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Soul Source Guidelines And Rules -Why ?

Soul Source Guidelines and Rules -why ?

Sometimes do get feedback from members questioning why there is a need to have or indeed apply rules to the forums on here


Have put together a quick explanation on why do have such things. Basically as a reply and as a reference that the mods can point to the next time the question is asked.

The main aim of all moderation on Soul Source is to help provide a enjoyable and worthwhile forum all about rare/northern soul music

We use the use of Rules/Terms Of Use/Guidelines to help try and achieve this as per the below factors

1. Keep things enjoyable and worthwhile


Members should be able to get to quickly the subjects that they wish to read/discuss

When clicking on a subject in a certain forum they should get what they expect, given that it is soul source, the subject title and the actual forum the post is in

Avoid Abuse

The forums should be enjoyable to all members

There is a wide range of members (various ages, tastes, race, sexes, orientations, nationalities or religions) on soul source.

The content should reflect this and members are expected to respect all other members at all times

2. Legal issues

The site does have legal responsibilites.

If aware of any concerns we do have to take action if felt they are needed

All very well saying "see me in court" if anyone complains about your post, however if we do not take action when aware and felt needed,

we could then very well end up standing next to you.

3. Moderation effort

We try and keep all moderation low key and to a minimum.

We have no wish to run around chasing people all day and night for over the top signatures, uploading mp3s, posting in the wrong place and all the rest

We have the rules/guidelines etc to help inform/remind people what they have agreed to do when joining.

That should be enough and indeed is as has been proven over time for the vast majority of all members

However if seems to be needed we will use the warning sytem to try and remind members just what is and what isnt acceptable.

The current rules/terms of use/guidelines can be read via the links below

Please also be aware that mods cannot be everywhere, posts and conduct that may be inappropriate may get missed or seem to get no action.

We do rely a lot on members helping by making us aware of such by using the report post feature.

Hopefully the above answers the sometime asked question, if do still have any concerns/questions then please feel free to ask below


Soul Source Site Team

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a kick up

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a kick up as seems some still dont quite get why we ask people to try and post things in right place etc etc

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