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Unreleased Brooks O'dell Acetate On Ebay

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I've currently got a copy of a very unique item up on eBay, an original studio acetate of Brooks O'Dell's unreleased album. Please take a look and listen here:


In addition, I've got 124 LPs and one big disco 12-inch (Rhythm Makers' "Zone") on eBay, all with photos and audio. Lots of rarities, obscure private LPs, and some crisp copies of classics.

Take a minute to listen, and if you have any questions send me a PM or email me at



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Bump! Just two days to go....

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Not trying to rain on your eBay parade, and not that it reflects in any way on its desirability as a collectable - but I should point out that, contrary to what it says in your eBay listing, 100% of the tracks on this Brooks O'Dell acetate album were issued on the Kent CD....


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