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Guest laura-lou

Robin Hood Club Xmas Bash

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Guest laura-lou

Even though the weather was cold and horrible...the Robin Hood Soul Club was buzzin inside!

A big thanks to Den & Ray for havin me, dad and Ben on to dj...as well as Captain Choas, Pete 'Casper' and Tezza.

It was great to see so many regulars dj and all play different tunes.

It was also great to see everyone enjoying themselves (and enjoying the buffet too thumbup.gif )

A really fantastic soul night during these horrible winter months...Cant wait to see the Robin Hood Soul Club back in the new year and going strong as ever!!!

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Love to all x

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Thanks Laura my dearhatsoff2.gif

The dj's did a cracking job Ben, Casper "n" Captain Chaos, Chris Dixon, Tezza, Laura Dixon

Sorry that our Billy couldn't make it, food to die for, thanks to all those that contributed: a big thanks goes out to Ray NO WONDER HES THAT SIZE ALL THAT CAKE.innocent.gif

After that Hoods xmas bash did we have dedication or what. We have decided after a long and lengthy meeting, that next year we are having our Party early to celebrate the festive season, like June or July thus having a Australian type Christmas with barbeque and start about 12:00 Sat Noon and run through till 1:00 Sun morning. I had it from a good source that the landlord from the Hood could supply and cook for a small fee.

Who's up for that then? thumbup.gif


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Yes a fabulous nite for sure...loved it all....even invented a new dance move called "susan's knickers have gone to Paris"!!Tee Hee. flipping SuperGirl Knickers...she can have em back!

All DJs did a fab job....Chaos never failed us....a great Chaos move....the wrong side of a record, or was that just a wrong record???CHAOS! lol

Joking aside,the nite was full of fun all the way through....the buffet was lovely, when i wasnt dancing i was eating....so i will be a few pounds heavier now.

Dennis, Ray ,Mary,you always put on a good nite...looking forward to 2010 and more soul nites and parties in the "Umble Shed"

well Pete and I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a SOULFUL NEW YEAR keep up the good work guys and see you all soon


love Susan xx

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