrops are falling northern dancer - drill hole. Roulette 20

Natural Four Try love again / Can this be real Rare groove double header. Leroy Hutson strikes again2nd copy Scratch on B not affecting play Curtom 85 vg+

The Naturals CD2 DA-DA-DA (I love you) On one of the modern soul CD'sgreat group soul Quadran 35

Nature's Devine I just can't control myself Superb mid-tempo 80's Infinity 5

The Naturelles Show me the way nice mid-temp Venture 10

Vicki Nelson Stoney face reissue Discovery 5

Neo Experience CD2 Human Slick well produced 70's dancer Sahara 30

New Testament Band Say yes modern soul midtempo from1981.Tiny independent label Tablet 20

The Newcomers CD2 Open up your heart (let me in) 70's crossover dancerNice VOLT white DJ aswell Volt iss15 dj 20

The Newday Wait a minute 70's dancer On Top 10

Ollie Nightingale I don't know why I love you Stunning soul - IF YOU DON'T KNOW IT, BUY THIS BLIND(covered on a 90's 12" by Lyn White)copy has paper mark in vinyl - 10 clicks in middle of record - nothing too bad at all Memphis 20 vg+

Ninth Creation CD1 I'm still your friend / Skin it back MONSTER stepper backed with a great funk piece.Nice white dj Clarama dj 125

The Ninth Creation CD2 Sexy girl 70's group grooverRARE ON UK 45 Pye UK 10

Niteflyte CD2 All about love Early 80s - tremendous. Howard Johnson on lead vocals.RECOMMENDED Ariola 20

The Notations CD2 I can't stop Top notch 70's group dancer Twinight 40 ex 25 vg+ 12 g

The Numonics CD2 You lied / Forever and a day SUPERB 80's double header A side is a great midtempo in the same vein as Mella - "free" and the B side is an uplifting 70's group dancer - all the strings and horns in the right places.RECOMMENDED Hodisk 30

Odds & Ends Let me try Great mid tempo MINT- or1 copy off centre. I have made a cardboard centre plays m- Today 15 m- 8 vg

Odyssey Our lives are shaped by what we love One of the great cuts from the LP. Nice white dj. Mowest dj 45

Odyssey LP 'same' Inc the SUPERB 'Our lives are shaped by what we know' and the OUTSTANDING DANCER 'Battened ships' STILL IN SHRINK! Mowest 70

Original Breed The prophet GREAT punchy 70's crossover soulRECOMMENDED Karol 30 m- 20 vg+

The Originals I'm someone who cares Great early 70s dancer. Fantastic record that my wife keeps playing over and over and over again.NEEDS PLAYING Soul 15

Out-Of-Sights My woman's love KILLER group sound - highly recommended. Produced by Lou Ragland Saru 40

C.B. Overton Superstar lady under-rated 70's dancer - great cheap tune!! Shock 10

Paradise*** Tell her Ace modern soul. The pen-ultimate record on the label. £150 on Manship Phil-LA of Soul 80 iss 80 dj

Jeff Perry Call on me Ace modern dancer. A record that has just DISAPPEARED. I have not seen one for sale for a very long time Epic dj 75

The Pockets Come go with me classic uplifting 70's dancer Columbia dj 8

The Pretenders***** I call it love / It's everything about you MONSTER DOUBLE SIDED DANCERRare & in-demand 70's version of "I call it love". The B side is just as good, if not better!!!!!Two outstanding 70's dancers(a slow version of 'call it love" came out in 60's as Carnival 550 - this is the FAR FAR better Carnival 560) Carnival 100

Rideout CD1 Someone special Top notch dancer - I'm told this is getting some plays Hotlicks 150

David Ruffin LP 'Everything's coming up love' inc 'Everything's coming up love' , "discover me". Quality LP Motown 12

Johnny Scott Let me be a winner modern dancer - greatRecord was released with two different intros. This copy has the percussion intro. Portra (percussion intro) 25

Bobby Shannon*** CD1 I get my groove from you / You're an uplift Great double header. A side is more punchy than Bobby Patterson's on Paula. The B side is a TUUUNNNE aswell.Some copies turned up in a charity shop in the US about 3 years ago but have all just disappeared into collections Tomar 150

Sho-Nuff Hold on for love Modern dancer from 1984 Jamila 40

Silk CD2 Falling in love isn't easy Great girl group sound. Nice yellow dj. recommended. Looks VG+ with a few scuffs BUT PLAYS EX Decca dj 50 vg+

Silk CD2 I can't stop (turning you on) SHEER CLASS - top quality stepper and THEE track of the LP. (this group were previously called 'Anglo Saxon Brown") PIR 30

Vessie Simmons CD1 Better to bend than break Quality crossover dancer Simco 125

Nancy Sinatra CD2 Kinky love RARE - GREAT soul tinged with jazz.HIGHLY recommended promo only release of a track that was banned in the UK due to the lyrics. Private Stock dj 50 iss 50 dj

Sly, Slick & Wicked CD2 Surely, is you is or is you ain't my baby Superb group dancer from John Wilson (AKA Sly) and Co. Paramount dj 60

Sly, slick & wicked*** CD1 Ready for you / Sho'nuff The very rare issue with both sides - great 2 sider. Great dancer with rare groove B side. EX copy People ISSUE 100

O.C. Smith CD2 LP 'At home' Inc the best version of 'Color him father'. Columbia 20

Smoke Have I really lost you Nice 45 off the rare 'Risin'" LP J.Bridge 12

Smoke*** LP 'Risin' inc 'So glad you came along' - fantastic dancer. Huge fave of mine. ULTRA RARE ORIGINAL LPVG copy with quite a few marks & taped seams. Plays with some crackles. Would be £200+ otherwise.Comes with a photocopy of this LP's promotional poster and I'll throw in a copy of the only single from the LP 'Have I really lost you' J-Bridge 120 vg

IMPORTANT: I use 1st class post to send lists to people that pay subs or buy something. EVERYONE ELSE WILL REMAIN ON 2ND CLASS. SUBS = £1.50 for 5 lists please. Foreign £3 for 6 lists.NEW: Subs inc. 1st class list + sample CD £5 for 3 lists

The Spidells*** CD2 Pushed out of the picture Rare on US but doubley so on CANADIAN Coral. MINT unplayed.Has small clean drill hole Coral(Canadian) 120

The Spinners LP 'Love trippin' Inc 'I just want to fall in love'Great dancer Atlantic 10

Ed Summers I can tell A great 70's dancer - same backing as Joe Anderson - 'You & I' Soya 30

Sheryl Swope CD2 One moment Semi known MEGA mid-tempo dancer. Just waiting to be played by someone. Duo 80 m- 60 vg+

T.H.E.M. The time is now superb midtempo stepperRECOMMENDED Hawk 20

The T.S.U. Tornadoes Got to get through to you Outstanding crossover dancer - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Atlantic iss 20 dj 12 vg+

The Tams CD2 Precious moment Very obsure release on this beach label. Really nice late 70s/early 80's midtempo dancer. Sounds South 40

Howard Tate Half a man Good 60's - plays very well Verve 5 vg

Emanuel Taylor You're the one for me / Remember me always another good side Bernard 12

June Taylor Pick up the pieces / Jealous heart two great sides Music Now 15

Kirk Taylor*** CD2 I'm the one that needs you FANTASTIC version of Pep Brown 'I'm the one who loves you' on Polydor. Rawer and better version on Kirk's own label! RECOMMENDED! KT Co. 100

Ted Taylor CD2 I want to be a part of you soulful version - mid pacer Ronn dj 8

Irma Thomas A woman will do wrong/ I gave you everything nice ballad Chess 5

Sonny Til CD2 Tears and misery getting harder & harder. Quality tune RCA dj 45

The Topics Try a little love nice group 45. NB I have this identical track by The Enchanted Five on CVS. Are these the Topics???? Heavy Duty 15

True Additions Pretending / Who's complaining ace 60's group harmonies midtempo Grassroots 35

True Image It aint fair obscure pic sleeve release from Holland TK pic sleeve 5

Spyder Turner I can't make it anymore all time classic northern - sounds far far better than many of the £100+ northern tunes. Plays VG+ MGM 5 vg

Joe Valentine*** CD1 I've lost the only love I've ever had FANTASTIC 60's dancer - one of my al time favoriites. VG but plays great Val 250 vg

Vanesse & Carolyn*** Goodbye song AWESOME midtempo/stepperAs good if not better than the immense Crystal Clear-Stay with me Polydor 100

Bobby Wade CD2 I'm in love with you superb mid-tempo Way Out 35

J.W. Wade (you know) It's natural nice 80's Larc dj 15

Len Wade CD2 Which way do I go Bloody brillliant 60's mid-temposemi known - sure to go UA dj 35 vg

Shirley Wahls Why am I crying northern classic King 60

Gloria Walker My precious love great midtempo backed with hard funk People 15 m- 10 vg+ 8 vg

Fletcher Walker III CD2 Guess I'll never understand Bloody hell!!! One of the all time immense ballads. Spine tingling stuff by Fletcher AKA Ronnie Walker.Load of calls last time I had this Paramount 70

Sir Wales Wallace What ever you want clean uncluttered 70's midtempo - nice IR Innovation2 15

Wales Wallace*** We're not happy / That ain't the way TWO great side. Monster crossover.Couple of small marks on the 'Happy' side. Nothing bad at all Bashie ex 75

Pattie Ward (Girls) You have to wait for love great crossover soul. This one used to be around but you just don't see it any more. Road 35

Leon Ware What's your name Great 70's dancer Fabulous 10

Leon Ware Rocking you eternally GREAT on a 45!!Tracks like this are just hard to find nowadays!!!!!!!!!!! Elektra 20

Dee Dee Warwick It's not fair Definitely one of my favotite female artistes Mercury 6

Dee Dee Warwick I'll be better off without you powerfull ballad/builder. Mercury 15

Dee Dee Warwick Where is that rainbow CROSSOVER ace dancerTough on a 45 now. Mercury 45

Johnny Watson It's better to cry MONSTER - previously unreleased version of The Appreciations on SPORT. This is an awesome record - highly recommended. Valise 35

Weapons of peace LP 'Same' Inc 'This life's (about to get me down)potential monster modern soul here. Playboy dj dj time strip 20

Larry Wedgeworth*** No more games Another TOP CLASS dancer from 1980 Groovehall 60

Mary Wells You lost the sweetest boy Ace motown dancer Motown 10 m- 8 vg+

Lenny Welsh Run to my lovin arms northern - big production Kapp iss or dj 15

Kim Weston That's groovy Mid tempo crossover MGM 8

The Whatnauts Giving up / I wasn't there great version - 70's group GSF 12

Michele White LP 'Sweet innocent' Yet another label out of the TK camp and it shows in the production. Includes some great tracks - 'Closer' is a great dancer & 'It's you my baby' a superb mid-tempo. Sunshine Sound 40

John Gary Williams I believe the whole damn world is going crazy Rare 45 release of this midtempo dancer Stax(promo stamp) 100

Lenny Williams Look up with your mind Great underrated dancer.Sure to hike in price if played ABC UKABC US dj 20

Mel Williams Promises, promises, promises Big production 60's with great vocals by Mel. Star 70

Porgy Williams Lonely man's hum Superb 70's retake. Far better version that builds and builds.This is Sylves #100 and not #123 Sylves #100(silver label) 40

Wilson Williams 12" I like being in love with you' The best cut from his LP. Great dancer. ABC 20

Al Wilson CD2 Be concerned /I've got a feeling. TWO outstanding super soulful mid-tempos . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Playboy USA 10 m- 6 vg+

George Wilson Here stands the man who needs you SUPERB - this is an outstanding crossover tune - BLIND BUY Black Circle 30

Jackie Wilson I've lost you Monster 60's dancer BOTH JACKIE W TRACKS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Brunswick 8

Jackie Wilson I don't want to lose you / Just be sincere Two of the best 60's dancers that you will ever hear back to back!!!!!! Brunswick 10

Jackie Wilson LP 'This love's for real' Inc 'This love's for real' & 'Love uprising' Brunswick 20

Nancy Wilson Are we losing touch RECOMMENDED mid-tempo Capitol 15 dj 20

Obrey Wilson If you were there northern dancer Columbia dj 25

Ruby Winters**** Better Tremendous 60's northern dancer - the rarest of her Diamond outings. Water damaged label. Plays EX Diamond 75 vg

Bobby Womack LP 'Home is where the heart is' Inc the GREAT LP only track 'Something for my head'.Great mint white DJ LP Columbia White DJ LP 25

Betty Wright LP 'This time for real' Inc ' That man of mine'Massive demand for this track.2nd copy is on a rare UK.EVERONE thought that the 45's would turn up BUT they didn't. Alston (US) 50 TK (UK) 60

Betty Wright CD2 LP 'Betty Wright' Inc ' I like your lovin' & the great stepper 'Make me love in the rain" Epic 25

Zulema Just look what you've done uptempo dancer - short version side is Mint, long version side looks ex -has light crackles RCA dj 5


First 45=£1.40 then 20P each REC DEL or registered £4 (upto 8 45s) over 8 = £5

First LP/12"=£2.50 then 50p each REC DEL or registered £5 (upto 3 LPs) over 3 = £6.30

Foreign: at cost - please ask (eg 1x45 airmail to Europe= £1.50 1x45 airmail to Japan= £2)

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