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chris anderton

Clearance List...offers Now Accepted

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Offers Now Accepted On Remaining Items....The more you buy the cheaper they get!

No Reasonable offer refused...Go on Make me an offer..........

Hi Guys,

Welcome along to list 64 and another selection of great soul bargains. As is now traditional for the January list I am offering some massive discounts for this list only. Buy any record and save 10% on the list price, buy any 2 records and save 20% or buy any 3 records or more and save a massive 30% on the value of your order!!

In addition to this i have a hundred great Northern/70s soul 45s for sale at only a fiver each or 5 for £20.00, many book or are listed on other lists at much higher prices! The £5.00 offer is not included in the 10-30% discount offer but represents fantastic value on its own.

Sales Cds are always popular, they usually come out a few days before the main list is sent out. The Cds feature a sample of around 60 of the tracks from the main list, giving you first chane to buy the tracks you want and also enabling you to hear some tunes that may be new to you. You get 3x monthly CDs for only £5.00. I accept paypal to the usual address or you can send a cheque/ cash to the address listed below.

Grading is as follows......

M Faultless/ Probably unplayed

E Few light marks, still a nice copy

vg More marks, maybe some surface noise but plays thru ok

I will also use + or minus to indicate grades in more detail. I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any record for any reason, so please buy with confidence.

Payment, I accept paypal to this address chris.soul@btinternet.com or you can send cash/ cheque to; Chris Anderton, 1 Jackson Av, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6LL. I will now also accept a direct bank transfer, this saves the hassle of sending a cheque or needless paypal fees.Postage costs are... £2.00 recorded (only insured up to £39) or £5.60 by special delivery in the UK (fully insured up to £1000). Overseas £2.00 airmail or £5.60 signed for airmail, ask if you need insurance.Please note if you do not take out the correct amount of postal insurance and your item is missing or damaged this is not my fault.

A massive thank you to everyone who supported Dab of Soul during 2009 and especially last month. This really has become a "must attend" night as far as Crossover soul is concerned. We are looking forward to bringing you a top drawer line up of guest DJs during 2010 featuring such names as Cliff Steele, Dave Ripolles, Steve Guinori, Tats Taylor, Barry Maleady etc. The next night is our first anniversary special featuring local hero Keith Williams and all round good guy Mr Sean Hampsey. This promises to be another special night at Dab as these guys not only have reputations for having brilliant collections but they know how to put a spot together too. I look forward to seeing some of you on Jan 16th for another top night celebrating out first anniversary!

Buy any record and save 10% on the list price, buy any 2 records and save 20% or buy any 3 records or more and save a massive 30% on the value of your order!!

1.Black and Blue-What i got-Mercury WD M- 160

(Lovely copy, date written on label)

2.The Chesterfields-You walked away-Phillips E- 140

(Great price, especially with 30% reduction)

3.Marie Knight-You lie so well-Musicor E+ 140

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

4.Gary Haines-Keep on going-Sound M- sold

(Rare Detroit)

5.The Appreciations-She never really loved me-Sport WD M- 70

6.Barbara Brown-Pity a fool-MGM Memphis WD M- sold

(The best version)

7.Betty LaVette-What condition my condition was in-Karen M- 115

8.Johnny Wesley-You still need me-Melic E+ sold

9.Joe Tex-Old time lover-Dial E+ 175

(So hard to find..nice issue)

10.The Fantastics-Me and you-SS7 M- sold

11.The Chaumonts-When you love someone-Baysound M- sold

12.The Avons-Just as long as i live-SS7 E+ 90

(perfect mid-tempo)

13.The Nite Train-To the bitter end-Roulette WD E+ sold

14.Gene McDaniels-The forgotten man-Liberty demo M- 30

(Nice early 60s tune)

15.Caprells-Hey girl-Bano M- sold

16.Promises-This love is real-BRC M- 40

17.Barbara Lewis-I cant remember the feeling-Atlantic WD E+ sold

18.Douglas Gibson-Run for your life-TRC WD E+ 50

19.Major Lance-Aint no soul left in these old shoes-Okeh PS M sold

(Great picture sleeve of this classic)

20.Dan Greer-Masquerade/Thanks to you-MGM Memphis WD M- sold

21.The Celestrals-Chain reaction-RCA WD E+45

22.Valerie and Nick-I`ll find you/Lonely town-Glover M- sold

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

23.The Peoples Choice-Destruction-Wood City vg+sold

24.The Roe-o-tation-Old love/ Special cattagory- Gerim M wol 30

(DJ copy written in ball point pen on label)

25.Don Gardner-Your love is driving me crazy-Mr G M- 50

26.Brief encounter-Dont you see I`m crazy about you-Seventy seven WD M- 12

27.The Delcos-Arabia-Ebony M- 70

(Rarer and better cut than the showcase effort)

28.Larry Whittingham-You can always count on me-Fun city M- 35

29.Coffee house blues-Getting over you/Goodbye baby-Spirit M- 15

30.Alton and Johnny-Hang on in there baby-Polydor WD M- sold

31.Dean Parrish-Determination-Boom E+ sold

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

32.Kenny Carter-Dont go-RCA WD E 30

33.Lovelites-This love is real-UNI E+ 20

34.Joe Walker-This is my last goodbye-Bold M- 110

35.Creations-I`ve got to find her-Globe M- 20

36.Willie Tee-I`m only a man-Capitol demo E 45

(Killer slowie..a personal fave)

37.Gloria Scott-What am i gonna do-Casablanca E+ sold

38.Douglas and Lonero-Dont let yourself get carried away-RCA demo M 40

39.Jean Plumb-Here i go again-Hi demo E+ 40

(Great crossover, unusual for this label)

40.Jo Ann Garrett-A whole new plan-Chess vg+ sold

41.Tyrone Edwards-Cant get enough of you-Invictus E+ 20

42.Winfield Parker-SOS/I`m on my way-Spring WD M- 15

43.Kenny Smith-My day is coming-RCA WD E+ 15

44.Lenis Guess-Too many nights-Peanut county E- 15

45.Clyde Brown-Crying man-Atlantic M- 15

46.The Linneas-Born to be your baby-Diamond M- 35

(Great mid-tempo)

47.Albert Jones-You and your new love-Candy apple M- 50

48.The Vandels-In my opinion-T-neck M 25

(Nice crossover soul)

49.The Blossoms-Good good lovin-Reprise E+ 20

50.Evaline-Think you better leave-SS7 WD M- 35

(Storming R&cool.gif

Buy any record and save 10% on the list price, buy any 2 records and save 20% or buy any 3 records or more and save a massive 30% on the value of your order!!

51.The TNJs-Dont forget about me-Chess E+ sold

52.Universal Mind-Something fishy going on-Red coach WD M- 10

53.The Dells-Make sure-Cadet M- 10

54.Carol Anderson-Holding on/You boy-Mid town M- sold

(Wonderful double sider)

55.Barbara Mason-Aint got nobody-Arctic E+ 30

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

56.Teddy Pendergrass-You must live on-PIR M- 15

(One of his best...getting spins)

57.The Radiants-Hold on-Chess E+ 10

58.The Whispers-In love forever-Soultrain M 15

59.The Tymes-Its cool-RCA demo E+ sold

60.Johnny Dunn-Tinklin bells-Double L WD E 15

61.Reginald day-Lost love-Midas E+ 25

62.Jimmy Radcliffe-Moment of weakness Musicor E sold

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

63.Brief encounter-Dont let them tell you-Seventy seven E+ 12

64.The Dells-Show me-Cadet E+ 10

65.Billy Mack-Too much-Phillips E 40

66.Oliver Christian-Tribute to girls-Norfolk E+ 12

67.Gloria Walker-My precious love-People WD M- 25

(Nice slowie)

68.Isaac Hayes-Wonderful-Enterprise M- 15

69.The Manhattans-Give him up-Deluxe E+ 10

(As good as any crossover tune on the list)

70.Royal Flush-Goddess of love-GEC vg+ 15

71.Star-tels-What more can i ask for-Lamarr M- 20

(Top Chicago crossover soul)

72.The Winstons-Aint nothin like a little lovin-Curtom E+ 35

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

73.Maurice Jackson-Step by step-Plumb M- 25

74.Barbara Middleton-Come back to me-TRC WD M- sold

75.Manificent Men-Forever together-Capitol Demo vg+ 15

76.The Prophets-I got the fever-Smash E sold

77.Darrow Fletcher-Its no mistake-Crossover M- sold

78.Miss Madeline-Behave yourself/Lonely girl-Mar-v-lus M- 25

(Storming double sider)

79.Vivlore Jordan-Put your loving on me-Sound gems M- 50

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

80.Larry Santos-Cant get you out of my mind-Casablanca E+ sold

(Needs spins)

81.Darrow Fletcher-The pain gets a little deeper-Groovy E+ 30

82.G.Q-Make my dreams a reality-Arista WD M 15

(Soul night floor-packer)

83.William Bell-Easy coming out-Mercury M- 30

84.The Emotions-Stealing love-Volt E+ 10

85.Louie Palmer-Dont leave me-Boothall E 15

86.Johnson family-Peace in the family-Atlantic E+ sold

87.Admirations-Wait til i get to know you-Onederful M- sold

(Ace cheapie..every home should have one)

88.We the people-Making my daydream real-Lion E+ sold

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

89.Stage iv-Just another guy-Millie E+ 15

90.Wales Wallace-Somebody i know-BRC WD M- 40

(Super rare minty white demo)

91.The Manhattans-I betcha couldn`t love me-Carnival E+ 15

92.William Devaughn-Hold on to love-TEC M 20

(Nice laid back 70s soul)

93.Jimmy George-Aint that something-Viva M- 20

(Books much higher..have a few copies)

94.Al Wilson-You did it for me-Playboy E+ sold

95.Billy Gibson-What i need now is love-MGM YD M sold

96.The Naturalles-Show me the way-Venture M- 20

(Flew out last time i listed this)

97.Moment of truth-If at first you dont succeed-Roulette E+ 15

98.The Quadraphonics-Betcha if you check it out-Innovation M- 15

99.Original cadillacs-I`ll never let you go-Josie E+ 30

(Old Bretby cover up)

100.Hoagy Lands-The next in line-Laurie M- 110

Buy any record and save 10% on the list price, buy any 2 records and save 20% or buy any 3 records or more and save a massive 30% on the value of your order!!

101.Otis Leaville-Why why why/Glad i met you-Dakar WD E 30

(Few light marks, both sides play fine)

102.The Chi-lites-Living in the footsteps of another man-Brunswick M- 15

103.Johnny Nash-I`m so glad you`re my baby-MGM M- sold

104.Donny Hathaway-Love love love-Atco M- 15

(A true classic)

105.Ray Charles-Something inside me-ABC E+ 20

(Always sounds like a 200 quid tune to me!)

106.The Artistics-Its those little things that count-Brunswick E+ 20

107.Garland Green-Aint that good enough-Revue E sold

(Few marks but plays fine..bargain)

108.Roscoe Shelton-Who walks in-SS7 E+ 25

109.The Startells-falling in love with you girl-Lamarr M- 20

(Perfect Chicago crossover)

110.Willie Hobbs-Til i get it right-SS7 M- 30

(Great 70s dancer)

111.Third Point-Spirit-Tide M- 30

112.Jimmy Williams-Standing there-dynavoice WD M- 25

113.Ben E King-Teeny weeny little bit-Atco M- sold

(wow, flys out...be quick!)

114.The Ambitions-When the fuel runs out-Firefly M- 25

115.Pat Johnson-East of the sun, west of the moon-Win or lose M 30

(Two great soulful sides)

116.The Little bits/Karyl Mann-The feeling of love-Dynavoice WD M- 20

117.The Delcos-Just ask-Sound stage 7 M 85

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

118.Jimmy Wick-Its all over now-Lennox Wd M- 20

119.Delilah Moore-I`ll just walk away-Money M- 60

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

120.Art Wheeler-Coming attractions-Dot WD M- 20

121.Robert Taylor-Time keeps on ticking-Lutall M- 25

122.Bruce Fisher-At the end of a love affair-UA demo M sold

(Infectious 70s dancer)

123.Josephine Taylor-Good lovin-Marvulus M- sold

124.Flamingos-Lover come back-Polydor M- 20

(Big spins at some quality venues)

125.Sundray Tucker-If it was me-TK E+ 30

126.The Duke of earl-You left me-VJ E 20

127.The Elgins-Street Scene/You found yourself another fool-valiant E 35

128.Cookie Jackson-Your good girls gonna go bad-Okeh WD M 60

129.Billy Conn-I should have known-Federal WD E+ 60

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

130.Motherlode-What does it take-Buddah E+ 30

131.Eddie Holman-I`ll cry 1000 tears-Bell M- 20

132.The Headliners-Let me love you-Val E+ 15

133.Jimmy Nelson-Tell me who-Chess E- 20

(R&B stormer)

134.Major Harris-Loving you is mellow-Atlantic E+ 20

135.Margie Joseph-Come on back to me lover-Atlantic M- sold

(Faultless soul)

136.The Candles-Down on my knees-Nike E+ 35

137.Florance Ballard-Love aint love-ABC E sold

138.Ed Bruce-See the big man cry-Wand E+ 25

139.Joe Haywood-I would if i could-White cliffs E+ 30

(Sticker on label-Wedon McDougal)

140.Frankie Fanelli-I`m not the marrying kind/This is me-RCA WD M- 25

141.Deon Jackson-You said you loved me-Atlantic E+ 20

142.Gene Chandler-Think nothing about it-Constellation M- sold

143.Ty Hunter-I dont see me in your eyes anymore-Invictus E+ 30

144.Ray Dahrouge-I can see him making love to you-Polydor E+ 20

(Same as Anderson bros)

145.The Players-Why did i lie-Minit E+ sold

146.Bongi and Judy-Lets get together-Buddah WD E+ 15

147.Al Hudson-We must make it happen-Atco E+ sold

(One of his cheaper tunes and one of his best)

148.Leon Ware-Whats your name-Fabulous M- 10

(Clasic 70s dancer..needs spins again)

149.Joe Williams-Lonely man-RCA WD vg+ 15

150.Bobby Foster-If you need a friend(Call me)-Sound WD E+ 35

Some Funk 45s........at Great prices. (same 10- 30% discount applies)

F1.Rusty Bryant-Fire eater-Prestige E+ wol sold

(some very light ball pen on label)

F2.Mckinley Sandifer-Sweet little woman/ Get up-USA E+60

F3.The Village Callers-Hector,part 2-Rampart WD M-sold

F4.Richard Marks-Funky four Corners-Roulette WD M- sold

F5.Marva Whitney-Unwind yourself-King YD E+ sold

F6.Lee Dorsey-Funky 4 corners-Amy M- sold

F7.Bad Smoke-Crawl Y`all-Chess WD E- sold

F8.Iron Knowledge band-Give me a taste of your love-Tammy E+ sold

F9.Tamiko Jones-Sidewinder-Atlantic E 20

F10.Joey Gilmore-Got it together/Its my own fault-Lauderdale int M- sold

F11.F.J Jones-Put it on the line girl-PS M- sold

F12.Marva Whitney-Your love was good for me-King M- sold

£5.00 Specials or 5 for £20.

All Records listed below are £5.00 each or 5 for £20!

(Not to be used as part of the main list % discount promotion)

151.Jackie Moore-Sweet Charlie Babe-Atlantic M- 5

(Great crossover, has sold for £20)

152.The natural Four-The devil made me do it-Chess E+sold

153.Troy Keyes-Love explosion-ABC WDE+ sold

154.Tony owens-Confessing a feeling-Cotillion E+ 5

155.The Hi-lads-Ready or not here i come-Cub M- 5

(Great underplayedoldie)

156.The Tymes-Street Talk-MGM E sold

157.Whispers-Needle in a haystack M- sold

(Class...every home should have one)

158.Tammy Levon-A school girls dream/Show me the way-Nation E sold

159.Bertha Tillman-Lovin time-Brent E- 5

(Cheap as chips!)

160.Bobby Hebb-Love me-Phillips E+ 5

161.The Butlers-She`s gone-Gamble E sold

162.Barbara Greene-Young boy-Rennee E+ 5

(Great 60s midtemp)

163.Ted Taylor-Need you home-Okeh E+ sold

164.Chuck jackson-Two feet from happiness-VIP E 5

165.Calvin Arnold-Satisfy my woman-ix chaines E 5

(Great 60s Northern)

166.Danny Hutton-Big bright eyes/Monstor shindig-HBR E 5

167.Etta James-Payback-Argo E+ 5

(Great R&cool.gif

168.Four tops-As long as you need me/Shake me wake me-Motown E+ 5

169.Undisputed truth-California soul-Gordy E+ 5

(Nice version)

170.General Crook-Hold on I`m coming-Capitol E+ 5

171.Gene Chandler-She`s such a pretty thing-Checker M-sold


172.Henry Moore-She`s a lover-Athens M- 5

173.Joe Simon-No sad songs-SS7 E+ 5

174.Jimmy Beaumont-I could have loved you so well-Capitol WD E 5

175.The Astors-Candy-Stax vg+ sold

176.Junior and Classics-Wise up vg+ 5

177.Kim Weston-Take me in your arms-Gordy E+ sold

178.Tyrone Davis-What goes up must come down-Dakar M- 5

(Great 70s sound)

179.Jerry Butler-One night affair-Mercury E+ sold

180.Lamp sisters-Ride on-Duke vg+ 5

181.Liz Damon-You`re falling in love-White whale M- sold

(The best version of Betty Everett)

182.Miracles-Whats so good about goodbye-Tamla wol vg+5

183.The Platters-I love you 1000 times-Musicor M- 5

184.Little Milton-So blue-Checker E+ sold

185.Marie Franklin-Keep on keeping on-TRC WD E+ sold

186.Morris Vaughn-Just one look/Help me-Gatetown WD vg+ sold

187.The Marvelettes-You`re the one-Tamla M- 5

188.The Ojays-Backstabbers-PIR E+ sold

189.Miracles-Whatever makes you happy-Tamla E 5

190.Martha Reeves-You`ve been in love too long-Gordy E sold

(Classic Motown)

191.John Edwards-Messing up a good thing -Aware WD E+ 5

192.J. Butler B.Lee Eager-Cant understand it-Mercury M- 5

(Nice crosover)

193.Chuck Jackson-Whos gonna pick up the pieces-Wand M- 5

194.Lowrell Simon-Love massage-Zoo york E+ 5

195.Natures Devine-I just cant control myself-Infinity E+ 5

(Always sells well...for double this!)

196.Pockets-Take it on up-Columbia E+ 5

197.Manhattans-Crazy-Columbia M- 5

198.Al Perkins-yes my goodness yes-Atco E+ 5

199.The Sequins-The third degree/some day you`ll..Crajon vg+ 5

200.Aretha Franklin-Daydreaming-Atlantic E+ 5


£5.00 Specials or 5 for £20.

201.Swiss Movement-Bring back your love-RCA E+ 5

202.Sandra Wright-Lovin you, lovin me-Truth M- 5

203.Stevie Wonder-If you really love me-Tamla E 5

204.Elis second coming-Elis chant-Silver blue M- 5

205.Atlantic Star-Circles-AM M- 5

(Modern soul classic)

206.Areatha Franklin-Master of eyes-Atlantic E+ 5

207.Brainstorm-Lovin is really my game-Tabu E+ 5

208.Dee Dee Sharp-happy bout the whole thing-TSOP E+ 5

209.Change of pace-Hello Darling-Stonelady vg+ 5

210.Clara Lewis-Needing you-Wand M- 5

211.The Futures-No one could compare-Buddah E+ 5

212.Derek Martin-How can i get away-Vibration E+ 5

213.Aretha Franklin-I cant see myself leaving you-Atlantic E+ 5


214.100 proof-Somebodys been sleeping in my bed-Hot wax E+ 5

215.Ila Vann-My mother said-PIP WD E+ sold

216.Gene Chandler-I`l make the living if you make the loving-Chi sound E+ 5

217.Hunts determination-She`s on my mind-Earwax vg+ 5

218.Linda Clifford-Runaway love-Curtom M- 5

219.Timmy Shaw-I`m a lonely guy-Wand E+ 5

220.Johnny Bristol-Do it to my mind-Atlantic M- 5

221.Patty Labelle-All or nothing/You forgot how..Atlantic WD vg+5

222.Maxine Nightingale-Right back where we started from-UA E+ 5

(Youth club classic)

223.Mamie Galore-Special agent 34-24-38-St Lawrence E+ 5

224.Bobby Caldwell-What you wont do for love-Clouds M- 5

225.Bobby Womack-Daylight-UA E+ sold

(As good as it gets)

226.Maxine Brown-Since i found you-Wand E+ 5

227.The Formations-Theres no room-MGM demo (light label damage) E 5

228.Bobby Byrd-I found out-Federal vg+ 5

229.Willie Clayton-Tell me-Compleat M- sold

230.DC Playboys-You were all i needed-Arock E- sold

(label torn in half)

231.Willie Hutch-Talk to me-Motown E+ 5

232.Margie Joseph-Riding high-Atlantic E+ sold

233.Johnnie Mae mathews-Here comes my baby-Blue rock E sold

(label tear)

234.Mickey Whigams-How long has this been going on-Quicksand vg+ 5

235.Barbara Lewis-I remember the feeling-Ripete E+ 5 (reissue)

236.Isley Bros-Who could ever doubt my love-Tamla M- 5

(Motown classic)

237.Isley Bros-I guess I`ll always love you-Tamla E+ 5

238.Cornelius bros-Too late to turn back now-UA E+ 5

239.Ben E King-Forgive this fool- Atco E+ 5


240.Martha Reeves-Ready for love-Gordy E+ 5

241.The Dells-All about the paper-20th cent E 5

242.Billy Paul-Only the strong survive-PIR M- 5

(Great Philly)

243.Jackie Wilson-Sweetest feeling/ Nothing but heartaches-Brunswick M- 5

244.The Dells-There is-Cadet E 5

245.Lou Rawls-You can bring me all of your heartaches-Capitol WD E 5

246.Peggy March-Fool fool fool-RCA WD E+sold

274.Roscoe Shelton-Tonights my night-SS7 E+ 5

248.Al Wilson-Touch and go-Rocky road E+ sold

(Old Albrighton spin)

249.Mcfadden whitehead-I heard it in a love song-TSOP E 5

250.Jr Walker-Aint that the truth-Soul E+ sold

(R&B style dancer)

LPs..LPs..LPs..LPs (Can be included in main list % discount promotion.)

Buy any record and save 10% on the list price, buy any 2 records and save 20% or buy any 3 records or more and save a massive 30% on the value of your order!!

251.Eddie Floyd- Gotta be Eddie-Stax E+ 20

(Inc. Thats all)

252.Archie Bell-Tighten up-Atlantic E 30

(Inc. A thousand wonders/ When you left...)

253.G.C cameron-Love songs and other great tradgedies-Motown E+ 20

(Inc. I`m gonna give you respect)

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

254.Gayle Adams-Love Fever-Prelude E+ 10

(Inc. Baby i need your loving)

255.David Ruffin-In my stride-Motown E+ 15

(Inc. Questions)

256.Sonny Till-Returns-RCA E+ 20

(Inc. Tears and Misery)

257. RJs latest arrival-Same-Ariola E+ 15

(Inc. made up mind)

258. Fresh-Same-MCA E+ 15

(Inc. You)

259.Denise LaSalle-Here i am again-Westbound E+ sold

(Title track is fantastic!)

260.Delegation-Same-Mercury E 20

(Inc.One more step)

261.The Soul Children-friction-Stax E+ 20

(Inc. We`re getting too close)

262.George and Gwen McCrae-Together-Cat E+ 10

(Inc. Winners together losers apart)

263. The Persuaders-Its all about love-Calla E+ sold

(Inc. Trying to love two women)

264.Clarence Carter-A heart full of song-ABC E+ 12

265.Melba Moore-A portrait of-Buddah E+ 8

(Inc. Standing right here)

266.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ sold

(Inc. Because of you plus 3 other great crossover tracks)

267.George Mcrae-Same-TK E+ sold

(Never never girl)

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

268.Barbara Lynn-You dont have to go-Ichiban E+ 20

(Inc. Trying to love two)

269.Weapons of peace-Same-Playboy E+ 15

(Inc. This lifes bout to get me down)

270.Les McCann- Plays the hits-Limelight E+ 25

(Inc. Pretty little girl)

271.298.George Benson-The best-A&M E+ E+ 10

(Inc. My woman is good to me)

272.Larry Santos-Just a man-Evolution E+ 15

(Inc. You got me where you want me)

273.Motherlode-When I die-Buddah E+ 15

(Inc. What does it take)

274.Young holt unlimited-Soulful strutt- Brunswick E 10

(Inc. Soulful strutt)

275.The Ojays-Super bad- Trip E+ 25

(Inc. Crossroads of life)

Buy any record and save 10% on the list price, buy any 2 records and save 20% or buy any 3 records or more and save a massive 30% on the value of your order!!

276.The Younghearts-A taste of-20th Cent E+ 20

(Inc. You`re not here with me)

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

277.Lenny Williams-Lets do it today-MCA E+ sold

(Inc. Dont stop me now)

278.Millie Jackson-Caught up-Spring E+ 10

279.B. J Thomas-Everybodys out of town- Scepter E+ 10

280.Jackie Wilson-This love is real- Brunswick E+ 15

(Great soul lp)

281.The Moments-Sharp-Deluxe E+ sold

282.Aretha Franklin-You-Atlantic E+ 15

(Inc. It only happens when i look at you)

283.Townsend Townsend Rogers-Same- Chocolate city E+ 12

284.Harold Melvin feat Sharon Paige-Same-Source E+ 10

(Inc Prayin`)

285.100% aged in soul-Somebodys been sleeping in my bed-Hot wax M- 15

286..Leon Ware-Inside is love-fabulous M- 15

(Inc. Whats her name)

287.The Imperials-who`s gonna love me-power exchange M- 5

288. Mel and Tim-Starting all over again-Stax M- 15

(Inc. I may not be what you want)

289.Otis Clay-Watch me now-Waylo E 10

290.Freddie North-Cuss the wind-Mankind E 10

291.The Masqueraders-Everybody wanna live on-ABC E 8

(Inc. Sweet Sweetning)

292.Creative Source-Imigration-Sussex E+ 10

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

293.Jimmy Ruffin-I`ve passed this way before-Super sounds uk E+ 8

(Inc. I will never let you get away)

294.Marlena Shaw- Sweet beginnings-Columbia E+ sold

(Inc.Look at me)

295.Jery Butler-Sagittarius affair-Mercury E+ 10

296.7th Wonder-Thunder- Casablanca M- M- 15

(Inc. Missin out)

297.Gladys Knight-Feelin bluesy-Soul E+ 15

(Inc. What good am without you)

298.Margie Joseph-Sweet Surrender-Atlantic E 8

(Inc. Riding high)

299.Smokey Robinson-Flying high together-tamla E+ E+ 12

(Inc. Flying high together)

300.Mighty Joe Hicks-same-Enterprise E 10

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

301.Wornell Jones-Same-Paradise E+ 10

302.Al Wilson-I`ve got a feelin-Playboy E+ 10

(Inc. I`ve got a feelin, You did it for me)

303.Chuck Cissel-Just for you-Arista E 15

(Inc. Dont tell me you`re sorry)

304.Gloria Gaynor-Park av sound-Polydor E+ 10

(inc. This love affair)

305.Jean carne-happy to be with you-PIR E+ 8

306.The Ohio Players-Same-Upfront E+ 12

(Inc.You dont mean it)

307.lamont Dozier-Bittersweet-WB E+ 10

(Inc. Tough act to follow)

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

308.Eddie Kendricks-Love keys-Atlantic E+ 10

(Inc. You dont want my loving)

309.Gladys Knight-Same-Columbia E+ 8

(Inc.If you ever need somebody)

310.Tata Vega-Givin all my love-Tamla E+ sold

(Inc. I got my second wind)

311.Broomfield-Same-Vision E+ 10

(Inc. Dont cover up your feelings)

312.Tower of Power-Urban renewall-WB E+ 12

313.The Whispers-Getting louder-Janus E+ 10

314.Joe Tex-Spills the beans-Dial E+ 10

(Inc. All the heaven a man really needs)

315.Friends of distinction-Grazin in the grass-RCA E+ 10

316.Major Lance-Now arriving-Soul E+ 8

(Inc. I never thought I`d be losing you)

317.Millie Jackson-A moments pleasure-Spring E+ 10

318.Gladys Knight-All our love-MCA E+ 8

(Inc. Love is fire love is ice)

319.Janice-Same-Fantasy E+ 10

(inc.I told you so)

320.Ronnie McNeir-Lucky number 12"-Motorcity E+ 10

321.Aretha Franklin-Jump to it-Arista E+ 8

(Luther Vandross produced, great LP)

(Dont forget-take 30% off these prices when you buy 3 or more!)

322.Clarence Carter-Greatest hits-Ichiban E 10

(Inc. Messing with my mind)

323.Lonnie Hill-You got me running-10 E+ 6

(Inc. Galveston bay)

324.Gene Chandler-Gene Chandler situation-Mercury E+ 10

325.Leroy Hutson-Feel the spirit-Curtom E+ 10

(Inc.Never know what you got)

326.The Choice 4-Same-RCA E+ 10

327.Rudy Love-This song is for you-Calla E+ sold

(Inc.Take nothing for granted)

328.Dorothy Moore-Once more with feeling-Malaco E+ 10

329.The Dells-No way back-Mercury E sold

(Inc. Life is the time)

330.Rance Allen-I feel like going on-Stax E+ 12

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