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End Of Week Sales

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Hi All

Some sales for you......

Set sale with some reduced, some relisted and some new

Excellent or better unless stated.

Let me know by PM if interested.

Paypal available if you accept the charges.

Happy to listen to offers or give a discount for multiples



Beverly And Del Capris: Mama I Think I'm In Love (Columbia WDJ) £125

In demand 60's Girl group midtempo dancer

Bloodstone: You Know We've Learned (London) £20

Great 70s double header

Bogis Chimes: I Think You'll Find (Champ) £30

Unknown. Will go big

Boss Four: Walkin By (Rim) £50

Stafford classic

Maxine Brown: Now That You've Gone (Nomar) £20

Great early dancer

Billy Butler: You're Gonna Be Sorry (Okeh WDJ) £20

Quality Chicago Northern

Yvonne Carroll: Please Don't Go Now (Vee Jay) £100

Superb 60's midtempo

Carolyn Cooke: I Don't Mind (RCA WDJ) £60

In demand feelgood dancer

Gene Chandler: Let Me Make Love To You (20th Cent) £10

Popular modern dancer

Channel 3: Sweetest Thing (Dakar WDJ) £125

Alltime classic

Continental 4: The Way I Love You (Jay Walking) £40

In demand dancer

Crampton Sisters: I Didn't Know What Time It Was (DCP International) £20

Popular early dancer

Maxine Crayton: Don't Take Your Love (Steeltown) £25

Great crossover/Northern

Tony Daniels: How Lonely (Sport) £20

Bargain. Uptempo Detroit Northern

Delfonics: I Told You So (Philly Groove) £20

Classic midtempo

Lamont Dozier: Breaking Out All Over (ABC) £15

Classic 70's dancer

Embers: Just Crazy About You Baby (EEE) £125

In demand Northern

Emotions: I Can't Stand No More Heartaches (Brainstorm) £15

Overlooked Northern dancer

Roy Hamilton: The Panic Is On (MGM) £100


Incredibles: I Can't Get Over Losing Your Love (Audio Arts) £20

Overlooked Northern dancer

Jackson Sisters: I Believe in Miracles (Prophesy WDJ) £50

Classic Modern

Cookie Jackson: Do You Still Love Me (Progress) £200

Bargain: Classic nighter sound

Robert John: Raindrops, Love and Sunshine (A+M) £40

Feelgood dancer. In demand

Syl Johnson: I've Got To get Over (TMP-ting) £15

Uptempo Northern

Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr: You're Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer (Capsoul) £15

Quality crossover

Colette Kelly: City Of Fools (Volt WDJ) £25

In demand Northern

Knight Bros: Temptation 'Bout To Get Me (Checker) £25

Midtempo 60's

Liz Lands: One Mans Poison (One-derful) £15

Great RnB

Otis Leavill: Why, Why, Why (Dakar WDJ) £40

Great version

Keni Lewis: Not The Marrying Kind (white Label) £25

Unissued Shrine

Little Anthony: Nothing From Nothing (Pure Gold) £25

Popular crossover

Little Anthony: Hurt So Bad (DCP PIC Sleeve) £20

Classic. Nice with pic sleeve

Donna Loren: Blowing Out The Candles (Capitol pic sleeve) £50

Popular 60's

Lori Ann: Darling Say No (Melron) £15

Bargain. Midtempo 60's

Lost Family: Blow My Mind (Music Bag) £30

Quality crossover dancer

Ronnie Love: Chills and Fever (Dot) £20

Popular RnB

Love Devotion and Happiness: Joy Sweet Joy (Peu Jardin) £15

Great 70's. Bargain price

Brad Lundy: Breaking Point (Lundy) £70

Class midtempo 60s

Mandrill: Too Late (Arista WDJ) £30

Slight hiss at start only

Peggy March: Losing My Touch (RCA WDJ) £20

Awesome 60's

Barbara Mason: Ain't Got Nobody (Arctic) £25

Great dancer. Canadian copy

Barbara Mason: Bobby Is My Baby (Arctic) £20

In demand 60's dancer. VG+

Mighty Marvellos: Talking Bout Ya Baby (ABC) £25

In demand 60's dancer

George + Gwen McCrae: Winners Together, Losers Apart (Cat) £25

Superb 70's

Miracles: If Your Mother Only Knew (Tamla) £30

Popular Motown

Miracles: I'll Try Something New (Tamla) £20

The version

The Mob: I Dig Everything About You (Colossus) £20

Great crossover

Johnny Nash: You Never Know (MGM) £20

In demand 60's dancer

Montclairs: Unwanted Love (Paula) £20

Overlooked gem

Jeff Perry: Unforgettable Person (Arista) £20

Great 70s dancer

Jeff Perry: Love Don't Come No Stronger (Arista WDJ) £20

Popular 70's

Oscar Perry: Mainstring (Peri-Tone) £30

Popular 70's

Philly Devotions: Just Can't Say Goodbye (Columbia) £10

Classic 70's dancer

The Platters: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil (Musicor) £20

Northern classic

Razzy: I Hate Hate (Aquarian) £20

Popular 70s dancer

Jimmy Robbins: I Can't Please You (Jerhart) £20

Classic Northern

Ruby And The Romantics: Much Better Off Than I've Ever Been (Kapp) £20

Classic Northern

Sandy and The Pebbles: He's My Kind of Fellow/My Foolish Little Heart (Mercury) £40

In demand Northern

Neil Sedaka: Too Late (RCA) £20

In demand Northern/RnB

The Sierras: I'll Believe it When I See it (Goldisc) £25

Early girl group dancer

Joe Simon: Long Hot Summer (Monument) £15

In demand Northern/RnB

Spinners: I'll Be Around (Atlantic) £15

Popular 70's

Sunday: Ain't Got No Problems (Alteen) £40

Popular crossover

Supremes: He's All I Got (Tamla Motown) £25

Nice on British

EG Taylor: You Made Me Mad (Val) £15

Under-rated Northern

Third Avenue Blues Band: If You Don't Love Me (Revue) £15

Popular crossover

TSU Tornados: What Good Am I (Atlantic) £25

Pure class

TSU Tornados: Only Inside (Ovide) £20

Popular crossover

Sundray Tucker: If It Was Me (TKO) £25

Popular 70's

Tommy Vann: Give A Little Bit (Acadamy WDJ) £20

Wales Wallace: Somebody I Know (BRC) £20

Popular 70's

Baby Washington: Leave Me Alone (Sue) £20

Popular Northern

Baby Washington: That's How Heartaches are Made (Sue) £20

The version

Baby Washington: Run My Heart/Your Fool (Sue) £20

Great 60's double header

Dorothy Williams: Watchdog (Volt) £50

Great RnB

TJ Williams: Baby I Need You (Josie) £275

Huge at the moment

Wilmer and The Dukes: Give Me One More Chance (Aphrodisiac) £20

Great over-looked Northern

Flora Wilson: Dancing On A Daydream (Soulvation Army) £25

Popular 70's

Timothy Wilson: Just Another Guy on a String (Buddah) £15

Popular 70's

Bobby Womak: So Many Sides of You (Motown pic sl) £40

Popular 70's

Worlds Funkiest Band: When You're Alone (California Gold) £20

Great crossover

Betty Wright: Man Of Mine (Alston) £40

Popular 70's

Gail Wynters: You Don't Have To Be In Love (Hickory WDJ) £20

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