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Ralf Mehnert

For Dancers Only, Hamburg

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Great weekend!!!

Friday 11. dec.:

Nice warm-up in the `Kogge Hotel St.Pauli` bar with DJ`s Roddy Brass, Matu, Lars Bulnheim and me. Matu stayed there to dj until 10 in the morning :wicked:. Brandy, beer and Northern Soul.

Saturday 12. dec.:

`For Dancers Only` 6th anniversary at `Hafenklang` with 25+ DJ`s on 2 floors. Some really good sets by local DJ`s + again Roddy from Edinburgh packed the floors. A full venue with 450+ through the doors, free CD`s for the first 200 and lots of fun. Guests from all over the north of Germany who enjoyed every minute (especially Kubi). Big kisses to Matu, Jan and Baster who did it 10 times a year/6 years in a row.

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Great weekend!!!

...Matu stayed there to dj until 10 in the morning shades.gif...

Sounds like a really good party (once again). Wished we could have been there.

Congratulations to Jan, Baster and Matu for six years of Soul in HH.


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a big "THANK YOU" to all the Soulies and DJ's for joining our 6th anniversary Party:thumbup::):thumbup:thumbup.gif!

We had about 500 guests....and the whole DJ-Family from "Hamburg Soul City" plus our spezial guest RODDY BRASS...good.gif

Family Partys like this....are the reason to continue...

1000 hugs and kisses (only to the girls...ok hugs to the boys, too)


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There is something special about Hamburg .............................. the people !

I am still buzzing from one of the bestest times ever.

Dont change guys you got it all.

Thank you all


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