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Mark Res

Cheap Soul / Funk / Jazz From Mark Rez / Updated

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Order via PM or email on mail@resolutionrecords.co.uk and let me know how you wanna pay and how you want me to ship. Paypal as gift if possible - otherwise we split it. Scans / soundfiles available upon request...

PS - Stay warm and if you have any elderly neighbours, PLEASE go and check they are ok....cheers....

***(1) 7" singles - all genres:

Brothers By Choice 'Baby You Really Got Me Going' / 'Take A Little More' (Ala / USA / 1978 / M-) *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! 100% guaranteed, stone-mint copy of this awesome midtempo 70s / Northern Soul track...stunning, stunning tune - taken from their rare LP on the same label and the flip is good also...UNPLAYED COPY... )

Melting Pot 'Kool And The Gang' (Ampex / USA / 1972 / M-) *£6*

( REDUCED FROM £12!! 100% guaranteed UNPLAYED copy of this much-loved, hard Funk instrumental, as originally done by Kool And The Gang themselves of course - slamming horns, frantic wah-wahs and heavy keyboard riffs - this one has got everything you need to work the dancefloor... )

Sharon Tandy 'Border Town' / 'You've Gotta Believe It' (Atlantic / UK / 1968 / Ex+) *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! Beautiful red Atlantic label press of this fantastic Freakbeat 45 from Sharon - totally off the radar but incredibly well-done...to be 100% honest, people keep telling me different things about 'Freakbeat' and I'm still not 100% sure exactly what it is? I believe this qualifies for the description though...few light scuffs on the vinyl and somebody has initialled the label but otherwise it's pretty much perfect... )

Wild Magnolias 'They Call Us Wild' / 'Jumalaka Boom Boom' (Barclay / UK /1975 / Ex+) *£8*

( REDUCED FROM £15!! Believe me, this is a RARE UK 7".....and it's a flippin' demo copy too!! To be honest, I didn't even know Barclay had done any UK releases at all till I saw this 7" - anybody know if they did anything else over here? I always thought they were a French-only label. Don't let the silly song titles put you off checking for this mob cos 'under the hood' is some rock-hard New Orleans swamp funk a la Meters and, my boy, Eddie Bo... absolutely beautiful copy here with barely a mark on it and another N'Awlins legend, Willie Tee is on lead vocals here too....sheesh... )

Lunar Funk 'Mr Penguin pts 1 & 2' (Bell / USA / 1972 / M-) *£4*

( REDUCED FROM £8!! They've done a few good 45s actually, this mob - people pass them by a bit too easily because they think they are just average tunes and easy-to-find - well, they definitely are neither...this is a very tough-sounding, Hammond-based, hard funk instrumental workout that sounds as good to my ears as many, many £200+ rated Deep Funk 7"s...unplayed, ex-warehouse stock copy on offer here which reminds me a bit of Bohannon's better/earlier stuff like 'Stop & Go' etc etc - did you spot the sneaky Jungle Brothers sample on here too? )

The Soul Brothers 'Keep It Up' / 'I Got A Dream' (Blue Cat / USA / 1960S / Ex) *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! WDJ promo copy of this nifty Northern Soul double-sider - big 'Beat Ballad' stuff, NYC-style, with songs from Leiber/Stoller and Barry/Freenwich respectively. For lovers of the ''Big City Sound' a la Gene McDaniels, Roy Hamilton etc etc - few marks / scuffs on the wax so graded as Ex and priced accordingly... )

White Coffee 'Save Me' / 'Voodoo' (CBS / France / 1973 / M-/M-) *£75*

( REDUCED FROM £100!! Edgy funky-soul with breathtaking femme vocals that packs one helluva punch with wah-wahs, killer drum patterns, fat basslines and a LONG break with fender rhodes splashes to die for. File next to Cavril Payne 'When I Open My Eyes', Penny Goodwin 'Too Soon You're Old' and Silky Spearman 'I'm A Good Woman' etc + other stuff like that - you get the picture? Sounds incredible on the radio or in a club too cos I've heard it played on both mediums. Probably an ex-pat US soul singer with Euro session men - anyways - this really is the BOMB....big Japanese demand on this one now too....HOLLAH!

Tony Clarke 'Ain't Love Good, Ain't Love Proud' / 'Come Back Strong' (Chess / USA / 1960s / Ex+) *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! Marvellous early (1963, at a guess?) recordings from this powerhouse vocalist - produced in Detroit by your friend and mine Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie (R.I.P.) but released by the Chess brothers on their famous Chicagoan label...2 great sides here - topside is midtempo and flip is 100 mph - I prefer the slower side nowadays but that's only cos I'm getting old.... )

Googie Rene 'Flapjacks Pts 1 & 2' (Class / USA / 1960s / Ex+) *£4*

( REDUCED FROM £8!! Nice for you AND for me when this one rolled in here again - lovely little B3 Hammond organ-led double-sider and one for the "Modernists" out there - I've got 2 copies in so first taker gets the Class custom bag too...great Club track......I'd guestimate that this is pretty early too - '62? Few light marks on wax so down from the usual £10... )

Ultrafunk 'Who Is He And What Is He To You' (Contempo / UK / 1974 / M-) *£4*

( REDUCED FROM £8!! Not many people seem to realise this but any/all Ultrafunk records - be it LPs, 7"s and 12"s are really, really hard to find...and, believe me, I'm always looking...the LP are constantly increasing in value and I don't think I've seen one of the 12"s in years and years...I'll have a guess that Ultrafunk were actually a bunch of professional session guys put together by John Abbey to lay down tracks for release on Contempo....I personally love their stuff and I really believe this version of the Bill Withers is right up there with the very best! I can hear harp in there, clavinet, moogs - it's absolutely brilliant and clocks in at very nearly 6:00 mins - I sourced 2 copes and one of em has a Contempo custom bag so the first taker gets that prize too...recommended...2 x UNPLAYED copies here... )

Freddie Mack & Ultrafunk 'Kung Fu Man' (voc/inst) (Contempo / UK / 1974 / M-) *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! Ditto the above review but - if anything - this release is even rarer...and, dare I say it, possibly even better than the above? I, for one, have never-ever had even a sniff of Freddie Mack's rare UK LP and I can confirm here that the guy is one helluva good vocalist...! The lyrics here are a bit nonsense/throwaway but the music is absolutey brilliant and one of THE best Disco/Funk/Disco tracks I've ever heard...the instrumental side here breaks in with a nice drumbeat and then the tune kicks in...hard! Wanna comparison? Okay - Rinder & Lewis 'Lust' is about the closest comparison I can give ya - same sorta syncopated bassline and an incessant rhythm that is impossible to ignore - again - 2 x unplayed copies and one has the Contempo custom bag...they loved a harp @ Contempo, didn't they? Again, a long, long track at easily 5 and a half minutes long...

Bobby Williams 'Let's Jam' / 'You're My Baby' (Contempo / UK / 1974 / M-) *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! Another superb release from this legendary UK label - who else over here had the foresight to release stuff like this back in the early-70s? Not many - topside is a killer Deep Funk jam with hard horns, rock-solid rhythm section and contageous call and response vocals...despite Bobby's vocals being a bit James Brown-soundalike, I think they stand up well - the flip is nice too - slow soul stepper with some lovely guitar work - nice....same deal as previous 2 just above - 2 unplayed copies and one in a house bag... )

Bobby Bland 'Keep On Loving Me' (Duke / USA / 1960s / Ex+) *£3*

( REDUCED FROM £6!! Cool R&B / Soul-kinda crossover sound here from BB - produced in Detroit by Don Davis this chugs along nicely - selling this one nice and cheap as I got 4 copies in...grab a bargain...

Oscar Brown Jr & Luiz Henrique 'Reza' (Fontana / USA / 1960s / Ex+) *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! Fantastic version from these two giants - just superb with a gentle Bossa Nova beat and lovely flute dipping in and out of the track - quality 7"...lovely, lovely condition too - barely a mark on it... )

Little Johnny Taylor 'You Win, I Lose' (Galaxy / USA / 1960s / VG+) *£4*

( REDUCED FROM £8!! Few nicer R&B items this list and I'm actually starting to get into it a lot more now....this one is another winner - uptempo and with great, raspy vocals from LJT - looks rough with plenty of marks and scuffs but plays a whole grade better - again, just a good little 45... )

Parente 'Tramp' / 'New Day' (Geshtalt / USA / 1960s / Ex) *£30*

(REDUCED FROM £60!! I seem to vaguely recall having had this once before years and years ago - absolutely brilliant 45 - 2 fantastic sides, both set at different tempos...topside is a fast and furious funky workout with really tight brass and furious chop-chop guitars while the flip is a notch slower but equally good with some very inventive horn work and great 4/4 rhythm section...lovely piano parts too - a winner...outta PA...few marks / scuffs on wax, not Mint by any means but still a very, very good copy... )

Jimmy Cherry 'Capella' (Gull / Germany / 1976 / M-/M-) *£40*

( REDUCED FROM £75!! Wow....................right up there with the very best stuff I'm offering on this List!!! No idea whatsoever who this guy is but he kills it here!! The good 'Capella' side is as good as the bad side 'Slow Burning' is bad if you know what I mean? Beautiful, meandering, loose, floaty soundtrack-esque/library-kinda cut with the MOST beautiful, growly flute (a la Sahib Shihab) riding the rhythm from beginning to end - bizarre how it's on a label like Gull though? Sounds more like a Conroy or KPM cut from the same period. Anyway - just appreciate this for what it is - an unusual and ever-inventive slab of UK music...impossible to find....unplayed copy here..)

Thunderflash 'Comin From Me This Time' (Jam Power / USA / 1982 / M-) *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! Wonderful midtempo Modern dancer taken from their rare 'Takin 'Em By Storm' LP on same (rare) label which also gave us the wicked Gift Of Dreams 'Better Days' 12" - same label, same year - very likely same people - anyways - all I know is that this 7" is rare, is a WD copy - unplayed and is stone-mint...

Inner City Funktion 'Don't You Need Someone Like Me' (voc/inst) (Linco / USA / 1973 / M-) *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! Always been a toughie from Walter Grady - not had / seen a copy round here for over 10 years now? Tuff, 'ghetto Funk' a la Montclairs, Modulations, Skull Snaps etc etc and this is an unplayed copy here - unfortunately, this seems to have been badly mastered and the overall sound is kinda 'muffled' - but - I just whacked the treble up high and that seemed to help..."D.I.Y." funk at it's sleaziest... )

The Afro Blues Quintet Plus One 'Afro-Rock' / 'Let My People Go' (Mira / USA / 1960s / M-) *£8*

( REDUCED FROM £15!! Ruff little funky flutes n'floating vibes instrumentals here a la Rashaan / Sahib Shihab - recommended - lovely 45....! Just realised what else this reminds me of (a lot, actually!) - Dorothy Ashby's 'Afro-Harping' LP - please somebody buy this....!! Unplayed copy.... )

Robert Parker 'Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)' / 'Barefootin' (Nola / USA / 1960s / VG+) *£3*

(REDUCED FROM £6!! Classic Northern Soul double-sider - I prefer the less frantic 'Let's Go Baby' side nowadays whereas years ago, I'd have been happier moving around to the more uptempo 'Barefootin' side...must say this is slightly ruff folks, well-played and scuffs a-plenty - still - nice and cheap... )

Bill Harris 'Am I Cold, Am I Hot' (RCA / USA / 1970s / M-) *£8*

( REDUCED FROM £15!! This looks like an 80's blue label press me? All-time classic Van McCoy-produced Northern Soul - still a massive floorpacker all over the scene...and we also get The Brothers 'Are You Ready For This' on the flip which is/was another NS biggie...looks unplayed? )

Sam Nesbit 'Keep On Hustling Baby' (voc/inst) (Right On! / UK / 1975 / M-) *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! I absolutely LOVE this fantastic UK label's output which also gave us The Crow / Fantastic Puzzles / Jelly Beans / Rozza & Wine etc etc - and now we 'discover' this one too - completely brilliant, proto-disco from NYC - produced by legendary 'Boogie Man' James Carmichael with help from my main boy, Mr Patrick Adams - topside is good but the instrumental flip is DYNAMITE - check it...reminds me of Cloud One's stuff...squelchy moog heaven )

Millie Jackson 'A House For Sale' (Polydor / UK / 1976 / Ex) *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! Slightly crackly copy so please play loud with the treble set to 11 (my Spinal Tap tribute joke!)...still always a massive floorfiller on the Northern scene and was never released as a 7" inn the USA - UK is only place to get it on a 45...absolutely fine for dee-jaying.... )

Clara Lewis 'Needing You' (Wand / USA / 1973 / M-) *£6*

( REDUCED FROM £12!! Stone mint, unplayed copy of this excellent Crossover / Northern Soul track - Tom-Tom is on his game here arranging the strings and the horns and it's a Chuck Jackson / Marvin Yancy production with a delightful break for the dancers midway in - lovely mono/stereo promo copy here too...a peach... )

P-I-R Square 'Fantasy Pts 1 & 2' (Wee / USA / 1970s / M-) *£25*

( REDUCED FROM £50!! Mad rare, 100% independent, solid centre, West Coast 45 that I've not had even a sniff of since 2003...!! 100% unplayed copy too...recommended! Lonnie Hewitt is the man behind this and he musta had a shot of something strong when he laid these grooves down cos this whole thing is just totally off the clock... )

***(2) 12" singles - all genres:

Billy Frazier 'Billy Who?' (Biljuma / USA /1980 / Ex+) *£25*

( REDUCED FROM £50!! High price on this because it's my own copy and - in reality - I don't really wanna sell it BUT as I also have the track on UK 12" press (Champagne), USA 7" and various re-edits / comps I need to let this go - causes me great pain because, believe me, this is a UNIQUE record and was a big, big tune for both Ron Hardy and Larry Levan back in the day.......anything with Pac-Man FX will always get my vote - trust me, this is TUFF to find in the Big Apple nowadays.... )

Linda Clifford 'Runaway Love' (CRC / UK / 1970s / Ex+) *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! Cool UK issue for this monster Club Classic - virtually impossible to find on a USA twelve...need a 7" of this? No problem - I got a few of those but this twelve is very hard nowadays...lovely copy here...almost 8:00 mins long......... )

Chazz 'Dancing Shoes' / 'Dub' (QiT / USA / 1981 / M-) *£8*

( REDUCED FROM £15!! Top slice of USA Disco / Boogie which has NEVER been easy to find...! If you like stuff like Billy Frazier 'Billy Who'? Then you'll like this too...M- copy kidz...private press Boogie starting to fetch big money on eBay and other sites - plenty of synth action....and mini-moogs - ya know I lurve a mini-moog! )

***(4) LPs - Soul / Funk / Disco / Reggae / African:

Bar-Kays 'As One' (Mercury / USA / 1981 / M-/M-) *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! Stone-mint copy of this - still in shrinkwrap and it's tight too...with the full-on, 2 Step soul sounds of 'Open Your Heart' - tune!!! )

The Chi-lites 'A Lonely Man' (Brunswick / USA / 1972 / Ex+/Ex+) *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! Beautiful copy folks..tiniest bit of ringwear to front and vinyl is clean as a whistle...what do we get? 'Inner City Blues' (superb version!), 'Living In The Footsteps' (ace too!) and 'Oh Girl' which - if you're a Sopranos fan - will have taken on a whole new meaning for you now...cool piece...beautiful copy....treat yourself... )

Bobbi Humphrey 'The Good Life' (Epic / USA / 1979 / Ex+/Ex) *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! Here's a good example of a lady making the best of what she's got...great flautist? Yes - good vocalist? No....but....she sings along well here and keeps it all going till her surreal flute solos can begin - by Gad - she blew well - the title track here is a stunner - as I say, part vocals and part-flute-fest - a winner...fairly big scuff on the A side but I just played it all thru and it doesn't sound, sleeve is pristine....very, very fair price for an LP that has never been that easy to find...oh yeah - this one's also still got the nice inner sleeve too which is normally gone... )

Kocky 'Post No Bills' (Windsong / USA / 1979 / M-/VG+) *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! As I've said before, for me 2 Step is all about the bass and the bass on 'Share Love' on this LP is about as deep as you can get...beautiful, beautiful groove that nags away and gets right under your skin...unfortunately...the vinyl here has a major flaw - there's a big scuff all across one side and although it's barely audible, there is some noise / rumble here and there - ok? The sleeve is still in it's shrink and grades very, very high...if you are fussy, please don't order this - ok? If this was M- / M-, I'd confidently slap £50 on it - I've certainly never, ever seen or had this one before...if you like the 'Starpoint' sound, then I guarantee you'll like this too nad the 'Share Love' track actually reminds me a LOT of EKG 'Give Me Love' tune - real nice... )

Edited by Mark Res

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