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This Weekend was a total

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............of 26 going ons posted up in the event guide up on here @soul source

As always my own plans were a bit fluid, and depended on all sorts. In the end it turned out to be a north wales affair with visits to two of north wales long running and regular events. Soul at Social at Bangor and Rob/Joes do at Caergwele/Wrexham

Just doing a sort of north wales thing for one of the new sections coming on here, so can catch going ons there.

But while waiting feel free if at any other 24 events or even if at the 2 mentioned to post up "how it was for you"

so far heard

Plinston was another good one... Mr Big O has posted up a quick report in the news section

Union Club - word had it was the "bollox"

as said feel free to add your view ....it's what site is all about :)

PS - had someone saying at weekend that didnt realise all visitors could post up events in event guide, thought it was all done by site

Just in case anyone else not aware

all you have to do is

visit this page

and fill it in

if any problems just email details saying its for site and will sort for you

all events in event guide are syndicated to other sites, available via mobile wap phones, get passed onto email discussion lists and know of at least one person who used them to plan his weekends!!

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