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Farnborough Town Hall Soul Reunion

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For those that went to Farnborough Town Hall in the early 1970's, last night was an excellent night of nostalgia that took us all back to remembering the days

of getting the bus to events, walking or hitching a lift home or waiting for a parent to pick you up discreetly.

Making sure that you got to the Town Hall before the Aldershot bus arrived, otherwise you had to queue for an hour. Not being able to buy a

drink unless you were over 21 and looked it. Dancing nonstop in lines (yes, we stood next to each other in those days not opposite), all night just like the Motown stars.

It was night of catching up with people that you had not seen for 36 years, who sometimes remembered your name but not your face or visa versa and knowing the words of every single

song as you were around when it came out the first time.

The dance floor was packed, everyone enjoyed themselves and were keen to have the details of the 2010 Farnborough Town Hall "reunion".

Happy Days

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