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Paypal Limited Account

My paypal account has been limited due to a dispute that took place a few weeks ago. Having settled the dispute and done everything paypal has asked off me, my account is still limited.

Does anyone know how long it takes them to lift the limitations? I've emailed them but no reply as of yet. I've got records on hold and records to pay for on ebay but my hands are tied till these knobs get it sorted.

Anyone experienced this?

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Guest Mark Holmes

I have been through the same thing but mine was because my account was hacked. I did all that they asked, emailed etc however it wasn't until I sat down and called them and physically spoke with somebody that it was resolved. Within 20 minutes I was back up and running. I think sometimes there is so much data and non human contact on paypal that things just stall or time out.

Good Luck

BTW they were very helpfull and intent on solving the issue.

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I had the same problem with a limited account.

Just like Jaxon it wasn't resolved until I phoned them.

The number i used was the Dublin Help Centre on 00353 1 436 9004.

Please be aware that this is classed as an international phone number though.

Hope it gets sorted soon.

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Cheers guys,

Rang them today and they sorted it straight away.

I found a landline number on www.saynoto0870.com so I didn't have to pay top whack either!

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