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Select Soul At The Craythorne 8-1-2010

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We had a long discussion whether to cancel Friday night's Select Soul night at The Craythorne, but as the roads around the venue were fairly clear we decided to go ahead. When several other nights cancelled, notably The Wilton we thought that we might pick up a few extras, but that wasn't the case. People either struggled with the conditions where they lived or just didn't fancy the arctic conditions.

So we ended with 30 people which was well down from the 80 people that came to the last night. However the people that made it were treated some fantastic tunes from Mick H and Dawn Carmen.

Mick was on fine form ( probably helped by the large amount of alcohol he put away) and played a great mix of all tempo monster tunes. Mick always likes to use the mike and when he got the news that Forest had won there was no stopping him and he decided to play "uncover the cover up" which everyone failed miserably at! Hilarious although Wendy pointed out if he had talked less he could have played 3 more records :rolleyes:

Dawn was the other guest and played a solid set of big rareties and nice quality tunes. A really good spot and I'm just surprised she doesn't get more opportunity to DJ.

Thanks to all the travellers from the West Midlands, Leicester, Nottingham and Derby with special mention to Steve Phillis and the St Ives posse who made the 2 hour journey to support us.

I enjoy all our night's at The Craythorne but I particularly enjoyed last night. Even though the numbers were down it ended up being a good night, with some great tunes and lots of laughs. Thanks to everyone who came.


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Glad it was a good night mate, sorry I couldn't make it as I'm on my tush with a chest infection. Ta for the offer of a lift though and hope to bring a few to the next One.

Also glad to see the crowd being so supportive of the mighty reds :unsure:



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unsure.gif .Sorry for not attending Mark.Just didn't fancy the journey as it started to snow about 6,it really put the damper on it.

And bearing in mind the mighty Reds were on Sky.....and beer in the fridge...i think you get the idea.....Kev.thumbsup.gif

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you werer missed mate i thought United were on last nightshades was a great night even thou the numbers were down Mick warmed himself up with a few pints first, great spots from him and Dawn and a special mention to Jason ( He runs it with Mark you know) who played an hour early doors of beat ballad stuff which was fantastic good memories of Bretby.

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AS Mark stated the night was down on numbers setting out from Huntingdon with the wife sue, Trev smith, Stewart ives and Big BAZ the weather our end had not been to bad as we left the snow started well we hoped this wouldnt last we were fortunate to have clear roads all the way to burton arriving around 9pm i think we doubled the numbers soon after the people who made the journey all arrived , jason was on playing some class beat ballards from the stafford era, although down on numbers there was a great atmosphere next up was dawn playing top quality sounds across all tempos by his time my old mate mick had arrived celebrating a forest win as only he can . the next hour was mick;s loads of new sounds spun from him from salt & pepper to thelma williams and more laugh of the night indeed was uncover he cover up none of us knew it a £10 pound record at that, just goes to show you learn something new everyday . top marks go to MARK, JASON & LIZ for another class night of quality music , great company and laughs cant wait for the next one thumbup.gifthumbup.gifthumbup.gifthumbup.gif

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Guest ruppy

Well the bad weather did not spoil a truly fantastic night

great music all night from Mark ,Jason, and Dawn,and like to think i contributed a little to

,good to see Steve & Sue ,Stuart,Bax the St,Ives posse make the 2 hour hike,

My old buddies from our youth days on the scene,Sean ,Don & John

Ted Massy & Martin Bradley glad you enjoyed the 5 min quiz as the weather has shit on us yet again we needed a laugh on the night,so the trivia went down well

those of you who have not attended this venue before ,get down sometime you will love it , just perfect

Keep up the good work Mark, Liz & Jason

Till next time

b good

Mick H

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Guest SoulRenaissance

Well, a good night's entertainment from the dj's. (And with Forest's win Mick was the life and soul of the party).

Myself and Les decided to make the journey, (and if it worsened turn back). But the nearer we got to Burton, the better the conditions.

Glad we went, an enjoyable night yet again with the dj's turning in some solid performances and top soul tunes. Great entertainment too.

The company was good, (as ever). Credit to all involved for not pulling the plug, and putting this night on regular.

Over the years my experience of those wintery nights with lock ins at the pub, or travelling miles to soul venues have been most enjoyable. We've braved the elements on foot, or by car. Everyone in attendance has revelled in the experience, with good laughs and good times. A feeling of togetherness has been the result.

For some, the conditions may have been too bad. Fair play, why risk your lives? For the rest, shame on you. Most of the Midlands has escaped the worst of the weather, it was worse over our end. But not harsh. Whatever happened to people's sense of adventure? The places we used to go? The miles we used to walk on foot just to get somewhere?

The car load from St.Ives summed it up for me, a two hour journey.

Get out and support this night, it deserves it.

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