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Guest CounterClock

Medium Rare Ns Stuff Closing Tonight And This Week

Guest CounterClock

Counter-Clock Records - see my store for all of the below titles in the Northern Soul section

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Wilbert Harrison Sphere 45 RPM My Love LISTEN Promo

The Vibrations 45 RPM Finding Out The Hard Way LISTEN

The Jewels Dimension 45 RPM But I Do LISTEN Promo

Shelby Flint Valiant 45 RPM The Lilly LISTEN Promo

The Soul Trippers Prov 45 RPM King Bee LISTEN Promo

Tyrone (The Wonder Boy) 4 Brothers 45 RPM Suffer LISTEN

Titus Turner Okeh 45 RPM What Kinda Deal Is This LISTEN

Maskedman Cap-Tans Ru-Jac 45 RPM Love Can Do Wonders PS

Mask Man Northern Soul w/ Rare Misprint Pic Slve LISTEN

Barbara Lynn Jamie 45 RPM It's Better To Have It LISTEN

Joe Haywood Kent 45 RPM I Wanna Love You LISTEN

Sammy Turner 45 RPM I Wanna Love You LISTEN

Jimmy Holiday Dipolmacy 45 RPM The New Breed LISTEN

Arlene Bailey 45 RPM Conversations In The Street LISTEN

The 3 Degrees Swan 45 RPM Look In My Eyes LISTEN Promo

Afro-Blues Quintet Mirwood 45 RPM Walk On By LISTEN

The Falcons Atlantic 45 RPM Oh Baby LISTEN Promo

Jim and Monica Betty 45 RPM Slipin' N Slidin LISTEN

Ray Allen and the Embers Sinclair 45 RPM Wibble LISTEN

The Falcons UA 45 RPM You'e So Fine LISTEN Promo

Jimmy Hughes Fame 45 RPM Know How To Hurt A Guy LISTEN

Robert Knight Dot 45 RPM Because LISTEN

Verna Williams 45 RPM Wrong Number Right Girl LISTEN

Brothers Of Love Blue Rock 45 RPM Check My Love LISTEN

The Chevrons Brent 45 RPM Day After Forever LISTEN

The Persuaders Carlton 45 RPM Viva El Matador LISTEN

Donna Lynn Capitol 45 RPM Beatle Haircut LISTEN

Mitty Collier Chess 45 RPM Don't You Forget It LISTEN

Kellie Greene 20th 45 RPM Move On LISTEN Promo

The Challengers Vault 45 RPM K-39 LISTEN Promo

Barbara Mason Arctic 45 RPM Yes, I'm Ready LISTEN Promo

Ernie-K-Doe Duke 45 RPM Boomerang LISTEN

Little Richard Modern 45 RPM Baby What You Want LISTEN

Lee Rogers D-Town 45 RPM You Won't . . . XMAS LISTEN

Vernon Harnell Scone 45 RPM Daisy Daisy LISTEN

The Diplomettes Diplomacy 45 RPM Diplomacy LISTEN Promo

Sandy Borden Diplomacy 45 RPM Stand By Me LISTEN Promo

The Flamingos End 45 RPM Heavenly Angel LISTEN

Frank Evans & Regents Olen 45 RPM What Can I Do LISTEN

Ted Taylor Okeh 45 RPM Daddy's Baby LISTEN Promo

Barbara Lewis Atlantic 45 RPM End Of Time LISTEN Promo

Sam Cooke - Cooke's Tour LP Mono

Dave "Baby" Cortez - The Happy Organ LP Living Stereo

Jame Taylor - self titled LP Apple UK Import

The Halos Congress 45 RPM Since I Fell For You LISTEN

Gary US Bonds LeGrand 45 RPM That Kind Of Guy LISTEN

Eddie & Ernie Eastern 45 RPM Time Waits For No One

Van & Titus Elf 45 RPM The Vulture LISTEN

Joseph Moore Mar-V-lus 45 RPM I Still Can't Get To You

Sweet Sweet Find . . . Near Perfect Copy . . . LISTEN

Daddy G Le Grand 45 RPM Moonlight In Vermont LISTEN

Ruby Johnson Nebs 45 RPM Here I Go Again LISTEN

Barbara Mason Arctic 45 RPM Got What It Takes LISTEN

Syl Johnson Twilight 45 RPM Skinny Legs LISTEN

Prentiss McPhail Ara 45 RPM Uncle Willy Time LISTEN

Hayden Sisters Tilt 45 RPM Mr. Blues LISTEN

Starr Bros Courtland 45 RPM Don Juan LISTEN

Little Joe & Mustangs 45 RPM Love Me LISTEN

The Royaltones Old Town 45 RPM Never Let Me Go LISTEN

The Memo's 45 RPM I'm Going Home LISTEN

Junior Parker Mercury 45 RPM All Over Me LISTEN

The Ovations Goldwax 45 RPM Dance Party LISTEN

Bob Currie Strand 45 RPM Count Seven Stars LISTEN

The Buddies Comet 45 RPM Hully Gully Mama LISTEN Promo

James Davis Duke 45 RPM Ain't It Great LISTEN Promo

The Pacesetters Wink 45 RPM Ronnie's Beat LISTEN

The Counts Mercury 45 RPM Teen-age Guy and Gal LISTEN

The Delegates World Pacific 45 RPM Little Mama LISTEN

Jimmy Radcliffe Shout 45 RPM Lucky Old Sun LISTEN Promo

The Compliments Congress 45 RPM Sunshine LISTEN Promo

Ricky Randall Peacock 45 RPM Donisha LISTEN Promo

The Escorts TEO 45 RPM Turn On Your Love Light LISTEN

Ernie K-Doe Duke 45 RPM Boomerang LISTEN Promo

The Druids Thunderbird 45 RPM Doctor Friend LISTEN

The Dubs Gone 45 RPM Could This Be Magic LISTEN

The Dubs Gone 45 RPM Beside My Love LISTEN

The Raymond Rasberry Singers Savoy 45 RPM No More WLP

Gospel Northern Soul . . . LISTEN

Big Maybelle Rojac 45 RPM Mama LISTEN

Lowell Fulsom Kent 45 RPM Tramp LISTEN

Tommy Duncan Falew 45 RPM Dance Dance Dance LISTEN

Roy Lee Johnson Okeh 45 RPM Too Many Tears LISTEN

King Coleman Port 45 RPM Do The Booga Lou LISTEN

Mitty Collier Chess 45 RPM Don't Let Her Take LISTEN

The Baltimore Echoes Simpson 45 RPM Wonderful LISTEN

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