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Farnborough Town Hall Reunion Night

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due to illness and a concern over travelling conditions chris and i decided to go to this local event...the raffle was for a great cause so it wasnt gonna be all bad.......i always worry about these reunion nights cos all everyone does is compare ppl to what they looked like 30 yrs ago and to be honest most of us look 60 yrs olderlaugh.gif

we were two of the first to arrive and an old mate and the nights promoter was on the door....charlie is always a nice person to see but his face said something was wrong.......they couldnt get the decks to work

chris and i sprung into action and with in 5 mins we had it all sorted...panic over

the venue soon filled up and it was obvious everyone was in party mood....well everone except mewhistling.gif

the night was always gonna be a cheesefest due to the fact there were more handbaggers than soulies

the djs filled the floor most of the night but i have to admit 20 screaming women wearing little black party dresses running on to the dancefloor arms raised does nothing for me.....unless doing this raises there dress a little too high to show off some thighwicked.gif

the place was very busy by ten pm and everyone was having a great time and big pat on the back to charlie from what looked like a who,s who of ex crooks, villains and there molls

its a nice venue with cheap drinks,clean toilets and nice facilties

best laugh of the night for me was chris thorley...a lady of a certain age kept trying to drag me on the dancefloor...after telling her my war wound story several times i tried to get chris to tell her i cant dance...good old chris told her HE LOVES DANCING and she wasnt trying hard enough..how she never pulled my arm out of its socket ill never know........i was saved when i told her i was more of a lover than a dancer


nice to see old friends really and see how they have faired over the yrs.....some were still together with there sweethearts from back in the day

always nice to see paul,lorraine,tony and wife and others that i only see every few yrs or so

all in all a good social night but musically it was youth club stuff........but it was all for a good cause so i cant knock the night

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