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Weston Super Mare

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Is anyone going to the Weston Soul do' on the 15th May??

Never been, What's it like??

What's the music policy??

Jodie xx

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Didn't know there was one on??? Is it the Heavenly Blocked night or something else Jodie? The HB nights have been going for a while and tend to be all-dayers with a slant towards the Mod and Scooter element. We did go to the first all-niter with Tel Davies and Gingger which was a very good night as it happens. Must admit i was expecting a lot more RnB and whilst quite a bit was played a lot of that was not entirely horrible i'm sure i even saw chalky doin the mashed potatoe to one or two of the grittier numbers ;o)

Not sure if Nige "Sweedish Chef" Shaw and Kim "Can't" Cook are involved in this one but i have heard whispers that they have something up their sleeve in WSM :o))


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Jodie, have been down before and really enjoyed myself there, not 100% sure if we are going to this one, very well may be as monkey isnt on that night now, will let you know before though



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Chalky doin' the mashed potato?? Surely not!!

Not absolutely sure that we will go but sounds like I would enjoy it.

I'm a bit partial to the mashed potato myself :-))

Jodie x

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