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in town Mikey

Sweet Soul Music

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Bad day on Saturday. Bristol City failed to get automatic promotion thanks to a team led by an ex Bristol Rovers player/manager.

Sleepless night, AND had to work in the arse end of London DALSTON!! on Sunday.

What is a man to do??

Well, after half an hour of blinding soul tunes, in my front room before going to work a bang, feeling great.

Then read the Sunday papers, and depressed agin. Got home really really ####ed off, after deflecting threats and insults allday. Watched (for the first time), some of the 'Strange world of Northern Soul'.

Felt a teeny bit better, though agree with the concensus on the awful, nay ####ing awful arrangements of some of the really badly mimed tunes.

So put on exactly the same records as in the morning,this time saving best til last, and went to bed feeling great.

Aint Soul music just the best thing in the world??

At least unlike a team you love and support since childhood, it wont let you down.

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Guest Johnny One Trout

Let's face it Mikey if you decide to support one of the Bristol teams whether it's the Gas or the Shite you are asking for trouble ;o)

I do feel for you though mate even if in the words of Barbara Hall "you brought it on yourself"


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Gene you perv. That was supposed to say and, but I messed up my typing AGAIN.

Barbara Lynn - This is the thanks I get

Rufus Lumley - Stronger than Me

Lonnie Lester - You cant go

Willie Harper - But I couldnt

Gary Sole - Holding on

and best til last:

Valerie Lamar - Shame ( but you probably guessed that hehe)

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