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Ebay: Larks, Billy Watkins, Jimmy Robbins, La Rays, Doris Troy, Barbara Lynn, Jimmy Sedler, Evie Sands, Otis Leavill, Rickey Allen, Margie Evans, Etc


Happy New Years Everyone,

My current 45 auction includes 75 new items, featuring such artists as:

Johnny Taylor, Daydreams, Johnny Thunder, Ordells, Superbs, Whispers,

Rocky Roberts, Edmond Family, Richard Berry, Merced Blue Notes, OV Wright,

Darrow Fletcher, Johnny Adams, Sherwood Fleming, Ruth & Al, Thunderflash,

Cry Baby Curtis, Classic Sullivans, Vanguards, Linda Jones, Enchanters, Lovelites,

Furys, Harvey Scales, King Soloman, Larry Williams, Jerry McCain, Montclairs,

Nathan McKinney, HB Barnum, Marvellos, Al King, Al Gardner, Ebonys, Sons of Slum,

Billy Larkin, Mad Lads, Sherrick, and more.

All listings include full scans of the labels, with full sound files (sometimes both sides). No reserves, and most

have low opening bids.

Please take a look by clicking:


Many thanks,

the Spinologist

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