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Everything Half-Price - Lew Kirton/millie Jackson/budweiser 7"/buddy Ace/tom Brock And Loads More - All At Half-Price

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PM or email me on mail@resolutionrecords.co.uk and soundfiles / scans available upon request as too many to upload here - Chq or Paypal best pls. No fees if sending PP as gift, or we can split fees - let me know how ya wanna pay and how I should ship when you order and I'll get back to ya with a total by return - ok?

***(1) 7" singles

Brothers By Choice 'Baby You Really Got Me Going' / 'Take A Little More' (Ala / USA / 1978 / M-) *£5*

( 100% guaranteed, stone-mint copy of this awesome midtempo 70s / Northern Soul track...stunning, stunning tune - taken from their rare LP on the same label and the flip is good also...UNPLAYED COPY... )

Lew Kirton 'Heaven In The Afternoon' / 'Instrumental' (Alston / USA / 1978 / E) *£30*

( The word 'anthem' is much over-used but I think this tune merits the plaudit - it is instantly recognisable from the first few bars and the layered, rising horns and then Lew's rich vocals kick in - like taking a bath in warm Angel Delight (remember that stuff?) Unfortunately this copy is 'hissy' - still nice and loud and 100% audible and, to coin a cliched phrase, 'fine for deejaying with' on a high treble setting BUT any potential buyers should be aware that if they think they've found a perfect copy @ a bargain price of £30 (normally £100) that they haven't cos this ain't M- folks - ok? TUNE....the instrumental flip is far clearer... )

The Soul Brothers 'Keep It Up' / 'I Got A Dream' (Blue Cat / USA / 1960S / Ex) *£5*

( WDJ promo copy of this nifty Northern Soul double-sider - big 'Beat Ballad' stuff, NYC-style, with songs from Leiber/Stoller and Barry/Freenwich respectively. For lovers of the ''Big City Sound' a la Gene McDaniels, Roy Hamilton etc etc - few marks / scuffs on the wax so graded as Ex and priced accordingly... )

Cheryl Hunter 'Do It Right' (Budweiser / USA / 1985 / M-/M-) *£10*

( None of the Budweiser releases have ever been easy to find - a couple of the twelves are now nudging £1000.00 (Hotliners, Kooly, Children Of Destiny) - believe me...the series was mainly 12"-based so I therefore believe that the 7"s are, if anything, even rarer than the 12"s...!! 'Do It Right' is a lovely, lovely Modern Soul midtempo track - later covered here in the UK for the '2 Step' scene by Loretta Wood - comes in it's original Budweiser sleeve too - sounding good....99% unplayed... )

LJ Reynolds 'Key To The World' (Capitol / USA / 1981 / VG) *£3*

( Another 'anthem' and always popular at places like Caister and The Lacy Lady down the years (but don't let that put you off - just kidding!) sublime midtempo soul from LJ and a certified "all time favourite / first dance at our wedding"-type tune for many people out there...lotsa marks and intro is crackly so a long way from Mint BUT plays absolutely fine...just listened to it - a fiver is giving it away... )

Googie Rene 'Flapjacks Pts 1 & 2' (Class / USA / 1960s / Ex+) *£4*

( Nice for you AND for me when this one rolled in here again - lovely little B3 Hammond organ-led double-sider and one for the "Modernists" out there - I've got 2 copies in so first taker gets the Class custom bag too...great Club track......I'd guestimate that this is pretty early too - '62? Few light marks on wax so down from the usual £10...go straight to Pt 2... )

Bobby Glover 'Your Spell' (Columbia / USA / 1984 / Ex+) *£4*

( Again - lovely to be able to offer unusual stuff like this on 7"....strong Zapp / Roger Troutman connections here and the influences from those 2 mavericks are evident. I think Bobby only did the one LP? Well - it was a goodie and is getting danged tuff to find again and the price is escalating too....so, grab this 7" instead as it's the pick of the LP anyway - Maceo Parker's blowing his horn on here as well....what a line-up...!! White promo copy too... )

Linda Clifford 'Runaway Love' (Curtom / USA / 1978 / M-) *£3*

( Useful little 7" press for this guaranteed floor packer from Linda - clocks in at over 3 and a half minutes and will definitely save you lugging the 12" around... )

Bobby Bland 'Keep On Loving Me' (Duke / USA / 1960s / Ex+) *£3*

( Cool R&B / Soul-kinda crossover sound here from BB - produced in Detroit by Don Davis this chugs along nicely - selling this one nice and cheap as I got 4 copies in...grab a bargain... )

Buddy Ace 'It's Gonna Be Me' (Duke / USA / 1960s / VG+) *£4*

( Lovely Northern side on Buddy and one his best in my book - great stop-start rhythm and fantastic vox from the man - this copy is pretty well-worn, mind and there are lots of scuffs / marks - plays like an Ex though - still a fair price.... )

Slim Harpo 'Don't Start Crying Now' (Excello / USA / 1960s / Ex) *£4*

( Love this - rollicking R&B with that infectious shuffle beat - slight warp here which is visual only + the vinyl is well worn too but still a lovely sound...brilliant 45... )

Little Johnny Taylor 'You Win, I Lose' (Galaxy / USA / 1960s / VG+) *£4*

( Few nicer R&B items this list and I'm actually starting to get into it a lot more now....this one is another winner - uptempo and with great, raspy vocals from LJT - looks rough with plenty of marks and scuffs but plays a whole grade better - again, just a good little 45...

Thunderflash 'Comin From Me This Time' (Jam Power / USA / 1982 / M-) *£10*

( Wonderful midtempo Modern dancer taken from their rare 'Takin 'Em By Storm' LP on same (rare) label which also gave us the wicked Gift Of Dreams 'Better Days' 12" - same label, same year - very likely same people - anyways - all I know is that this 7" is rare, is a WD copy - unplayed and is stone-mint... )

Little Joe Blue 'Right There Where You Want It' (Jewel / USA / 1960s / Ex+) *£15*

( Really, really superb Funky R&B dancer - tuff to find clean...hard promo copy here too - fantastic brass and a banging rhythm section - Little Joe can belt it out too - a winner... )

Mary Love 'The Hurt Is Just Beginning' / 'If You Change Your Mind' (Josie / USA / 1960s / Ex+) *£6*

( Great voice, this lady and we get two very, very strong soul tracks for our money...topside is set at slightly slower pace with delicate backing and much more my kinda tempo thesedays while the flip is a notch quicker and with more appeal for the dancers out there - if you like femme soul, just buy this cos it's a peach and a steal @ £12 - lovely copy - has a sticker on the label which I'll remove before I ship... )

Robert Parker 'Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)' / 'Barefootin' (Nola / USA / 1960s / VG+) *£3*

( Classic Northern Soul double-sider - I prefer the less frantic 'Let's Go Baby' side nowadays whereas years ago, I'd have been happier moving around to the more uptempo 'Barefootin' side...must say this is slightly ruff folks, well-played and scuffs a-plenty - still - nice and cheap... )

Nina Simone 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' / 'A Monster' (Philips / USA / 1960s / M-) *£3*

( What a vocalist!! Her voice just turns me to jelly - as they say, she could sing the telephone book and make it sound majestic...2 good cuts here... )

Dee Dee Sharp Gamble 'Easy Money' / 'I Love You Anyway' (PIR / USA / 1980 / M-) *£3*

( Dexter Wansel-produced, all-time classic 2 Stepper - you just gotta have it - beautiful stamped promo copy too and a lovely midpaced soul track on the flip too - 100% guaranteed unplayed copy here... )

Bill Harris 'Am I Cold, Am I Hot' (RCA / USA / 1980s / M-) *£8*

(80's blue label press here All-time classic Van McCoy-produced Northern Soul - still a massive floorpacker all over the scene...and we also get The Brothers 'Are You Ready For This' on the flip which is/was another NS biggie...looks unplayed? )

Dennis Landry 'Miss Hard To Get' / 'M' m' M' m' Good' (Soul Unlimited / USA / 1972 / M-) *£5*

( Unplayed white demo of this funk/soul double-sider - topside is all guns a-blazing, go git em Deep Funk but the flip is much more interesting to my ears - midpaced slowie with lovely brass and a kinda 'Al Green' feel - well, it was 1972 and Reverend Green was bigger than almost anything else at the time... )

Milie Jackson 'A House For Sale' (Polydor / UK / 1976 / Ex) *£10*

( Slightly crackly copy so please play loud with the treble set to 11 (my Spinal Tap tribute joke!)...still always a massive floorfiller on the Northern scene and was never released as a 7" inn the USA - UK is only place to get it on a 45... )

Catherine Miller 'Don't Waste Your Time, Girl' (Tyson / USA / 1960s / M-) *£5*

( Another very, very early Patrick Adams / Harvey Miller production outta the Big Apple - much more 'straight-laced' than most of what came later in these two's career but still a very solid (and highly-rated) Crossover soul side- unplayed copy and one that makes £30 on other lists.... )

Clara Lewis 'Needing You' (Wand / USA / 1973 / M-) *£6*

( Stone mint, unplayed copy of this excellent Crossover / Northern Soul track - Tom-Tom is on his game here arranging the strings and the horns and it's a Chuck Jackson / Marvin Yancy production with a delightful break for the dancers midway in - lovely mono/stereo promo copy here too...a peach... )

***(2) 12" singles

The Detroit Spinners 'I'll Be Around' (Atlantic / UK / 1970s / M-) *£15*

( This simply HAS to be rare? I've definitely never ever had / seen this before on 12" press and the fact that it's an uncredited white promo tells me that it probably never actually got a commercial release as a 12" at all? Well - the tune itself is absolutely peerless / timeless and the fact that I have it here on a loudly-cut, promo 12" tells me that this is a superb/rare piece - no USA equivalent release exists on 12" press....this much I definitely know..... )

Linda Clifford 'Runaway Love' (CRC / UK / 1970s / Ex+) *£5*

( Cool UK issue for this monster Club Classic - tuff to find on a USA twelve...need a 7" of this? No problem - I got a few of those but this twelve is very hard nowadays...lovely copy here...almost 8:00 mins long.........

Johnny Bristol 'Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me' (Handshake / USA / 1981 / Ex+) *£6*

( Lovely on 12" - longer mix and cut nice and loud.........another Modern Soul classic on this list - Johnny B had a very, very good / deep / rich voice...... )

The Chi-Lites 'Stop What You're Doing' / 'Dub' (Private-I / USA / 1984 / Ex+) *£5*

( Great Boogie tune with a deep instrumental on the flip....nice tune....... )

Chazz 'Dancing Shoes' / 'Dub' (QiT / USA / 1981 / M-) *£10*

(Top slice of USA Disco / Boogie which has NEVER been easy to find...! If you like stuff like Billy Frazier 'Billy Who'? Then you'll like this too...M- copy kidz...private press Boogie starting to fetch big money on eBay and other sites - plenty of synth action....and mini-moogs - ya know I lurve a mini-moog! )

The Paper Dolls 'Get Down Boy' / 'Instrumental' (Tyson / USA / 1977 / M-) *£25*

( BIG TUNE.......a personal favourite of mine Patrick Adams / Harvey Miller production and even rarer here on a one-sided promo press.....very, very slight edge warp on this but doesn't affect yr enjoyment here at all - killer, killer tune..............

***(3) LPs

Frank Cunimondo Trio 'Introducing Lynn Marino' (Mondo / USA / 1960s / M/M) *£50*

( This one arrived sealed last month - maybe the last sealed copy in the world? So it HAS to be a little bit higher priced than my usual £50 / £60 - SEALED......... Mega-indemand all-over again for the killer version of 'Feelin Good' it's a complete gem...I'll split the seal before shipping this to ensure the contents are correct and in good order, ok kids? )

Phil Moore III & The Afro Latin Soultet 'Afro Brazil Oba!' (Tower / 1966 / USA / M-/M-) *£30*

( So indemand!! Everybody still wants this for the wonderful version of Marcos Valle's 'Batucada' here and the ORIGINAL version of Hugh Masakela's 'What Is Wrong With Grooving' (later covered by Letta Mbulu, Early Editions) as sung so beautifully by Leni Groves here - and I also saw this for sale @ £100 on another List earlier this month - bargain price here? You will not find a better copy, folks...totally clean )

Bar-Kays 'As One' (Mercury / USA / 1981 / M-/M-) *£5*

( Stone-mint copy of this - still in shrinkwrap and it's tight too...with the full-on, 2 Step soul sounds of 'Open Your Heart' - tune!!! )

Tom Brock I Love You More And More' (20th Century / USA / 1974 / Ex+/Ex+) *£20*

( Believe me - this LP is hard, hard to find clean nowadays...I've not had one in ages and ages...beautiful condition here with just light ringwear to sleeve front and tiny-teeny scuffs on the wax - very, very minor stuff, believe me...can ya believe that this went for almost $180 on eBay recently? Now that is an over the top figure but it just shows you that the price is rising and rising...a classic, lush and fully symphonic, peak-time Barry White production - nobody vamps like Barry, right...the 'I Love You More And More' title track has rarely ever been bettered... )

Jean Carn 'Sweet & Wonderful' (TSOP / USA / 1981 / Ex+/Ex+) *£6*

( I guess this LP is about as far removed as it's possible to get from Jean's earlier work on Black Jazz records with her then-hubbie, Doug...but - this LP still stands up well and the copy I'm selling today is completely clean and still in it's shrink....Al Johnson sings along on most of this and Norman Connors produces...loadsa nice tracks 'Sweet and Wonderful' , 'We Got Some Catching Up To Do' , 'Mystic Stranger' , 'Bet Your Lucky Star' , 'Love Don't Love Nobody'...it goes on and one - definitely this lady's strongest LP for P.I.R. - her vocal skills are completely sublime... )

The Chi-lites 'A Lonely Man' (Brunswick / USA / 1972 / Ex+/Ex+) *£10*

( Beautiful copy folks..tiniest bit of ringwear to front and vinyl is clean as a whistle...what do we get? 'Inner City Blues' (superb version!), 'Living In The Footsteps' (ace too!) and 'Oh Girl' which - if you're a Sopranos fan - will have taken on a whole new meaning for you now...cool piece...beautiful copy....treat yourself... )

Bobbi Humphrey 'The Good Life' (Epic / USA / 1979 / Ex+/Ex) *£5*

( Here's a good example of a lady making the best of what she's got...great flautist? Yes - good vocalist? No....but....she sings along well here and keeps it all going till her surreal flute solos can begin - by Gad - she blew well - the title track here is a stunner - as I say, part vocals and part-flute-fest - a winner...fairly big scuff on the A side but I just played it all thru and it doesn't sound, sleeve is pristine....very, very fair price for an LP that has never been that easy to find...oh yeah - this one's also still got the nice inner sleeve too which is normally gone... )

Leroy Hutson 'The Man!' (Curtom / USA / 1973 / Ex/Ex+) *£10*

( Top talent, this lad - 'The Ghetto' (which he co-wrote with Donny Hathaway) , 'Give This Love A Try' , 'Ella Weez' etc etc - major influence on SO many people and sampled so many times too - beautiful, beautiful voice (no wonder Curtis nominated him as his replacement in the Impressions!) and this is a really, really nice LP at a very fair price....some tape to top seam and light wear to bottom but sleeve nice otherwise and vinyl close to being unplayed...lyric sheet also still present here for a change too... )

Leroy Hutson 'Feel The Spirit' (Curtom / USA / 1976 / Ex+/M-) *£8*

( Another nice LP from Leroy at a very fair price - 'Lover's Holiday' , 'Never Know What You Can Do' , 'Don't Let It Get Next To You' etc - the man was a certified keyboard genius - well, he WAS a big Curtis Mayfield protegee, wasn't he? The whole thing is completely pristine apart from a cut-out on front - otherwise looks completely unplayed... )

Ingram 'That's All' (H&L / USA / 1977 / M-/M-) *£8*

( Totally clean copy of this undervalued Soul / Disco / Funk / Jazz / Boogie LP with the ever-classic club cut 'Mi Sabrina Tequana' which comes in at well over 9:00 mins long - one of the most spine-tingling intros EVER...looks like it was pressed yesterday - never been played folks... )

Kocky 'Post No Bills' (Windsong / USA / 1979 / M-/VG+) *£10*

( As I've said before, for me 2 Step is all about the bass and the bass on 'Share Love' on this LP is about as deep as you can get...beautiful, beautiful groove that nags away and gets right under your skin...unfortunately...the vinyl here has a major flaw - there's a big scuff all across one side and although it's barely audible, there is some noise / rumble here and there - ok? The sleeve is still in it's shrink and grades very, very high...if you are fussy, please don't order this - ok? If this was M- / M-, I'd confidently slap £50 on it - I've certainly never, ever seen or had this one before...if you like the 'Starpoint' sound, then I guarantee you'll like this too nad the 'Share Love' track actually reminds me a LOT of EKG 'Give Me Love' tune - real nice... )

Skip Mahoaney and the Casuals 'Your Funny Moods' (DC International / USA / 1974 / Ex+/M-) *£15*

( I'd be surprised if this LP has been played more than twice? I can see zero spindle marks on the label and the sleeve has just very, very minor yellowing in one of the corners - it really, really is clean...mainly a sweet soul / ballads-type affair but "the funk" is in evidence here on 'Town Called Nowhere' which actually reminded me a bit of 100% Pure Poison's klller 'Windy C' cut as I play play-graded this LP today...for what it's worth 'We Share Love' was my favourite slowie on here...nice... )

Mel & Tim 'Mel & Tim' (Stax / USA / 1973 / M/M) *£12*

( SEALED COPY.......I'll bus' this open before shipping to ensure the contents are in good order and correct - ok, good people? If ya don't already know it, the toon on here was always 'Keep The Faith' which - if anything - has more to do with Folk-Funk than Soul as it has that deeply trippy, spun-out string parts which just lull you into a nice, warm and cuddly sense of self-contentment that I cannot say I got from too many of the Stax releases from that period...have ya heard the female vocal version by Wilma Reading? Also stunning... )

The Natural Four 'The Natural Four' (Curtom / USA / 1974 / Ex+/M-) *£15*

( Close to Mint copy of this ace Windy City soul LP with expert production from Leroy Hutson - believe me, this copy is pristine...so many tracks 'Try Love Again' (I've always had a soft spot for that toon!), 'Can This Be Real' , 'You Can't Keep Running Away' , 'Love That Really Counts' - all killa, no filla (been waiting hours to say that..........) - sml cut-out to front bottom left of sleeve, otherwise pristine... )

Cheers and a Happy New Year...MRez

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detoit spinners deffo on a 12" issue , had it for years, dont think its a rare item?. atb diddy

Not so sure mate - had a few comments when I l;isted it recently to say that others also thought it was rare....so tricky one...

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