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Grosvenor Rooms Sutton

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Thank you Rob and Mark for a cracking night once again. Had a great night and looking forward to hopefully bringing a good few of my work mates next month. Once they hear the music i'm sure they will fall in love with it.

Keep the good work up & KTF


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Another great night at Grosvenor :thumbsup:

Ian G, Grey & Rob were on top form as usual :P

Ian had trouble getting me off that dance floor, must of been all those good tunes mixed with barley sugar sweets :D

Some photos are now on the Gallery :shades:

Have a Merry Christmas & see you all at Carl's Casino for New years thumbsup.gif

Edited by parkash

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:thumbup: hiya soulies ,yes we had a bangin nite at the grov ,thanks nige for startin the thread ,ijust like to say big thank you to all who turned out with the weather being bad, we still had a full house,and a big thank you to are guest deejays ian gee & knocker who played awsome spots they kept the dance floor full all nite , plus the res deejays in room 2 kyp=gaz= dave playing motown & commercial soul keepin the dance floor packed, me = rob =mark wish you all a merry xmas &a happy new year and we will see you at the grov next year ktf ricticwhistlingthumbsup.gif Edited by RICTIC

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Great to hear the night went well, as expected. We were all dressed ready to drive down when we were hit with a heavy snow fall as we set off. Couldn't even get out of the town the roads were so bad, so we cancelled the plans turned round and sat and watched tele!!! GUTTED TO HAVE MISSED IT.

Hopefully our crew from the North East will get to your venue again soon but keep up the good work. Best wishes for Xams and the New Year to all who attend this superb oldies venue.

Planning to be at Kingsway Hall on boxing night if we can dig ourselves out in time.


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Guest SoulSceneRob

Hiya all,

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the lovely people who braved the terrible weather last night. Im so sorry some of you missed the night as we were packed again, thumbsup.gif I also hope you all got home safely. Even though the weather tried to mar the night we still had over 250 in and the music kept us all warm, AWESOME spots by ALL our guests. thumbup.gif Thanks to Ian, Knocker, Gaz, Dave & Gray. Also thanks to the EMSC for the amazin floor work, thumbup.gif I must admit I was tempted to play skiing in the snow as it seemed appropriate but managed to suppress the urge. good.gif We at the Grosvenor wish you ALL the best for Christmas and hope you all have an amazing new year. yes.gifthumbup.gif

Keeping the faith ( ALWAYS )

Rob, Mark n Gray

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