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Leona M

Movin' On Barcelona

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Wow!.......... what a fantastic weekend we had in the Catalan capital!!!

Arrived on Thursday evening & we were shown fantastic hospitality from then 'til we left yesterday.... even the weather blessed us over a great weekend of Soul, food & above all great company!

We started our weekend with a warm culinary welcome of Tapas & wine with Edu & Polly to get us warmed up, before the weekend started properly with a busy itinerary on Friday.

The night started at Kavel's newly opened Galeria with drinks & nibbles and a viewing of her artworks & progressed to the city centre where Edu & Marcos play a great mix of soul, funk & R&B to an appreciative crowd of trendy (blissfully unaware) locals.... (a wonderful sight seeing 'regular' punters dancing so enthusiastically to tunes of the calibre of the Ad-libs & Norris Vines!)..... although another club was on offer at 3.30, when it was time to move on, we decided to live to fight another day:yes:

Ady P arrived on Saturday, so after meeting for a quick estrella to get us all started, it was off to the warm Up at the Cova de Cultura & more socialising...... a great warm-up in a cool venue with top tunes from all the DJ's & plenty more Estrella's, before a (very quick) bite to eat & a dash to the Movin' on venue............

..... well what can I say......... a party from start to finish; cool venue (once again) with fantastic tunes from Leona, Ady & Luisma guesting and of course Edu as resident.......... I struggled to tear myself from the floor! What a great crowd too with all the DJ's packing the floor......... a recommended european excursion for all soulies!

Looking forward to seeing the playlists posted from all the DJ's.....

Sunday was food day with Cristina, Ricard, Edu, Polly, Leona & Ady P in a gorgeous Seafood restaurant for fishy delights & Paella, before heading off to the Movin' On warm down on Sunday night.......

...... all in all a fantastic weekend....!!:thumbup:

Massive thanks to Edu & Polly, Kavel, Marcos, Cristina & Ricard for making us feel so welcome & giving us such a wonderful weekend and also to all the Spanish Crew (too many names to mention) for some great memories, tunes & friendship and to Ady P for representing the 'Ady Soul massive' (every soul night needs at least 2) & vinyl marvels....... looking forward to seeing everyone in Bamberg, if not before!....... and last but not least Massive thanks to wifey for top tunes that kept me on the dancefloor!........ post up the playlists!!!

Adi W

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Thanks, Adi!

Sorry to be so flaky not to start the topic meself, but still yesterday we had a dinner-turned-passionate-discussion-about-Spanish-Soul-Scene that had as a result a full sleepless night (and morning till now!) whistling.gifinnocent.gifrolleyes.gif

Many, many thanks to Leona, Adi, Ady, Luisma, my partners Cristina, Marcos, Kavel & Paz and all the people to attended to make this Movin' On one of the best to date! thumbup.gif I'll be posting my playlists this afternoon, i'll chase the other Dj's around to have the rest! (and some photos if possible!) yes.gif



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Sorry to be so flaky not to start the topic meself, but still yesterday we had a dinner-turned-passionate-discussion-about-Spanish-Soul-Scene that had a result a full sleepless night (and morning till now!) whistling.gifinnocent.gifrolleyes.gif

Hi Edu,

It's an emotional subject, that requires a prolonged discussion; morning & nightwicked.gif......... like it!

I always think it's better for a punter to start a topic about the night; the Promoter's & DJ's have already done their bit putting the night on...... it was a fantastic weekend & we're already looking forward to seeing everyone again........ I'll chase Leona for her playlists..... please apologise to Paz for me, as I forgot to mention her in my thanks to all the organisers & thanks again to everyone, especially Polly & you for entertaining us all weekend.



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Brilliant Night in Barcelona, great venue, great music and above all great people. Edu, I don't know how your discussion on the Spanish Soul Scene came about, but based on Saturday it's just about perfect! Thanks to Edu, Christina, Kavela and Paz for all their efforts putting the night on. Big up to Juan, Jose, Polly, Josepa, Marcos, Albert and David. Apologies if I missed anyone, see you all again at Soul Essence or Bamberg, which this year is going to have a big Spanish posse in town. Adi and Leona (a.k.a. Sid James) were great company. That Adi's a dancer, never left the floor! Here's a playlist:-

Wendy Lynn - I Can Remember - King

Raw Soul Express - The Way We Live - Cat

Philip Wright - Keep Her Happy - Dash

Bill Spoon - I Can't Wait (Until The Weekend) - Soul Junction

Leon Thomas - Love Each Other - Flying Dutchman

Flo Burton - Hungry For Love - Aristo

Hot Ice Company - You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet - Lionel

Jeanette Holloway - I Won't Be Around - Dash

James Mason - Free - Chiaroscuro

Eugene Smiley and the Essence Of Love - Yes It's You - K-City

Mind & Matter - I'm Under Your Spell - M&M

The Differences - Five Minutes - Mon'ca

Norwood Long - I'd Like To Have You - Groovey Grooves

New World - We're Gonna Make It - Polydor

Delegates Of Soul - I'll Come Running Back - UpLook

Traditions - Twinkle Little Star - ABet

Patrinell Staten - Little Love Affair - Sepia

Halo - Let Me Do It - Marshal

Dolly Gilmore - Sweet Sweet Baby - Dove

Tony Fox - Love, Let Love And Be Loved - Blaster

Ernie and The Top Notes - Dap Walk - Fordom

Chuck Carbo & The Soul Finders - Can I Be Your Squeeze - Fire Ball

Turning Point - Got To Get Up- Git Out - Turning Point

Frederick Hymes lll - Time Ain't Gonna Do You No Favors - Fab Vegas

Ice - Reality - Ice

Morris - Can We Melt The Ice - Plush

Psychodelic Frankie - Putting You Out of My Life - Hi-Speed

Chuck Cockerham - Have I Got A Right - Mala

Cheers, Ady

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Thanks to everyone for a really great weekend - what a joy to spin some tunes for such a lovely crowd. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of beers! I am officially hooked on European weekends now - I already was as a punter but even more so now as a DJ thumbup.gif

Thanks to Edu and Cristina for putting on a great night, thanks to Polly for being our Hostess with the Mostest and to Edu, Luisma and Ady for the top tunes they played. Last but not least thanks Kavel for our welcome

reception and for your alluring review of Ady P's set ......."not half bad" whistling.gif

It's a pleasure to be in such company hatsoff2.gif

Here's what I played on Saturday night, in no particular order......

Fantastics - Me & You - Sound Stage 7

Ambers - Another Love - Smash

Ascots - Just a Few feet From the Gutter - American Playboy

Jim & Lee - Let go Baby - Smash

Bataan - Woman don't Want to Love Me - UK Epic

Dwight Franklin - Foxy Lila - Franklin

Masterpiece - Love affair - YPSI

Gifted Four - Are You Choosing - Hamito-Semica

Philharmonics - I Need, I Need Your Love - Soulin'

Basic Black & Pearl - There'll Come a Time, There'll come a day - Polydor

Antwans - Ain't No Love - Snawtna

Lee Williams & the Cymbals - Girl From a Country Town - Rapda

Jean Battle - I've Got to Come in - Clintone

Soul For Sale - Let Me Love You - Geronimo

Ronnie Shannon - Sweet Games of Love - Black Gold

Straightjacket - Greatest Part of Loving You - Showboat

Margie Joseph - I Can't Move No Mountain - UK Atlantic

Dwight Thompson - Man Oh Man - Poker

Pretenders - It's Everything About You - Carnival

Frank & James - How Long is Forever - Smooth City

Jackey Beavers - Trying to Get Back to You - Dade

Ann Sexton - I Still Love You - Seventy Seven

Spiedels - Dream Girl - Providence

Cookin' on 3 Burners - This Girl - Freestyle

TSU Toronadoes - Got to Get Through to You - Atlantic

Maurice Jackson - Lucky Fellow - Candlelite

Jimmy Beaumont & the Skyliners - Our Day is Here - Drive

Jim Spencer & Son Rize - Blue's Are Out to Get Me - Armada

Smokey Robinson - Ever Had a Dream - Tamla

See you in Bamberg guys if not before!

Leona xx

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Bufff!! So many hours Djing during the weekend for me (Friday, Saturday Soul Sessions, Movin' On and Las Guindas Sunday Session), so i'll try and resume things a liitle bit here.

Many special thanks to Richie Conn a.k.a The Gasher for selling me some very nice bits from his collection during the last months and also to Jose "Mardigras" for discovering me the Bobby Powell LP track hatsoff2.gif


* LAVERN BAKER & JIMMY RICKS- You're the boss Atlantic 45

* DEBRA JOHNSON- To get love you got to bring love Kent 24th Ann 45

* SHEILA WILKERSON- Baby you're a jive cat RFT 45

* ROY CASTLE- Voodoo girl CBS UK 45

* TONY MIDDLETON- Already satisfied Speed 45

* TNT BOYS- Musica del alma Cotique LP

* LOS SONIDOS DE FM- Tema de los Adolescentes RCA 45

* HIGHLIGHTERS BAND- Funky 16 Corners pt 1 Three Diamonds 45

* HONEY & THE BEES- Love addict Arctic 45

* LIZ MCCALL- Double determination Mr G 45

* OTIS LEE- Hard row to hoe Quaint 45

* STEVE FLANAGAN- I've arrived Era 45

* AL GREEN- Full of fire Hi 45

* CURTIS, THE BROTHERS- You make everything better Bell 45

* CAPPY & STONEWALL- Bad news Love Capp 45

* RAMSEY & CO- Love call Ramco 45

* CHAIN REACTION- Search for tomorrow Blue Wave 45

* AD LIBS- I don't need no fortune teller Passion 45

* STORM- Can't nobody love me like you do Rosette 45

* RONNIE MCNEIR- Good side of your love Tortoise 45

* KITTIE DOSWELL- A face in the crowd HES 45

* JESSIE JAMES- Are you gonna leave me Shirley 45

* TY KARIM- All at once Kent alt Take 45 (carver)


* CARLA WHITNEY- What made you change your mind Attic LP

* RAY ALEXANDERS TECHNIQUE- Taking the long way home Lu Jun Lp


* LOVELITES- Gotta let you go UNI Lp

* LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY- Casanova Aware 45

* BETTY WRIGHT- Circle of heartbreaks Atco LP

* ANGELO BOND- What's bad about feeling good? ABC LP

* THE MANHATTANS- Blackbird DeLuxe Lp

* BARBARA ACKLIN- How can you lose something you never had Capitol LP

* CAROLYN FRANKLIN- I don't want to lose you RCA Lp

* BOBBY POWELL- Childhood days Excello LP

* GORGEOUS GEORGE- Strange book (instr) HoMark 45

* PEARL DOWELL- It's all over Saadia 45

* JOHNNIE MAE MATTHEWS- Got to be on the case ART 45


* SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS- This land is your land Daptone 45

* OSCAR WRIGHT- Fell in love Hemisphere 45

* CLARENCE REID- You knock me out Alston 45

* JOSEPH WEBSTER- My love is so strong Crow 45

* NORRIS VINES- Give in Smile 45

* MONTCLAIRS- Hey you don't fight it Arch 45

* FORTSON & SCOTT- Sweet lover Pzazz 45

* HAMILTON MOVEMENT- She's gone Look Out 45

* FABULOUS PLAYMATES- Ain't gonna be no fool for you Select 45

* ERNEST BAKER- Alone again Blue Soul 45

* TOLBERT- I've got it Rojac 45

My mind was a bit blurred by Sunday night, so i'm afraid i can't really recall what i played then...tumbleweed3.gif

Many thanks to all,


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Yep, Leona, your saturday afternoon playlist is being required by the Spanish crowd.... :yes:



:boxing:Ok Boss ........ good job i stayed completely sober all weekend so I can remember what I played :innocent:

Winston's - Ain't Nothing Like a Little Love - Curtom

James Stuart & the Dynamics - Sweet Woman - J&J

Peggy Gaines - Sweet Way of Living - Ref-O-ree

Mark V Unlimited - Gone - Sagport

Lee Williams & the Cymbals - Lost Love - Carnival

Beverly & the Del-Capris - Mama, I Think I'm in Love - Columbia

Na Allen - Thank's for Nothing - Atco

Mighty Pope - If You Want a Love Affair - Canadian RCA

Joe Johnson & the Olympia Serenaders - Can I Change My Mind - Syla

Willie & Anthony - Selfish Lover - Molly - Jo

James Wayne & the Soul Soothers - I Found Someone - Key-Lan

Gene & Eddie - It's No Sin - Mon'ca

Mixed Emotions - Am I Imposing - Rockway

Mellow Fellows - My Baby Needs Me - Dot

The Falcons - Love You Like You Never Been Loved - Big Wheel

Ron & the Embracers - You Came Into My Heart - Spectrum

Shirley & the Shirelles - Never Gonna Give You Up - Bell

Vernon Steve Weakley - Is it Love or is it Lust - VSW

Nick Allen - Hard Way to Go - Walas


Leona xx

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Stunning sets from everyone- would love to have been there! You have had a few ' bits ' haven't you edu!!



See you soon, Dave...maybe in Manchester! whistling


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you had some great stuff before my little offload..

But you are very welcome my friend. I couldnt have wished a better home for them.

I know where they will get the love and respect they deserve.

MY Utmost respect goes out to you and the Barca Posse

and to the best weekend Ive ever had EVER in one of the most

beautiful cities Ive had the pleasure to vist.

Just hope we can come back soon mate.

Regards the gasher

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David De Santiago spins at Saturday Soul Afternoon Session:

"My my my baby" Voltaires Bacone

"Are you gonna leave me " Jesse James Shirley

"Who´s kissing you " Herman Lewis Mercury

"Where there's a will" Fantastics Impressario

"Try" Eula Cooper Tragar

"What do you see in her" Inell Young Libra

"Don´t you know you re the yes" Dolly Gilmore Dove

"I need your love" Ella Woods Merging

"Main squeeze" Nate Evans Twinight

"You girl" Master Force Rain Forest

"Steppin out" H Andrews Balance

"Don´t you want a man like me" Charles Beverly Vanessa

"You made me a believer" Betty Lavette Epic

"Whitout you here" Gene Chandler Curtom

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you had some great stuff before my little offload..

But you are very welcome my friend. I couldnt have wished a better home for them.

I know where they will get the love and respect they deserve.

MY Utmost respect goes out to you and the Barca Posse

and to the best weekend Ive ever had EVER in one of the most

beautiful cities Ive had the pleasure to vist.

Just hope we can come back soon mate.

Regards the gasher

Hi Richie!

It was great spending the weekend with Lynda, you and Steve. I loved the evening in your very fancy appartment with a view to kill for!!!

I would absolutely love to see you back here!whistling.gifSoon!!

You would have had a good time at this Movin On as well i´m sure, there was a great atmosphere all night, people were enjoying the wonderful music of Luisma, Ady Pountain and Leona Murphy, who all did fantastic jobs!!!

Personally i loved Ady´s Flo Burton and Hot Ice Company and Leona´s Basic Black &Pearl and Luisma´s Freedom.

It was great getting to know Leona+Adi- fab people!!!hatsoff2.gif And it´s always such a pleasure to chat to Ady, good to spend a bit more time with you!!!Thanks for the film and series recommendations!!!

See you all in Bamberg!!!

Love, Polly

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I'm giving up - Clifton Dyson/Gwen Matthews

I'll make the living if you make the loving worthwhile - Gene Chandler

Dont let it blow your mind - Johnny Moore

Aiming at your heart - The Temptations

Whatever turns you on - The Dells

Love so strong - David Oliver

This feelings killing me - The Jones Girls

Tommy Tate - If I gave you my heart

Bobby Womack - Tell me why

Joe Curtis - Disco Flower

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...and Luisma playlist: thumbsup.gif

1rst Set

The Dynells - Call on me (Atco)

The Stratoliners - What do you want with my love (Federal)

Stage IV - Just another guy (Millie Rec.)

Robert John - Raindrops, love and sunshine (A&M)

Margie Joseph - Come on back to me lover (Atlantic)

J.B. Bingham - She's gone (UA)

Bobby Sheen - Something new to do (WB)

Ollie Nigthingale - I don't know why i love you (Menphis)

Jay and the Techniques - Don't ask me to forget (Event)

Continental 4 - The way a love you (Jay-walking)

Barbara St. Clair - Teacherman (Bear crosseyed)

The Innersection - In debt to you (Group 5)

Denice Chandler - Mama, I wish stayed at home (Lock)

2nd Set

Queen Yahna - Ain't it time (P&P)

Freedom - Can't you see (Freedom)

Dee Dee Warwick - Funny how we change places (Private Stock)

Leone Thomas - Thank you baby (Don King)

Life Ensemble - On a summer's day (Lifestyle)

Ernie Johnson - Big man cry (Steph and lee)

Denis LaSalle - Here i am again (Westbound)

Barret Strong - Man up in the sky (Capitol)

Jaisun - Keepin' it to myself (LP, Jett Sett)

Merry Clayton - Emotion (LP, MCA)

Patsy Gallant - It'll all come around (LP, Attic)

Garland Fleming - Don't send me away (12" Becket)

Jay Player - Love is the answer (12" Bevnik)

Skip Mahoney - Janice (12" Mix by Bobby "dj" Guttadaro, Salsoul)

First Choice - Let no man put asunder (12" a Shep Pettibone mix, Salsoul)

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