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Wcsc New Years Eve - Red Bar, Wakefield

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Finally dusted myself down from what has been an absolutely fantastic week of soul to write a piece about NYE at the ever impressive Red Bar, home to the Wakefield City Soul Club.

Now i dont know about you, but NYE is usually a bit of a let down for me, all the hype and then a massive anti climax. Havent enjoyed a good NYE for a few years.

My my my did all that change this year, and then some!!!

For me, WCSC @ The Red Bar is right up there with the best modern soul events on the calander, anywhere in teh globe.

Great venue, amazing people and some of the best music you're likely to hear courtesy of it's no bolloticks music policy.

We arrived quite early and i'm really glad we did as the night was a packer for sure.

Managed to sit back and relax, firing a couple of swift sherberts down to some sweet mid tempo soul from Gary and crew.

The place started filling up fast and it was great to see so many turning out to this event, which just goes from strength to strength.

Nice to chat tunes with Mr P Jones (before we both ended up worse for wear), and all teh many other people i caught up with.

The music was simply sublime all night with the jocks all on top of their game.

I thought Guests Matty Sherlock and Davy Marshall played belting spots, and the main man, Paul Collins (in fine fettle after a couple of whiskey's) was brilliant.

Chap and the other residents played some classic Red Bar anthems to get everyone in the party spirit.

Taking the trophy home though had to be Charlie Watson!! What a spankingly awsome set of 60's & 70's crossover soul, even Brett Franklin would've taken his hat off to that.

All in all, a mucking fagic night..................followed by a top notch all dayer at the Carlton Club with the same people (but that's for another thread ey!!).

Thanks to the Wakey massive for making my night a memorable one!


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