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Monkey: 22nd May not the 15 May

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Due to a unseen clash with the Broughton event, we have moved the 15 May event

It will now be held a week later on the Saturday 22nd May at the usual Springfiield Hotel A55

Drunken Monkey

Back with a vengeance

Sat 22 May 04

Main Room

A nite of in your face exciting quality rare soul featuring as always the hardest djs around

All Era Room

A room full of quality soul from all eras

Drunken Monkey Soul Club - One day we will be organised

Due to changes full final details being worked on right now - will pass on once sorted

On The Scene - Apoligies go out to all readers as due to above the date published in the May edition is wrong. Enitirely our fault

.........as said more soonest, apoligies for change but once realised our mistake there was no other choice.

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Sulk, Sulk, Sulk off to a party that night :-(((((

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