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Soulsville - Leeds

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Hello everybody,

Just thought I'd post a quick mention of our night in Leeds which has been running since last November (See event guide Soulsville - Leeds).

For anyone in the Leeds area they will know they have to travel to hear any decent music, and with travelling comes the hassle of cost, or even worse, who's turn it is to drive!

We'll be the first to admit that our venue (Baby Jupiter, 11 York Place, Leeds LS1) isn't the biggest in the world with a capacity of 120 people, but at the last 2 events we have had very close to capacity. And running from 8pm-2am you've got chance of a decent drink!

We have purposely set the night on the first Friday of every month so it doesn't clash with the local nights (Brighouse, Frobisher, Drax etc.).

In the near future we will be having some named guest DJ's (can't say too much at this moment!), but with that will have to come a price. At the moment we operate a free admission policy, but the wages these guys want!

Music policy is very much across the board, we don't profess to be a 'rare' soul night, with the emphasis very much on what people want to hear.

So, if you are in the Leeds area and are sick of having to travel, give us a try, the next night is Friday June 4th.

If anyone reading this has been to one of our nights please let us know what you think, good or bad, and that way we can try to give you what you want.

Jamie Hartford & Rich Buckley

p.s. Thank you to everyone who attended the Friday 7th May, it was a fantastic atmosphere and made my birthday even better! Jamie

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