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Lifeline goes monthly

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As heavily involved with dates meself at moment, just thought news below a worthwhile pass on

Further dates: JUNE-19th, JULY-17th, AUG-21st, SEPT-18th,OCT-16th, NOV-20th.

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re:Lifeline going monthly

after a lot of consideration.myself & Andy Dyson thought in the best interest of the Lifeline Allnighters.not to run it monthly .but every second month.so here are the dates for 2004

June 19th

Aug 21st

Oct 16th

Dec 18th

Mick H

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Guest Johnny One Trout

Probably a good idea Mick keep it special ;o)


Now all you have to do is move it so that it is nearer our house and i will be a happy bunny (the drive to Sheridans is a right mare!!!)

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