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Guest CounterClock

Medium Rare Ns Stuff Closing Tomorrow

Guest CounterClock

Counter-Clock Records - see my store for all of the below titles in the Northern Soul section

eBay Store (link)

The Pacesetters Wink 45 RPM Ronnie's Beat LISTEN

The Counts Mercury 45 RPM Teen-age Guy and Gal LISTEN

Tizzy Lish Crest 45 RPM Reducing LISTEN

Ruth McFadden Sure Shot 45 RPM I'll Cry LISTEN Promo

Jimmy Radcliffe Shout 45 RPM Lucky Old Sun LISTEN Promo

S Q Reeder Esquerita 45 RPM Two Ton Tessie LISTEN Promo

Chubby Checker 45 RPM Cu Me La Be-Stay LISTEN Promo

Harold Betters Gateway 45 RPM Tall Guy LISTEN WLP 1side

Vickie Baines Parkway 45 RPM Losing You LISTEN Promo

Frank Armstrong Stingers Mod 45 RPM Holler LISTEN Promo

Honey Love Cameo 45 RPM We Belong Together Promo

The Compliments Congress 45 RPM Sunshine LISTEN Promo

Richie Barrett Swan 45 RPM I Will Love You LISTEN Promo

Baby Washington Sue 45 RPM Your Fool LISTEN Promo

Clifton White SAR 45 RPM Theme Of Tomorrow LISTEN Promo

Ricky Randall Peacock 45 RPM Donisha LISTEN Promo

Joseph Moore Mar-V-lus 45 RPM I Still Can't Get To You

Don Fletcher Peacock 45 RPM I'm So Glad LISTEN Promo

Pearl Woods Pel-Nor 45 RPM Fool Like Me LISTEN Promo

Tami Young Modern 45 RPM I Don't Wanna Lose You LISTEN

The Escorts TEO 45 RPM Turn On Your Love Light LISTEN

Jackie Day Modern 45 RPM Got My Baby LISTEN Promo

Arthur K Adams 45 RPM I'm Lonely For You LISTEN Promo

Fascinations Mayfield 45 RPM Say It Isn't So LISTEN

Johnny Adams Modern 45 RPM One Day LISTEN Promo

Ernie K-Doe Duke 45 RPM Boomerang LISTEN Promo

Teacho Okeh 45 RPM Chills And Fever LISTEN Promo

Clip Tower Pel-nor 45 RPM Is It Love LISTEN

Little Beaver CAT 45 RPM Funkadelic Sound LISTEN

The Druids Thunderbird 45 RPM Doctor Friend LISTEN

Ric Martin MGM 45 RPM I Traveled The Road LISTEN Promo

The Edsels Roulette 45 RPM Rink-A-Din-Ki-Do LISTEN

The Dubs Gone 45 RPM Could This Be Magic LISTEN

The Dubs Gone 45 RPM Beside My Love LISTEN

The Buddies Comet 45 RPM Hully Gully Mama LISTEN Promo

Bob Currie Strand 45 RPM Count Seven Stars LISTEN

Googie Rene Combo 45 RPM Mercy-Mercy LISTEN

Junior Parker Mercury 45 RPM All Over Me LISTEN

The Ovations Goldwax 45 RPM Dance Party LISTEN

The Conductor Jamie 45 RPM Pony Train LISTEN

The Leverett Sisters 45 RPM A Place For Me LISTEN Promo

Jimmy Robins Kent 45 RPM It's Real LISTEN Promo

James Davis Duke 45 RPM Ain't It Great LISTEN Promo

Naomi Wilson Swan 45 RPM I'm So Young LISTEN Promo

The Delegates World Pacific 45 RPM Little Mama LISTEN

Pearlean Gray DCP 45 RPM Let Them Talk LISTEN Promo

The Peps D-Town 45 RPM This I Pray LISTEN Promo

Maskedman Cap-Tans Ru-Jac 45 RPM Love Can Do Wonders PS

Mask Man Northern Soul w/ Rare Misprint Pic Slve LISTEN

The Halos Congress 45 RPM Since I Fell For You LISTEN

Gary US Bonds LeGrand 45 RPM That Kind Of Guy LISTEN

Eddie & Ernie Eastern 45 RPM Time Waits For No One

Van & Titus Elf 45 RPM The Vulture LISTEN

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