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Rolls-Royce Derby, Easter Sun


So it's almost 4.00 pm and we've just about got the play boxes open and ready to go in both rooms .... and there's already people at the door! What's more, they kept on coming, so much so that the headcount was somewhere in the region of 430+ .............. so a big thank you to all of you that came, particularly in the face of some quality alternatives.

Groovin' started off somewhat on the quietish side, but just want to say a particular thanks to the two brave souls who walked through the door just after four and stayed all night. I think it's fair to say that Groovin' felt the impact of the wealth of alternative soul do's a little more than the Northern room but nevertheless the music was spot on all night and apart from RnB & Reggae delivered the full gamut of soul music genres.

As expected, Tats & Sam sets encouraged people to come in from the Northern room and for a couple of hours, the room was very busy indeed. Unfortunately, Flanny couldn't make it, but Rob Kay and I took the night through to the end.

I've no idea about playlists, in fact, I'd need to go through my boxes just to work out what I played.

And finally, another thank you .............. to all those people who contributed to the charity collection, as I walked around in "the suit" - between you all, you chipped in £161-94 -thanks very much.


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Any chance someone could post up a picture of Kev in his 'suit' :unsure:

You're a brave man Kev

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Theres a picture of kev at prestatyn in gallery by dancingcollector last picture i think the under wear was washed for the royces do !!!


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Heard Rob Kay excelled in the sussy department :( , for once it was nice not to see the back of you Kev, cause the back was definatly worse than the front :thumbsup:

Just got to say that the modern room was excellent throughout with Sam, Tats, Dave Lucas, Denmac, Rob & Kev it was never going to anything less than quality all night. For those of us not going on to Stafford it certainly filled my weekly quota of soul.

Thanks Chaps :yes:


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