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Drinks Promotions

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Two weeks ago six of us went along to the Philips Park Hall 'do' near Manchester, which was advertised with drinks promotions at £2 a pint, though the bar staff and management new nothing about it and charged us £2.40! The bar staff were apologetic and suggested we speak to the promoter about it which we tried to do, however the promoter didn't appear to want to know!...result....this will be our last visit to the venue!

Last night we attended the Soul By The Sea in Fleetwood which was also advertising drinks promotions at £1 a pint, this was not true and we were charged regular prices. There was a limited supply of bottled lager on promotion but these soon ran out!

Promoters please take note, dont even think of advertising such affers if you are not 100% sure that the drinks are already in stock and the prices have been agreed with the venue management, we are not fools....

I assume that half of Fleetwood non soulies has heard about the drinks promotion judging by the amount of handbaggers, legless luvvies and morons that started to appear at 11.30pm (when the town's pubs had chucked em out)

I have never witnessed so many drunken people dancing (staggering) on the dance floor with drinks being spilt all over it!

A stricter door policy is required methinks, as there were lots of people complaining about handbags on the dance floor and drinks being stolen from tables!!

We stayed quite late but after 'Because of You' had been played for the fourth time it was time for bed...

Brilliant venue, needs more bar staff....



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dunno about other places, but round our way seems that drink promtitions are now "discouraged"

don't know ins and outs of it all, but something to do with crackdown on binge drinking, licences, council etc etc

as such we have had to sack the "oh so popular" two for one drink offer at the monkey

but totally agree with what you say, if its on the flyer ....

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